Brotato – How to Create Mods Tutorial Guide

Brotato – How to Create Mods Tutorial Guide 1 -
Brotato – How to Create Mods Tutorial Guide 1 -

Hello and welcome, We hope you find the following page, in which we detail the Brotato – How to Create Mods Tutorial Guide, informative.

This guide is for players who are having trouble using mods.

The most important things to know are:

  • Always back up your saved files before using mods.
  • Always start a fresh run after subscribing/unsubscribing from mods.
  • If mods don’t work, check that you have subscribed to their required mods.
  • If mods still don’t work, ensure you have the latest versions of all mods by unsubscribing from them then re-subscribing from within Steam itself.

If you are looking for the guide for modders (ie. people who create mods), see the Modding Guide: – []


How to use mods?

Make sure you are logged into Steam. Find a mod you like on the
Workshop – []

and subscribe to it. Then just run the game. You can see which mods you have installed by clicking “Mods” on the main menu.

Should I install every mod? Are they all compatible with each other?

No to both. Many mods do complex things that may affect vanilla code in different ways so that they can conflict with each other. If you try to install every mod, there’s a very high chance your game will crash immediately. Instead, just install the cool mods, and run the game after installing each one to ensure it still works.

Save Files

Always backup your save files before using any mods. Your save files are in this folder:


Just make a copy of this Brotato folder (by copying and pasting it somewhere safe).

Steam Save

Always launch Brotato via Steam. If you launch it by double-clicking the EXE, Brotato will launch without Steam and use a separate save file.

Modded Progress

If you make Danger progress with a character from a mod, but then you unsubscribe from that mod and run the game, then you will lose your Danger progress and records with that character. This is currently an issue with vanilla (and has been raised as a bug report).

However, you will never lose your unlocks. They stay forever, no matter if you unsubscribe.


Mods aren’t working

To check if mods are working, subscribe to this test mod, which just adds the text “Bobby” next to the version number, on the title screen: – []

If that mod works, but others don’t, then you are probably missing a required mod. Check the workshop pages for all of your mods, and look in the right-hand sidebar to make sure that you have installed all of the required mods:

Brotato - How to Create Mods Tutorial Guide - Troubleshooting - 00C226E

If you have all the required mods, make sure they are up to date by unsubscribing from them, then re-subscribing again (see next section).

Mods aren’t updating automatically

This is unfortunately a known issue with Steam Workshop. You can force an update by unsubscribing to a mod then re-subscribing to it. You need to do this inside Steam itself, not using an external browser.

My game crashes

Mods can sometimes fail and cause the game to crash immediately. To help figure out which mod is causing the issue, you can check the log. See the “Logs” section (below) for more info.

If you’ve recently subscribed/unsubscribed from mods, make sure you start a fresh run. Trying to continue an existing run after changing mods will almost always cause a crash.

My danger progress for modded characters was wiped

This is a known issue and has been reported as a bug on the Brotato Discord. You can report it again if you want to: – []


The log is here:


However, by default the log doesn’t show a lot of useful information. To make it show more, you need to enable debug logging.

To do this, open the game’s properties in Steam (right click it in the list on the left, and choose Properties). At the bottom of the Properties panel is an option to set the game’s launch options. Enter “-vvv”, as shown below ( hyphen, then the letter V three times ). This enables debug logging.

Brotato - How to Create Mods Tutorial Guide - Logs - 9B7F97C

Now run the game. This will update the log.

Now you can read the log to see if you can find any issues. If the game crashes, the cause of the crash should be shown at the bottom of the file. Look for the name of a mod that might have caused the problem.

If you can’t make sense of the log, please ask someone on Discord in the #modding-help channel, and upload your full log (ie. drag and drop the godot.log file into the chat, not just a screenshot).

Discord Help

If this guide doesn’t help you, you can ask for more help in the #modding-help channel on Discord. To access it, go to the #modding channel and click the button to accept that you’ve read the info there. – []

Brotato - How to Create Mods Tutorial Guide - Discord Help - 4014B0B

Misc FAQs

What happened to the old mods that you manually installed?

They all went out of date. The major ones are on the Workshop now.

This Brotato – How to Create Mods Tutorial Guide has come to an end. Please contact us and let us know if you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions about how we can improve this topic. Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness, and I hope you have a lovely day! This post was motivated by the work of creator and author darkly77 Also, don’t forget to add us to your bookmarks if you like the post; we publish new posts every day with additional material, so visit us frequently for more posts.

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