Boring Man – Online Tactical Stickman Combat – How to Play Endless Survival Solo Gameplay

Boring Man – Online Tactical Stickman Combat – How to Play Endless Survival Solo Gameplay 1 -
Boring Man – Online Tactical Stickman Combat – How to Play Endless Survival Solo Gameplay 1 -

Hey there, welcome to this post, This Boring Man – Online Tactical Stickman Combat – How to Play Endless Survival Solo Gameplay Guide was created to help you.

This guide will attempt to educate how to play Endless Survival solo and provide a few pointers for both new and experienced Survival players.

Please keep in mind that this tutorial was created by a player who is not very good at the game (I have 600 hours, 500+ in survival, and probably 400 in endless).

Intro – What am I even talking about?

This guide will show those interested in getting into long Endless runs how to kick-start, build, and consistently get far in their runs.

Although made in the era of beta17d, this guide is intended for use with a copy of beta15 or beta16, due to a bug in beta17 where the helicopter boss will spawn regardless of any other factors.

Getting a copy of beta16 is highly recommended, as you will still have access to stocks.

The game settings I’ll be talking about list as follows:

  • Infinite wave amount (…duh)
  • Vices on
  • Bar on
  • Objectives off
  • Loadouts off
  • Break period off
  • Economy normal

This game mode combines Hardcore and Classic aspects, and you are free to modify its settings according to your personal preferences; however, these settings are what I will be basing my decisions off of.

At the bottom of this document is a section designed to answer some questions by making adjustments to settings (of note are objectives and break period which I have changed).

Beta15 – Notes and Economy Management

Please note that if you can, ABSOLUTELY try to get beta 16! There are some glaring issues that you will find in beta15 that make it difficult!

beta15 is an interesting point for survival, lacking a large portion of changes made to survival in beta16 and beta17. The most obvious difference between beta15 and beta16 is the lack of a stock market.

The stock market is a super abusable feature of beta 16 that will make the game significantly easier for you. However, you don’t get that in beta15, so the only ways to make and spend money are missions and vices.

I will strive to explain as much as I can about how to go for longer runs in both versions, from strategies to vices to jobs and everything in between. But first, let’s talk about money management in beta15.

General economy differences

Pricing before and after beta16’s release remains identical, yet economy crashes in beta15 are significantly more frequent than those experienced during its launch.
Beta15 economy crashes differ slightly from beta16 crashes in that they remain stagnant rather than recovering quickly with time. If an economy crash were forced later on, chests and vices from the bar would continue to decrease permanently instead of temporarily; meaning if forced into another crash later, your economy will stay down rather than quickly recover back up again.

However, stock market crashes do not undermine its immense exploitation potential and profit potential when utilized properly.

Job economy differences

beta15 has a very odd job economy system in comparison to beta16. The scaling of jobs slows down significantly at around wave 75; every job will give you around 20-25k, and only after a very long (undetermined) amount of waves will you start to see an increase in money gained from jobs. This means that you will become reliant on cigars, spliffs, and varian cigars for a sizeable portion of money in the late game.

Early Game – Notes, Strategies, Loadouts

Early games can be one of the most difficult parts of Survival if you’re not prepared for it. There’s a lot to look out for, a lot to keep on your mind, and a lot to do.

Note that when discussing “early game”, I’m talking about the waves before the first boss.

Generally, in early game you want to be as mobile as possible, trying to push through the first waves quickly to transition to mid-game fast. However, being efficient is more important than being fast. Prioritize getting as much done in as little time as possible.

Things to note

  • Check bar EVERY WAVE. You don’t want to miss out on vital early vices and jobs.
  • Be sure to save some money for buying vices at bar.
  • Try to do jobs as efficiently as possible. The more jobs you complete, the more money you’ll get, giving you a good headstart in early game.
  • Buy vices early! Since there aren’t stocks, you will only spend money on vices.
  • Prices of chests and the economy scale quickly. Buy stuff while you can.




  • Mobile

    This is the strategy I’d recommend the most. By moving around and making the whole map your area, you can get chests a lot easier, kill enemies a lot faster, and will keep you from getting hit by enemies often.

  • Bar-Camping

    While this is a strategy that works, it is simply just too slow for early game. I’d only recommend bar camping if you absolutely have to for a very important reason, but early game will progress very slowly by doing this.

  • Hit and Run

    A hit and run strategy is similar to the Mobile strategy, but instead of rolling high-damage weapons, you roll lighter weapons to keep your momentum going. This playstyle also allows you to dodge much easier, and can be very effective before purples appear.



Each loadout is a set of weapons I’d recommend that synergize with each other or allow the player to get an extra bonus from each other.

  • Light and Compact

    Primary: Revolver + Compact Pistol Dual Wield

    Secondary: Light SMG

    This loadout works well because of a couple of factors. The dual wield works in such a way that if you hit a headshot with both weapons, you will one-shot all enemies with 50 hp (the compact pistol is used as a “finishing shot” in case the revolver’s falloff applies and it only does 48 damage or lower).

    Also, these three weapons are common drops from Blue Soldiers so that you won’t be worrying about ammo as much either.

  • Heavy Hitter

    Primary: Pump Action

    Secondary: Long SMG

    This loadout is a well-rounded, slower loadout intended for later on in early game. The pump action is possibly the best shotgun for survival due to its fast reload and ludicrous damage output, especially with extra damage buffs.

  • Feelin’ Stabby

    Primary: Sword*

    Secondary: Light SMG

    This loadout is a bit more money and funny rather than practical. If you can get a sword you’ll be able to one-shot most enemies, making light work of most of the early waves. The light smg is just used as a fallback, mainly for bomb dudes and archers since they do heavy damage and like to keep their distance.

    *Note that the sword at this point will only be acquirable from the bar or chests, so just be aware of that!


Early Game – Vices

Vices and what to hunt for

Vices are by far the most integral part of survival. However, some are better than others in all stages of the game. In early game you will be hunting for vices that will aid you until the end of the game, as well as ones that’ll help you survive the early game too.

Vices to look for

  • Whiskey

    Whiskey is very useful for keeping you in the fight without having to go back for ammo. Generally speaking you will have to stay very ammo efficient until you stack 4 whiskey. From 4 whiskey and up, you’re able to use a lot more ammo while staying up in ammo as well. The only thing you’ll be grabbing ammo boxes for by higher stacks are your nades.

  • Red Wine

    This one’s obvious. An extra 100 health permanently is something no one shouldn’t pass up, especially when it increases your maximum overheal by 200 health. While it will take quite some time to get the bonus to max, as long as you’re diligent about playing defensively when you need to you’ll be able to keep the bonus easily.

  • White Wine

    This one seems pretty obvious, but unless you get sustainable overheal very early on, it won’t help you all that much during early game. The bigger reason as to why it’s on the list is that it is much easier to get in early game due to reduced prices on chests and in the bar.

  • Lager

    Some of you reading this may think “Lager, isn’t that just a worse Red Wine?” My answer to that is yes and no. While it does give you a lot less health, that health is permanently added, and persist after death, unlike Red Wine. Lager can be a nice pick-me-up for early deaths and slip-ups.

  • Champagne

    Champagne is (in my opinion) a very underlooked vice. The extra healing after somewhat major events allows you to keep much higher survivability without the use of the limited healing items you have at the beginning of survival. 40 health is 40 health, and can be the difference between being low or not.

  • Vape Pen

    Vape is a very useful utility throughout the entire game, but is an extremely powerful utility in early stages of Endless; it is one of the only consistently strong healing sources during a point where you won’t have healing nades. Freezing enemies can be helpful if you have everything spawned in on you at once, letting you get ample time to do whatever is needed before taking everything on. Gas can be utilized for a bit of chip damage on enemies, but only becomes useful later on when bosses start to consistently spawn in.

  • Tequila

    Tequila is a reliable source of survivability in early game. While 3 health per kill isn’t a lot, there’s enough enemies for you to out-heal a bulk of the damage you will take during the early portions of the game.

This is a list of the vices you should look out for in early game.

Early Game – Jobs

It’s possible that jobs can become a more complex topic than vices, but they only become complicated when looking at harder jobs. Generally speaking, you want to stick to the “short and sweet” jobs if at all possible. If you can, always try to complete two assignments per wave, or at least one.

Sacrificing difficult jobs is generally better than keeping them, because keeping them can start to generate a net loss of money in the long run.

Job priority list

The top of the list should be prioritized as much as possible.

  • General Kill Quest (Kill x of any enemy)

    General kill quests will almost always be the easiest jobs to complete in the early game, as all you have to do is kill stuff (…which you’re already doing anyways).

  • Delivery (Varies depending on the item)

    Delivery jobs will usually vary in consistency. If you get an item you already have in your inventory, complete the job. Usually you will get said item again later on.

    e.g: You have a fire uzi in your inventory, and there is a fire uzi delivery job. You take the job before any other job and deliver the fire uzi to the barkeep.

    If there is a delivery job for an item that is within the “common weapon pool” of enemies, it is usually a good idea to take the job and abandon it if you don’t get the weapon after 2 or 3 waves.

    e.g: You get a delivery job for a revolver, and don’t have a revolver. Blue Soldiers have revolver as one of the weapons in their “common weapon pool” (other examples of a Blue Soldier’s “common weapon pool” weapons include the compact uzi, pistol, or light smg).

    That being said, rarer items or items that aren’t in the base weapon pool for early game enemies shouldn’t be prioritized, as they usually take more than one wave to complete.

    e.g You get a delivery job for a Keymaster, which is not in the common weapon pool of purples. In this scenario, it’s a roll of the dice. You can choose to gamble whether or not you will get a Keymaster, or can pass up the delivery job for a more consistent job (note that if the reward is significantly higher than an easier / more consistent job, it is still worth it to take the delivery job).

  • Specific Weapon Kills (Kill any enemy with x weapon y times) (Varies depending on weapon)

    This quest is basically a mix of a delivery job and a general kill quest.

    Killing stuff with a specific weapons during early games is debateably the easiest time to do it, simply because the weapon diversity in early stages of the game is very small. You only have a couple relatively reliable weapons to use, instead of having to get kills with weapons less reliable.

  • Specific Enemy Kills (Kill x enemy y times) (Varies depending on enemy and time)

    These jobs are a gamble much like the delivery quests are, requiring a bit of luck to complete quickly properly. Depending on how late the specific kill quests pop up, taking them can become more and more of a gamble (this also applies to later portions of each run too).

    A good example of prioritizing this is this scenario:

    It is wave 3, only Blue Soldiers and Cannibals can spawn currently. You get a job offer to kill 10 Cannibals, giving you $2400 more than a normal kill quest.

    In this scenario, I would take the quest, as only 2 different types of enemies can spawn by this point.

    However, an example later on in early game could go like this:

    It is wave 21. Blue Soldiers, Cannibals, Purples, Bomb Dudes and Archers can spawn. You get a job offer to kill 15 purples, which pays you $3500 more than a normal kill quest.

    In this case, taking the job could be risky and lead to a net loss of profit over time. There’s too much enemy variety and not enough spawns for getting 15 purple kills in two waves to be realistically doable.

  • Specific Enemy Kills With Specific Weapons (Varies drastically depending on weapon and enemy)

    These jobs can be very difficult or very easy, and are generally inconsistent with where they land on the job priority list. They could be anywhere from even worse than doing an intel job, to better than even specific kill quests due to their high profits.

    A good rule of thumb is to look for job offers that include an item that is easy to find (or one that you already have) and an enemy that spawns often enough that it will get completed in at most 4 waves.

  • Damage quests (Deal x amount of damage) (Varies, but not as much as others.)

    Before purples spawn in, this may be one of the worst jobs you could take, unless you use certain weapons to deal “overkill” damage to everything (extra damage on top of kill damage by hitting enemies with multiple bullets on the same tick).

    However, it is partially dependent on how much damage you have to do.

    A good line to draw between “doable” and “not doable” damage quests is usually around 5000 damage at this point. If you deal overkill damage, have a shotgun, or have a sufficient damage bonus from vices, you will have a good chance at getting the damage quest done.

  • Intel (Collect intel folders around the map)

    Intel jobs are some of the most annoying and tedious jobs out of all of the jobs in Survival. A perk of taking intel jobs with no objective is that you have an infinite amount of time to do them, as long as you delay killing enemies.

    I’d only recommend taking intel jobs if you want to / need to get a lot of money quickly, but usually they are one of the worst in efficiency due to the amount of time they take.

If possible, try to prioritize jobs in this order, UNLESS there’s an extra variable that makes one of these better.

Early Game – Boss Encounters

The first boss event can be the “make or break” possibility of a long run. Luckily, it’s the first boss, so it’s only about 20-30 minutes into each run. I’ll dish out a couple of strategies for each boss, but first let me get out of the way a strategy that’ll work for all first bosses regardless of what it is.

This part assumes you likely have at least one source of overheal and at least a decent sum of vices.

Brute forcing bosses

Brute forcing bosses is a method that’s pretty much idly used in public lobbies / high player count games, where you just rush the boss and kill it before it kills you. I’d only recommend this strategy if you have these factors going for you*:

  • Sustainable overheal
  • At least 3 Red Wine, preferably 4
  • At least 2 White Wine, preferably 4 or 5
  • A close range, burst damage weapon
  • A mid-long range, full auto weapon with fast bullet speed

*Note that there are exceptions to this. Grandmaster can be rushed with relative ease if you have a screwdriver and stay aware of other enemies.

Explodebot, on the other hand, may be a challenge to take down, even with the factors above.

With that out of the way, let’s list off all of the bosses you can roll, and some strategies you can use to deal with them.

Roxxy & Moxxy

Probably the most common first boss you can roll, but that doesn’t mean that it’s an easy one. Their long range capabilities and teleporting at the very least will make the fight a hassle.

Fight in a location with cover

Most vanilla maps will have a location that has cover from wide open areas. However, ensure the location isn’t a corner or heavy choke point. Both Roxxy and Moxxy are capable of taking you down easily with their buffed revolver and uzi.

Fight with a midrange weapon.

This might be one of the most important factors when fighting Roxxy and Moxxy. Using close-ranged weapons like shotguns won’t do you handy when they’re armed with snipers and midrange small weapons. Instead, use the AR, light or long smg, or a pistol dual wield.

Focus Moxxy first

This may sound a little odd, but focusing Moxxy first will help you easily take down Roxxy. Moxxy is much easier to take down due to her lower-damage weapons (sniper and uzi), so you’ll have a lot less trouble killing her.

Blue Captain

Seems like an easy boss on paper, but can take you down quickly if you don’t react to him. He’s a very fast paced boss due to being permanently on skate, and getting close to him will either result in a heavy chunk of your health gone or (even worse) instant death.

Bring a shotgun

Absolutely pack a shotgun (preferably the pump action). This boss is in close quarters, and if you pre-fire him, the knockback from the shotgun will make him turn around before he shoots at you.

Fight in a long corridor / open area

Moving around in this fight is important, but the best case scenario is getting him locked in a corridor, so you can keep peppering him with shotgun shots.


This guy will not be a piece of cake regardless of what weapon he rolls. The triple damage is deadly regardless of how far he is away from you, and the extra purple spam on top of that doesn’t help.

Run away

You do NOT (and I mean this seriously, don’t) want to run towards Indigo. As soon as you get within range of his AI, he will start shooting at you quickly. Instead, try to train him around the map.

Play cautiously

Watch your health. If you drop below overheal, fall back and heal up. Losing your Red Wine bonus during Indigo’s fight is usually catastrophic.

Save Indigo for last

If you kill everyone else, the boss fight will lighten up a lot without the constant pressure of extra enemies on your tail.


Debatably the worst boss of the five. Rocket spam is awful, the knockback can cause chains of hits into other rockets, and they have no dropoff.

Peak quickly

If you peak for long, you will get shredded by the rockets. Instead, when you see the rockets, fall back to cover.

Play patiently

This dude has a boatload of health, and will absolutely shred you if you get anywhere near him. Take your time and play it safe. Losing your Red Wine bonus at this point is almost certain death.

Take advantage of his movement speed

Explodebot is slow, use mid-long range weapons to your advantage here.


The easiest boss by far if you have screwdrivers and extra health / damage.

Don’t go into corners

This is pretty much it, as long as you don’t get wombo combo’d by him you’ll be perfectly fine.

Midgame – Notes, Strategies, Loadouts

Congrats! You’ve gotten past your first boss (…or a couple of bosses) and are now reaching midgame. By this point, you likely have gotten plenty of buffs to damage and health, have a few utility vices, and have sustainable overheal constantly.

Note that “Midgame” is discussing waves ~25-99

Things to note

  • Diversify your job list as long as it doesn’t hinder your money gain.
  • Super vices will likely start coming into play by this point.
  • If you don’t have sufficient Red Wine or White Wine by this point, focus on getting those more than getting super vices.
  • Enemy variants will start rolling in, requiring more power to take down.


Enemy Variants

Enemy variants are going to start rolling in as waves progress.

Strong Variant (Gray)

Starts appearing: Wave 40

Notes: Not that much different than normal enemies until higher-tiered enemies start spawning as strong. They get roughly 3x health and damage.

Elite Variant (Pink)

Starts appearing: Wave 55 (?)

Notes: This is the first variant that becomes interesting when it’s integrated. This variant houses the first notable speed increase to weapon firing, AI speed, and movement speed. On top of that, enemies have roughly 5x health and 4x damage.

Powerful Variant (Teal)

Starts appearing: Wave 75 (?)

Notes: This variant is slightly terrifying when it first appears. If you’re not prepared for it you can die, even with over 1000 max overheal. The speed of Powerful enemies is significantly faster, even than their Elite counterparts. On top of that, enemies have about 6x more health and damage.

Godly Variant (Yellow)

Starts appearing: Wave 90 (?)

Notes: God-awful variant to fight (no pun intended). Just one can almost take you out, and they can also be very annoying to hit due to their ludicrous speed. Godly enemies will have roughly 10x health and damage. God help you.


The new strategies are similar to the old ones, except on a more extreme value.

Even more Mobile

Considering you will have energy drinks by now, this is just a faster, updated version of the old Mobile strategy. Keep running around the map, and don’t stop at all unless you’re grabbing vices.


As an all-rounder, you will be in the middle of moving around and camping in places. This strategy is really nice if you have choppy/inconsistent sources of healing still by this point in the game.

Bar-Camping but faster

Bar-camping is slow, but you can make it faster with the use of White Wine and full auto weapons. The Light SMG, Long SMG, and AR are the some prime choices.


The Bulldozer

Primary: Chain Gun

Secondary: Pump Action

This loadout works pretty well for Brute-forcing bosses, even for the first Strong bosses that appear. The crowd control of the chain gun allows you to mow down everything with ease, while the pump action can be reserved for times when the chain gun just isn’t enough.

Screwdriver’s Delight

Primary: Fists

Secondary: Any full auto AR / SMG

You recommended for members and people who want to have fun punching literally everything. I’d recommend only using this loadout if you feel confident in your melee abilities, or if you just have a lot of melee vices sitting around.

Carpal Tunnel Enjoyer

Primary: Compact Pistol dual wield

Secondary: Scoped Rifle

This loadout is capable of dealing boatloads of damage, at the cost of your fingers. Use at your own risk, your hands have a pretty good chance of falling off.

Speed and Versatility

Primary: Light SMG

Secondary: Long SMG

This is possibly one of the most versatile midgame loadouts you can roll with if you still want to have movement speed. The light smg’s fire rate combined with the long smg’s range and accuracy allows for a build that works well in all aspects of range.

Please note that these loadouts are only some suggestions! You’re good to roll whatever you want, as long as you’re having fun with it.

Midgame – Vices

By midgame, you will hopefully have gotten enough Red and White wine to sustainably live through numerous boss waves.

At this point, the vices you will likely have changed, and it is recommended to start looking for super vices if at all possible. The economy will continue to increase, so getting new vices will become a challenge.

Vices to look for

Vape Pen

Vape pen becomes a much stronger utility vice when stacked. Not only does the general effectiveness of each cloud get stronger (by +5% per stack), but the length is able to become long enough for you to heal for more healing ticks (each tick takes about 3-4 stacks of vape to work)

White Wine

By the start of midgame, your White Wine amount should be enough to kill most basic enemies in about 3-4 hits. Getting more White Wine will help you kill everything significantly faster, meaning (especially in the case of ranged enemies) you will take a lot less damage.


While the scaling on margaritas does suck a little, you are more than capable of stacking just 5 or 6 and it making a difference. Extra fire rate means more hits on enemies, meaning higher DPS.


The scaling on this is even worse than the scaling for margaritas, but it can make all the difference for weapons with slower reloads. It may take time, but having faster reload speed never hurt anyone.


Often overlooked, porters are a very helpful utility vice. Being able to spend a lot less time going off to grab ammo packs is incredibly useful, so stacking a lot of porters is a great way to just be able to roam the map without any extra ammo problems.


While stimulants don’t do a lot on their own, a lot of stimulants can really help closer range builds shine. The dodge chance can get up to very, very high values and you can pretty much counter everything related to melee with enough of them.


Debatably one of the most important vices in beta15, due to the economy being very slim later on. The money gain is nothing to scoff at, especially with how the game already scales money gain on kill.

Midgame – Jobs

By this point, most jobs should be relatively easy to complete.

However, you may start to notice some jobs take significantly more time than others do.

This means that (you guessed it) the job priority list is getting switched around.

The new job priority list

General Kill Quest

This is going to be staying at the top. It’s simply an easy quest that will get loads of money very quickly.

  • Damage

    By now you will most likely be doing a lot of bonus damage to enemies, so damage jobs will become somewhat integral to getting profits. Also, since there are significantly more enemies that have higher health now (including enemy variants), you are required to deal a lot more damage now anyways.

  • Delivery

    While this is still higher on the list, that does not mean it is easy. By now the spawn pool is starting to get diverse, and new weapons come with it. However, compared to many other jobs by this point, this one really isn’t that bad.

  • Specific Weapon Kills

    Exactly the same as delivery jobs, but you just have to kill stuff, which at this point shouldn’t be too much of a challenge, unless the weapon that you roll sucks. Gotta get the profits somehow, though!

  • Intel

    Surprisingly intel isn’t all that bad when you’re already dealing with at least minute long waves most of the time. If you want to properly complete them in one wave though, you will have to sacrifice your varian cigar bonus (most of the time, at least).

  • Specific enemy kills

    This might be one of the most controversial parts of this section, but I think specific enemy kill jobs become obsolete during midgame and endgame. This is due to the fact that (especially after wave 60) the amount of different enemies that can spawn becomes far too vast for those specific jobs to work well anymore. Most of the time, the job offers are for 10-15 kills, and you will only get a couple kills per wave at most, sometimes not even getting any at all.

  • Specific Enemy Kills with Specific Weapons

    I actually had some trouble deciding whether or not I should put this above or below specific enemy kills. The (usually) reduced amount of enemy kills makes the quest much quicker after getting the weapon you need. However, the issue lies in what I just said: getting the weapon first can become a serious issue, and then on top of that you need to get kills against a specific enemy too.


Midgame – Boss Encounters

By this point, you will be dealing with bosses every couple of waves, so there isn’t much to say about bosses at this point in the game other than:

Play defensively if you don’t deal enough damage, brute force if you do deal enough damage.

The Manlings

So, you’ve gotten through early game and midgame; what’s next?

Well, the next big hurdle before you can continue to really high rounds is fighting the Manlings.

The first Manlings fight is usually very annoying, especially in beta15; you will be very underpowered for the fight in beta15 due to stocks not existing.

However, there’s a couple of things you can consider doing to make the fight easier.

While you aren’t in control of your luck, having a lot of health and perhaps a super vice or two will make the fight nearly trivial. The biggest problem with fighting the Manlings comes down to closing the gap, and dealing enough damage (at least in my experience).

Each Manling has somewhere around 2000 health, and since you’re fighting pretty much the equivalent of a normal wave’s worth of them, that’s about 40-50k damage that you’ll need to deal. So, pray to god that you get at least 7 or 8 White Wine before the fight, and are able to tank triple damage magic for extended periods of time.

Tips / Tactics that can help you win the Fight

Fight in open, flat spaces.

Triple damage magic has an explosive effect with high knockback (as well as a relatively accurate hitbox). This means that in buildings it is more than possible to get stunlocked in a corner and get your health melted away very quickly. Staying in the air will reduce the chances of the Manlings being able to snowball damage onto you.

Keep healing nodes around everywhere you go

Keeping your White Wine bonus for this fight is very important; if possible you should try to keep it for the entire fight. Considering that during the Manling wave there are no very easy enemy kills, no things to purchase, and no jobs to complete, the only reliable sources of health will be vape and heal nades. So, keeping your heal nades in check will aid in your survivability quite a bit.

Don’t let your guard down

This one is a little self explanatory, especially if you’ve fought Manlings a lot before. Manlings can teleport directly onto you from far ranges, so making sure that you are prepared at all times to retaliate can make the difference between life or death. Don’t treat cover like cover, and try to recover right after killing a lot of Manlings.

Use the boss “brute forcing” method to kill solo Manlings

If you solidly read the early game boss encounters section, this is self explanatory. If only one Manling teleports after you, try to kill it instead of just kiting it.

Endgame – Wave 100 and onwards!

So you’ve killed the Manlings. Congratulations! You can now continue on your run with a lot more ease than that fight was. By this point, just continuing to grab vices and do jobs will get you by very easily.

Things to note

  • The biggest challenge will likely be committing to staying in the run by this point.
  • Watch out for higher leveled enemy variants, Godlys especially.
  • Don’t stop doing jobs, they will get you the money you need to keep getting vices.
  • Forcing economy crashes in beta15 will help you out a bunch.

By this point, the only things standing in your way of defeat are high-tier enemy variants, mighty bosses, and the economy. It will take a very long time for the game to scale up its variant types (probably somewhere around wave 300 – 400 is when you will start seeing very consistent Godly spawns).

After you get powerful enough, the game just becomes a massive sandbox to test out different weapons, builds, etc. It can be pretty fun since you’re able to use pretty much anything viably!

Note that committing to much longer runs of over wave 300 can take a very long time (8+ hours!).

Closing Thoughts, final things to Note, and Some Common Answers

If you somehow made it this far and read the whole thing, that’s crazy, I truly appreciate it. This guide was just kind of made on a whim just for fun, so don’t expect everything to be accurate in it.

Also, since I’m human, I have my own thoughts and opinions. A lot of stuff (especially jobs and loadouts) people probably don’t agree with me on. Still, I at least think I’m recommending decent enough strategies that will get people consistently far into the game.

And to the people that think I’m a psycho for playing Endless instead of Hardcore: you’re probably right about that.

Final things to note:

Maps with spikes that are easy to hit can cause severe issues later on in the game; you are entirely capable of running into stuff like spikes and whatnot.

Common Answers (to questions I will probably get)

How would the gameplay change if I changed x setting?

It depends. The biggest change would absolutely be the objectives. Objectives turn the game into a camp-fest, and will change up your entire playstyle, probably even down to the weapons you use. Test out different game settings to find what suits your needs.

What about x vice/weapon?

While I didn’t mention all the vices or even close to all of the weapons, Pretty much every vice is helpful regardless of what you’re rolling, so I don’t feel there’s a need to elaborate on every single one, just the most important ones for Endless.

As for weapons, there’s a pretty good portion (probably about 20 or 30 or so) of weapons that aren’t viable for survival, at least in my eyes. Plenty of semi-auto or single target weapons just fall off once White Wine bonus kicks in for all of the full-auto weapons.

What about maps?

I sure hope that this guide works on most if not all, maps. The map shouldn’t matter all too much unless you’re discussing environmental hazards.

How do I downgrade my version?

Unfortunately, you’ll need to have a previous copy of the game. If you have an old copy, though, you can boot up the game, hop into it as a guest, and immediately get into a run!

Alright, that should do it for this guide, it’s already long enough. Thanks for taking some time to read this thing, no matter how much time it was.

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