Bread & Fred – How to Enable Infinite Jumps

Bread & Fred – How to Enable Infinite Jumps 2 -
Bread & Fred – How to Enable Infinite Jumps 2 -

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If you’ve ever longed to achieve all the accomplishments and you’re always up and down the mountain, this guide is the perfect one for you.


This amazing trick was discovered by my friend Manucooli. Manucooli is a contributor to this guide.

Setup: Enable infinite jumps

Before you can benefit from this little trick you first have to enable “Infinite Jumps” in the assistance options. It is possible that you won’t be able to achieve any achievements once this is enabled however this isn’t the situation. You’ll still be able get all the achievements.

Lightning Speed: How to get it

Utilize the “Jump + Grab” buttons to get up the hill quickly.

This trick is applicable to single-player and multiplayer. However, if you’re playing with a friend, both of you must perform the trick.

Bread & Fred - How to Enable Infinite Jumps - How to reach Lightning Speed - F2DE121

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