Best Skills in Payday 3: A Comprehensive Overview

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Best Skills in Payday 3: A Comprehensive Overview

Step into the shoes of an unrivaled medic.

How Stealthy Can You Be: Maybe Think Twice

So, you had a blast being the inspiring medic in Payday 2, huh? Payday 3 promises a similar joy ride with skills like rapid healing to keep you and your pals in the game longer, damage reduction, and a sprint boost for those lifesaving revivals.

But heads up! The medic bag isn’t the star player anymore, thanks to nifty trades with civilians or controlled cops for precious first aid kits. And let’s be honest, starting the game without losing health? That’s where the armor bag shines!

But hey, for those silent and stealthy missions, never forget your trusty medic bag. Because no one wants to lose to a silly fall, right?

Skills You Want: Combat Medic & Code Blue

With Combat Medic, you’ll shrug off bullets while you and your newly revived buddy make a dash for safety. Pair it up with Code Blue, and you’re looking at instant, superhero-like revivals!

Say No to: Steady Hands

Steady Hands? More like ‘No Hands’. With superior options like Triage and Field Surgery, it’s like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Not cool, right?

A Quick Rundown:

  • Base Medic: Solid Choice
  • Aced Medic: Absolutely Stellar
  • Steady Hands: Just Skip It
  • Extra Charge: Handy with a Medic Bag
  • Combat Medic: Situationally Brilliant
  • Code Blue: Solid
  • Triage: It’ll Do
  • Field Surgery: High-Level Play Only

Be the Ammo Maestro

Loud and Proud: Can’t Live Without It

Quiet as a Mouse: Not Worth Your Time

Going in guns blazing? Ensure someone’s got the Ammo Specialist role. Without it, you might run dry and fall prey to those unforgiving officers. And honestly, that’s a fate worse than a dreaded matchmaking error.

The Mower weapon can be a temporary crutch, but don’t be fooled. Sooner or later, you’ll be scavenging for bullets if you don’t plan ahead.

Your Best Buds: Ammo Specialist, Fully Loaded, Top Up

These skills are like the dream team of ammo management. With Ammo Specialist dealing bonus ammo and Top Up refilling grenades, you’re all set for those high-stakes heists.

Steer Clear of: High Grain

High Grain is like that one friend who just can’t get it right. It’ll have you wasting ammo with little to show for it. Plus, fast-firing guns aren’t your best pick anyway (yeah, we’re looking at you, Commando).

Perfect Pairing: Demolitionist – Extra Munitions

Love making things go boom? This synergy will have you grinning with extra grenades every restock. It’s like having your cake and eating it too!

Final Verdict:

Ammo Specialist: Non-Negotiable

Aced Ammo Specialist: Meh

Scrounger: Great for Grenade Lovers

Fully Loaded: Essential with Ammo Bags

Plate Up: It’s a Risk, but Can Pay Off

High Grain: Just Don’t

Mag Throw: Can be a Lifesaver

Top Up: A True Game-Changer

The Mower: Elevate Your Combat Game

Bring the Noise: Good to Go

Stealth Mode: Just Don’t

With the Mower in hand, you’ll feel invincible. Not only will it feed you ammo, but it also pushes back those who try to get in your face, leaving them dazed and confused. While it’s not a necessity, it can be that extra oomph when things get tight.

Skills to Grab: Mastering Recoil, Keeping Ammo Up

Control That Recoil and Never Run Dry

Now, mastering the battlefield requires finesse. That means learning recoil control to keep your aim true amidst the chaos and managing your ammo so you’re not caught empty-handed. With these skills, you’ll be the player everyone wants on their team.

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