Baldur’s Gate III – Unleash Your Cheating Skills with Mods

Baldur’s Gate III – Unleash Your Cheating Skills with Mods 1 -
Baldur’s Gate III – Unleash Your Cheating Skills with Mods 1 -

Baldur’s Gate III – Unleash Your Cheating Skills with Mods!

So, you’re hunting for the cheat codes and shortcuts in Baldur’s Gate 3, huh? Don’t worry; you’ve got company! In these massive RPGs, it’s like a treasure hunt for gamers to find those magical cheat codes—think “godmode,” “unlimited cash,” or even some dope abilities to fly and teleport without magic. Plus, who wouldn’t love to slip some cool items into their bag of tricks? But here’s the buzzkill: it looks like Baldur’s Gate 3 has no console commands to play with—for now, at least. The modding wizards are yet to dig up a developer or debug console. But hang in there! If the past games from Larian Studios are any indicator (looking at you, Divinity: Original Sin 2), there’s a chance we might stumble upon some cheat-friendly console in the future.

In the meantime, if you’re the kind who’s not really into trainers or cheat engines (which, honestly, we don’t advocate for), there’s some good news: there are plenty of mods out there that are all set to twist and tweak the rules of Baldur’s Gate 3. They may not get you to godmode or give you the power to obliterate hordes of foes, but they can still tip the scales in your favor. Check out these gems:

Ultimate Guidance:

Supercharges your Guidance ability with extra range and time on the clock.

Multiclass Unlocker:

Cracks open multiclassing for those taking the scenic route on Explorer difficulty.

Mharius’ “Unleashed” mods:

Packs a punch with additional affinities, passives, proficiencies, and more for your favorite races and classes.

Carry Weight Increased:

It gives your backpack an upgrade, boosting your carry weight from 1.5X to a whopping 10X. Word of advice, though, watch out for the 9000X version—too much of a good thing can be risky.

Party Size Begone:

Blows the party limit wide open, from four to eight characters. Just remember, it’s a solo-player party for now.

Hide as a bonus action:

Brings the good ol’ Hide ability back to its early access glory days.

Fast XP:

Two flavors are available—one serving up double XP up to level 5, and another one dishing out double XP for the whole game.

Oh, and one last thing—before you get mod-happy, remember to save and back up your game progress. Trust me; you don’t want a rogue mod messing up your hard-earned game data. And be ready for some potential breakages when the game updates—mod life can be a bit unpredictable.

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