Cabal Online Private Servers – CO Servers 2023

Cabal Online Private Servers – CO Servers 2022 4 -
Cabal Online Private Servers – CO Servers 2022 4 -

About Cabal Online

Hey there, do you plan to play Cabal Online on private servers? If yes then we select few Cabal Private Servers for you to try 🙂

Cabal Online is a very old game, was released in October 2005 ( more than 15 years ago )

But Cabal Online is still a very active game with a lot of players playing each day!

This is the reason we create this blog, after few years we try again to check how the Cabal Online communities are on Private Servers, and we select few Top Servers for you to test and play the same time 🙂


What are the best Cabal Online Private Servers?

First Server what we believe is the best Cabal Server:


They have Asian and European Servers, so if you are from these 2 parts of the world select the URL for you, and they are 2 years and 2 weeks old (from the moment we create this post)

Cabal Online Private Servers 2021 1 -
Cabal Online Private Servers 2021 1 –

Cyber Cabal Online Asian Server has a lot more players than Cyber Cabal Online European Server, their client is 3.1GB what will be fast and easy to download.

We expect they have over 400 players on the Asia Server and 150 players on the Europe Server (PS: We are not the owner of these servers so we can’t really check some real stats )

The community is friendly with friendly admins, we play for few days only so we didn’t have much time to fully experience the server gameplay, but for how long we played we really enjoy our time there



If you like the Red Color then you gonna love this server 🙂 okay okay just joking … (or not) but now really there website and even domain name is so much red 🙂

Cabal Online Private Servers 2021 2 -
Cabal Online Private Servers 2021 2 –

Cabal Red has over 200 players online and sometimes how we see they even reach 250 and a minimum of 150 (this statics we got from their website for the period we play so we are not sure if the statics on their website are real or fake ) but we see the active community on the server!

Players are friendly (some of them) and admins we didn’t see them how long we played there (possible we have different time zone).

We played on this server for few days, testing the server and see if is lag or not … before we create this post we were want to make sure we select the Top Cabal Online Private Server.

The way we see they are 3 years and 4 months old server (when this post was created)


Hope you enjoy this Cabal Online Private Servers and we will update the post with more servers and information about them, if you want to add more information or we missed some information please let us know via a comment for the update!

We gonna update the post on how fast is possible!

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