Call of Duty: Mobile – Best AS VAL Loadout in COD Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile – Best AS VAL Loadout in COD Mobile 1 -
Call of Duty: Mobile – Best AS VAL Loadout in COD Mobile 1 -

The AS VAL Loadout: Unleash Greatness in COD Mobile Season 6!


Hi there, fellow COD Mobile enthusiasts! Get ready to dive into the wonderful world of the AS VAL assault rifle. This bad boy has been making waves and leaving a trail of defeated opponents. Choosing the right attachments can be a head-scratcher. Fret not! I’m here to share some fantastic methods with you. Let’s explore the ultimate loadout guide and uncover the secrets to unleashing greatness with the AS VAL!

AS VAL Loadout: Unleashing Greatness

We want this article to be as lively as a multiplayer match on steroids! Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster ride of knowledge and a sprinkle of humor to keep that smile on your face.

Table: AS VAL Loadout Summary

Attachment Benefits
MIP 200mm Mid-Range Barrel
  • Enhanced ADS spread accuracy
  • Extended damage range
Strike Foregrip Improved ADS spread accuracy
Granulated Grip Tape Consistent ADS spread accuracy
OWC Laser – Tactical
  • Enhanced ADS spread accuracy
  • Improved ADS speed
Ammunition – Fast Reload
  • Swift ammo replenishment
  • Preserves overall mobility (faster reload)
OR Increased magazine capacity (extended mag)

MIP 200mm Mid-Range Barrel: A Game-Changer!

Picture this: you’re locked and loaded, aiming down the sights with your AS VAL. Suddenly, with the MIP 200mm Mid-Range Barrel equipped, your shots become laser-guided death beams! This attachment enhances your ADS spread accuracy and boosts your serious damage range. Talk about turning up the heat!

Strike Foregrip: Taming the Recoil Beast!

Recoil got you feeling like you’re riding a bucking bronco? No worries! The Strike Foregrip is here to save the day. This attachment grants you superior control and stability, ensuring your shots hit their targets with surgical precision. Say goodbye to those embarrassing wild sprays!

Granulated Grip Tape: Your Secret Accuracy Sauce!

Do you know that feeling when your shots consistently hit the bullseye? The Granulated Grip Tape amplifies that feeling to a whole new level. With this attachment, your ADS spread accuracy will make Robin Hood jealous. No more excuses for missing those easy shots!

OWC Laser – Tactical: Quickdraw Skills on Steroids!

Need lightning-fast reflexes? The OWC Laser – Tactical has your back, my friend. This attachment enhances your ADS spread accuracy (yes, again!) and amps up your ADS speed. It’s like having superpowers in the palm of your hand. Quickdraw McGraw would be impressed!

Ammunition – Fast Reload: Faster Than a Speeding Bullet!

Time is of the essence, my trigger-happy comrades. With the Fast Reload ammunition attachment, you’ll reload faster than a caffeinated cheetah. Keep the bullets flying and your enemies crying! Alternatively, if you prefer prolonged firefights, go for the extended mag and unleash a torrent of lead!

Reader Engagement: Let’s Share Our Battle Tales!

Now, my fellow warriors, I’m excited to hear your thoughts! Have you tried the AS VAL with this loadout? Did it make you feel like a one-person army? Or perhaps you have your secret sauce that brings devastation to the battlefield? Please share your experiences, and let’s keep the conversation alive!


Congratulations, you’ve just graduated from the AS VAL loadout boot camp! By knowing the perfect attachments, you can dominate the COD Mobile universe. Remember, the AS VAL is your loyal companion, so treat it with love and respect. Go forth, my friends, and unleash the greatness that is the AS VAL!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the AS VAL Loadout?
A: The AS VAL Loadout is a combination of attachments and equipment for the AS VAL assault rifle in COD Mobile. It enhances various aspects such as ADS spread accuracy, damage range, recoil control, and reload speed.

Q: Which attachments are recommended for the AS VAL Loadout?
A: The recommended attachments for the AS VAL Loadout are the MIP 200mm Mid-Range Barrel, Strike Foregrip, Granulated Grip Tape, OWC Laser – Tactical, and Ammunition – Fast Reload.

Q: What does the MIP 200mm Mid-Range Barrel do?
A: The MIP 200mm Mid-Range Barrel enhances ADS spread accuracy and extends the damage range of the AS VAL.

Q: How does the Strike Foregrip help with recoil control?
A: The Strike Foregrip improves ADS spread accuracy, resulting in better recoil control and stability during engagements.

Q: What benefits does the Granulated Grip Tape provide?
A: The Granulated Grip Tape ensures consistent ADS spread accuracy, allowing for precise and accurate shots.

Q: What does the OWC Laser – Tactical attachment offer?
A: The OWC Laser – Tactical enhances both ADS spread accuracy and ADS speed, enabling quick target acquisition and improved maneuverability.

Q: What advantages does the Ammunition – Fast Reload provide?
A: The Ammunition – Fast Reload attachment allows for swift ammo replenishment, keeping you in the fight without compromising mobility. Alternatively, the extended mag provides increased magazine capacity for prolonged engagements.

Q: Can I use the AS VAL Loadout in other seasons of COD Mobile?
A: Yes, the AS VAL Loadout is not exclusive to Season 6 and can be used in other seasons as well. However, meta and gameplay changes may influence the effectiveness of the loadout.

Q: Can I customize the AS VAL Loadout further?
A: Absolutely! The AS VAL Loadout can be customized based on personal preferences and playstyle. Feel free to experiment with different attachments and find what works best for you.

Q: Are there any alternative attachments I can consider?
A: Yes, while the recommended attachments in the article are highly effective, you can explore other attachments that suit your playstyle. Experimentation is key to finding the perfect loadout for your gameplay style.

Q: How can I make the most out of the AS VAL Loadout?
A: Practice, practice, practice! Spend time honing your skills with the AS VAL Loadout, learn its strengths and weaknesses, and adapt your gameplay accordingly. Stay updated with the latest COD Mobile news and community strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

Q: Are there any other tips for dominating with the AS VAL?
A: Communication and teamwork are vital in COD Mobile. Coordinate with your teammates, communicate enemy positions, and work together to secure victory. Additionally, always stay aware of the map, use cover effectively, and maintain situational awareness to make the most out of the AS VAL Loadout.

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