Book of Hours – Hush House Compendium Full Guide

Book of Hours – Hush House Compendium Full Guide 1 -
Book of Hours – Hush House Compendium Full Guide 1 -

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A complete detailed guide to everything a prospective House Librarian should know.


General Concepts, A Summary

The first thing a librarian of the hush house must master is the librarian.


are the main things that most of everything possesses. Rose, Heart, Scale, and Forge are all examples. These are the powers of objects, persons, and various things. You need these principles to achieve objectives, such as reading books with a Mystery related to the principle, crafting things with skills, or opening rooms requiring a certain principle.

Elements of the Soul…

are your various “stats”. They have a strong and weak principle, starting at 2 and 1, respectively. Heart, Ereb, Phost, or Mettle are all examples of Elements of the Soul. You can obtain new elements of the soul by putting Skills within the Tree of Wisdom, and you can evolve elements of the soul to stronger versions by using your skills at specific workbenches with two matching elements of the soul.

Memories and Lessons…

are “buffs” you can gain and use temporarily. Most memories give 1 or 2 of a couple of principles and last until dawn. You can use memories in near everything, between reading books, buffing assistants, crafting, and more. Memories are generally obtained from reading books; every book gives a specific memory, meaning you can re-read a book to obtain a specific memory reliably. You can only have one of a memory type, but you can have multiple memories that buff the same principle.

Lessons are special memories that don’t disappear at dawn, only at Nume, a rare single-day season that takes away lessons. Lessons allow you to learn Skills, or upgrade them. They can also be used and consumed as regular memories, but this is never a good move, as lessons are scarce.


are your main way of increasing your principles and varying what you can do. You learn skills from Lessons, which you obtain by reading books, including your starting journal. You can level up skills using Lessons and Memories that match the skill’s principles, with higher levels needing more memories. Only a single lesson is necessary to level up a skill, and it doesn’t need to be the exact same skill; so long as their principles match. As an example, Sky Stories is a SKY/ROSE skill, and Preliminary Meter is a KNOCK/ROSE skill. You can use a Lesson: Sky Stories to level up your Preliminal Meter skill, because they are both Rose.


Assistants will be required to assist you in opening various places. These take the form of Brancrug villagers or traveling figures eager to assist you. They can be hired for money, but you should start with a buddy in town who is always willing to help for free. The free assistance is dependent on your decisions at the start but is often insignificant later in the game as currency becomes more available and problems become too difficult for your companion.

Assistants can be “buffed” in a variety of ways, and they can be stacked. You can offer them one of your Elements of the Soul Principles and exhaust it, give them a beverage, serve them food, share a memory with them (including Weather), and give them a tool. All of these can be done one after the other, resulting in extremely powerful assistants when all of them are combined.

Be cautious, you cannot buff your assistants at dusk. Better get everything ready before then!

Name Principle 1 Principle 2 Principle 3 Special Attribute Cost
Denzil the Blacksmith EDGE 2 FORGE 2 Can use Metals if talked to them. Use Edge, Forge or Heart on Smithy. Costs a Shilling.
Mrs Kille GRAIL 2 HEART 1 Can use Fabric and Fibre if I talked to them. Use Heart on Kille House. Costs a Shilling.
Mr Kille WINTER 2 SKY 1 Can use Wood if talked to with it. Use Winter on Kille House. Costs a Shilling.
Reverend Timothy LANTERN 2 KNOCK 1 Can use Candles if talked to them. Use Knock or Lantern on Rectory. Costs a Shilling.
Miner SCALE 2 FORGE 1 MOON 1 Use only currency in Sweet Bones in Spring. Costs a Shilling.
Barber MOTH 2 ROSE 1 Use only currency in Sweet Bones in Summer. Costs a Shilling.
Orchard-keeper NECTAR 2 HEART 1 Use only currency in Sweet Bones in Autumn. Costs a Shilling.
Fisherman MOON 2 SKY 1 Use only currency in Sweet Bones in Winter. Costs a Shilling.
Traveling Musician SKY 4 ROSE 4 NECTAR 4 Use Soul and Currency in Sweet Bones. Costs a Florin. Random.
Fugitive SCALE 4 EDGE 4 HEART 4 Use Soul and Currency in Sweet Bones. Costs a Florin. Random.
Surrealist Painter GRAIL 4 MOTH 4 ROSE 4 Can use Pigments if talked to with them. Use Soul and Currency in Sweet Bones. Costs a Florin. Random.
Consulting Engineer FORGE 4 SKY 4 LANTERN 4 Can use Fuel if talked to with it. Use Soul and Currency in Sweet Bones. Costs a Florin. Random.
Poet WINTER 4 MOTH 4 SKY 4 Use Soul and Currency in Sweet Bones. Costs a Florin. Random.
Unusual Nun KNOCK 4 MOON 4 GRAIL 4 Use Soul and Currency in Sweet Bones. Costs a Florin. Random.


Elements of the Soul

Elements of the Soul are assigned at the beginning of the game, and you obtain more by placing skills within the Tree of Wisdom. You can also increase your Elements of the Soul to higher versions, in which case every principle gets a +1. The exception is Health’s Scale, which remains at 1.

Name Principle 1 Principle 2 Principle 3
Trist MOTH 2 MOON 1
Mettle FORGE 2 EDGE 1



Books are the main challenge of Book of Hours, and many of them exist. They all have a Mystery to them, and to solve it, you need to match or exceed the Mystery’s principle with your own, using skills, elements of the soul and memories. Books all give memories, and you can obtain them at wish by re-reading the book; it will always give the same memory. They also provide, only once, Lesson memories.

The list of books is great, and currently not on this steam guide. An incomplete WIP list of all books is on the Google Sheets document at the end of this guide.


Various characters will periodically visit the Hush House. These are usually experts within the lores and will seek books of varying principles and mysteries. Upon getting visitors, most visitors will come to you about a specific affair, which is given to you and found in your Sundries.

You will need to talk to your visitors and provide them with a book matching the principle and mystery they seek. Said book can be given to multiple visitors but not twice to the same visitor. If you do not own the proper text for the visitor, you may give them lodgings to extend their visit, and the lodgings can be provided over and over again, so long as you don’t forget to tend to them by lodging them again at the end of their stay.

Visitors have two interests of varying principle levels, and they know specific languages. Most of the languages the librarian also knows, but some visitors will know languages the librarian does not, and you can ask them to tutor you for a price in Spintria.

Successfully giving a good book to a visitor awards the librarian with Spintria, the currency of the occult. This can be traded in for the average British currency or used to learn languages or other uses, like buying books from Auriflamme’s, an event that happens now and then.

The list of all known visitors is currently incomplete and available on the google sheets document.


The librarian begins with knowledge of many languages, but there are many more that the librarian does not master. Visitors can bring mastery of some languages, which can be necessary to read books in languages you cannot read by default.

Visitors can be paid in Spintria to learn a language they know. However (this is unconfirmed hearsay), learned languages (can? will?) disappear after Nume.

An incomplete list of languages and their tutors is available on the sheets document.


Memories are temporary buffs you can use once and can only possess one of each type at a time. They are generally obtained by reading books but can be obtained by crafting, interacting with objects, and various other methods.

You can use memories while talking to assistants, reading books, crafting, gathering, etc.

A near-complete list of all memories (and their sources, albeit less complete on that side) is available in the google sheets document.



  • Skills are permanent means by which librarians can develop their ability to solve books, collect materials and craft. Lessons found within books provide opportunities to acquire these abilities, while memories serve as the perfect vehicle to level them up over time. Only one lesson needs to match your level-up strategy for skills. Rather, the lesson just needs to cover similar principles than necessary being identical skills themselves.
  • Skills can also be assigned slots within the Tree of Wisdom by giving elements of soul to match up with said skill, attuning it accordingly and tuning a workbench that’s aligned with whatever wisdom the skill belongs to – for instance, if attuning Hushery requires finding one specifically attuned to Hushery as its element.
  • Skills can also be utilized for crafting on workbenches. Each skill yields its own results when crafting items and can make up to six creations at levels 5, 10, or 15 of both principles involved in their operation. Crafting can create memories, inks, beverages, sustenance, tools, or things; with many results possible.

This document contains an exhaustive listing of skills, their underlying principles and teaching sources, what they specialize in creating, possible wisdoms or other pertinent details.

Weather and Seasons

Seasons come and go, and you are given a new weather forecast each day. There are five seasons: Nume, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Nume is a one-day season that occasionally occurs, drastically altering every building and wiping out any unused lesson memories. However, Nume does offer ferocious weather.

Once a day, the weather is delivered, and for the most part, it functions as a regular memory. It can only be used once, and each morning just before dawn, you will experience a random, season-dependent weather.

The Google Sheets document contains a partial list of weather types and the seasons they correspond to.


The Hush House has multiple workbenches, which allow the librarian to do a variety of activities, most notably crafting, but many more things are available.
Each workbench permits only specified principles to be slotted within it; between two and four principles are permitted, and only items bearing that principle can be slotted within the workbench.

Workbenches occur in a variety of shapes and sizes; some are instruments, while others are desks. Different workbenches can include different things, such as inks, remnants, or other materials, and produce different results as a result.

Workbenches can also be attuned to certain Tree of Wisdom wisdom, allowing you to employ attuned abilities on these workbenches to fuse them into better talents. However, keep in mind that the workbench must be adjusted to your wisdom while also being able to fit your skill and soul element. This can make it tough to find a suitable workshop for evolving your soul elements.

he google sheets document contains a semi-complete list of workbenches, their assigned principles, locations, and attunements.

Google Sheets document

All of the data in this guide is compiled in a google sheets document. I am including it, but note it is currently used by me for my playthrough, and may contain stuff aimed at myself (this is frequently noted as “personal”).

The end goal will be to have all data available in this steam guide, but it is much faster and easier to record data in Sheets than in a Steam guide, and as such, I will slowly transfer the data and I ascertain it and finish it. – []

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  1. Thank you about the google sheet, I found it incredibly useful and it increased my joy of this game greatly. However, I would like to report that I was not able to use Skills “Edicts Martial” and “Meniscate Reflections” to upgrade Phost with Practice Equipment or Watchman Shrine. Maybe, if you have time, you could check up on this and update the sheet.

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