Brown Dust 2 – Tier List and Reroll Guide

Brown Dust 2 – Tier List and Reroll Guide 1 -
Brown Dust 2 – Tier List and Reroll Guide 1 -

Mastering Brown Dust 2: Tier List and Reroll Guide for Optimal Gameplay


Embark on an exciting adventure in Neowiz Games’ highly acclaimed mobile RPG, Brown Dust 2. We present an in-depth tier list and reroll guide to help you make strategic choices and excel in your gameplay. Unleash the full potential of your team and optimize your experience in this captivating RPG.


Brown Dust 2 – Tier List and Reroll Guide 2 -
Brown Dust 2 – Tier List and Reroll Guide 2 –


Brown Dust 2 Tier List

Our comprehensive tier list categorizes the characters in Brown Dust 2, allowing you to make informed decisions based on their performance. From the formidable S-tier heroes to the more cautious D-tier options, we provide a ranking that evolves with the game. Stay updated by bookmarking this page for the latest tier list.

Tier Brown Dust 2 Characters
S Alec, Andrew, Arines, Justia, Kry, Samay
A Anastasia, Gray, Helena, Lecliss, Lisianne, Olstein, Sylvia
B Anastasia, Beatrice, Celia, Eclipse, Elise, Emma, Ingrid, Jayden, Lathel, Layla, Liatris, Lucrezia, Rafina, Rubia, Scheherazade, Wiggle
C Carlson, Eleaneer, Emma, Julie, Lydia, Maria, Rigenette, Rou, Seir, Synthia, Teresse

Determining the Best Brown Dust 2 Character

Alec currently stands as the top-tier character in Brown Dust 2. Equipped with devastating damage-dealing abilities, Alec ensures a smooth progression through the game. Justia follows closely, offering formidable light damage with her White Reaper costume. Arines excels in the support role, providing valuable attack and critical rate boosts to her allies.

Performing a Brown Dust 2 Reroll

If you desire characters ranked higher on our tier list, follow these steps to perform a successful reroll in Brown Dust 2:

  1. Open Brown Dust 2 and complete the tutorial section.
  2. Access the ‘infinite draw’ tab in the menu.
  3. Continue drawing until you obtain a character of your choice.
  4. If you wish to explore other options, consider deleting your account and starting anew.

Please note that rerolling may not be necessary due to the “infinite draw” mechanic. However, if you decide to reroll, these steps will efficiently guide you through the process.


Optimize your Brown Dust 2 gameplay with our comprehensive tier list and reroll guide. Make strategic choices by leveraging the strengths of top-tier characters. Whether you’re aiming for powerful damage dealers like Alec or support characters like Arines, our guide will enhance your experience in this captivating RPG.

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