Baldur’s Gate 3 – Styles of Bards in Combat

Baldur’s Gate 3 – Styles of Bards in Combat 2 -
Baldur’s Gate 3 – Styles of Bards in Combat 2 -

Welcome to this post This Baldur’s Gate 3 – Styles of Bards in Combat Guide was written to be of use to you, and we genuinely hope that it is.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a story-rich, party-based RPG set in the universe of Dungeons & Dragons, where your choices shape a tale of fellowship and betrayal, survival and sacrifice, and the lure of absolute power.

Roles of a Bard Party: A How-To Guide (Work In Progress)

4 Bard Party

First, the instruments and their musical role

According to musical theory IRL, I’m Only Going to Cover the CORE instruments. SO 4 instruments only. You can Swap out a Flute OR the Violin for non core instruments

  • Violin Violins can be used for a vocal and guitar position, in modern terms an electric guitar.
  • Flute Flutes usually play the vocals section, like violins they can carry a long note at a steady rate.
  • Lute A lute is a medieval acoustic guitar and brings the melody.
  • Drums Drums bring the beat and solo is a terrible instrument, but when played with the group brings it all together with the toe tapping beat

Styles of Bards in Combat

  • Battle Bard Melee Duelist or Two-weapon front liner that casts short weapon actions, battle spells with short durations (ENTHRALL – []

    , 2nd level Spell) and short term enemy aggression charm that gives them literal tunnel vision. Needs medium armor proficiency (From Sub classes or Race).

    The role needs EITHER16 DEX for Moderate Master feat and Halfplate armor, OR You tank DEX to 10 and go STR and wear heavy armor via feats. highest con and Strength out of the bards

    Do not worry about carrying capacity, there is a long rest 2nd level spell to boost an attribute buff, and the Strength buff gives x2 carrying capacity, making an 8 STR bard carry 240 weight. Make your DPS Bard the mule!

  • Support Bard A Medium Armor with a Shield, Cleric style Bard via the College of Valor subclass, heals and casts restore lesser/greater, moves to where they are needed, central position on party, highest INT for knowledge checks.
  • DPS Bard The long range caster with cross bow, offensive spells and crowd control/debuff spells, back position highest CHA for spell DC. Aiming for 20 Charisma. Also the face of your party for interactions.
  • Trap Monkey/Stealth Bard Sleight of hand and Perception specialist. Any weapon style you can fit, i prefer Dual Weapon and crossbow as needed. Has 16+ DEX and 14+WIS Any stealth specialist spells are handled by them as well

    Quartet party planned, the “Deep Gnome Slaughter” is born, because you can’t spell “Slaughter without Laughter”

    Baldur's Gate 3 - Styles of Bards in Combat - Roles of a Bard Party: A How To Guide (Work In Progress) - 9529C08

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