Builds and Upgrades in Gnorp Apologue

Builds and Upgrades in Gnorp Apologue 2 -
Builds and Upgrades in Gnorp Apologue 2 -

Builds and Upgrades in Gnorp Apologue

Alright, team, let’s talk strategy for conquering Gnorp Apologue. First up, your Rockets need to be top-notch. Mix things up with cool mods like acid, frost, and zyge for some epic effects. And hey, variety is the spice of life, right? So, load up with different guns and bombers to unlock that awesome timeshift ability. Got fire breath? Use it! It’s not just for show, it helps with timeshift too. What’s timeshift all about? Keeping your zyge arrows coming and running your ops smoothly with fewer runners.

Divvying Up Those Talent Points

Builds and Upgrades in Gnorp Apologue 1 -
Builds and Upgrades in Gnorp Apologue 1 –

So, you’ve got 14 talent points to play with. Here’s a neat way to spread them out:

  • Row 1: Get pumped with Motivation, have a Runner Backstop, add Extra Housing, and Bathe In Fire
  • Row 2/3: Set up your Gatling Balloon and Timeshift Delivery
  • Row 4/5: Dive into Future to the Back, launch Project Constellation, rock out with Rocket Gatler, Frostfire, Return to Sender, Deals, Reclamation Mitigation, and give a grand finale with Arrows’ Last Hurrah

Spending Your Zyge Wisely

Alright, you’ve got 9 zyge to use. Before you hit that 10th bar, spread 8 zyge across compression events. Plus, grab that free zyge from hitting the Talent threshold. Here’s a cool way to allocate them:

  • Shard Stash: Add Extra Housing (1 zyge)
  • Slam Club: Power up with Fire Breath (1 zyge)
  • GPL: Boost Timeshift Impact* (2 zyge)
  • Archery Range: Stock up on Zybellium Arrows (2 zyge)
  • Garden: One for building and another for Flower Power (2 zyge)
  • Rock Analysis Lab: Get Reclamation Nullification (1 zyge)

*Tip: Think about using the second zyge from GPL for Rocket Vulnerability. It might just be the game-changer you need.

Gearing Up Your Gnorps

When it comes to gnorps and upgrades, here’s your checklist:

  • House of Shards: Upgrade every building
  • The Express (35 gnorps): Aim for about 30ish capacity, full speed, and a 60% GEET (but buy only 50%), plus breaktime and delivery rush
  • Slam Club (25 gnorps): Go for Runner Inspiration, skip warm-ups, max out combo chance, fire up Fire Breath, and keep meditation off
  • GPL (25 gnorps): Timeshift Impact x1-3, Ultra Boost, and Concentration
  • Archery Range: Focus on Zybe and add fire and ice for more housing
  • Rock Analysis Lab: Upgrade everything
  • Gun vs Rock: Arm 6 gunners with ice, skip the Gatlegnorp, grab a Grenade Launcher, and go for Sticky Floral Residue
  • Shrine: Pump up the Power
  • Garden: Choose green, activate flower power, and use enriched puke
  • Rockets: Stack up 6x+6y rockets
  • Forget drones, mountaineers, or zygnorps, but make sure to build those houses!

All Credits to: AwesomeFresh

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