Armored Core 6 – New Update Version 1.02 Patch Notes and Bug Fixes

Armored Core 6 – New Update Version 1.02 Patch Notes and Bug Fixes 1 -
Armored Core 6 – New Update Version 1.02 Patch Notes and Bug Fixes 1 -

Armored Core 6 – New Update Version 1.02 Patch Notes and Bug Fixes

Have you checked out the new patch for Armored Core 6? Trust me, you’re going to want to update ASAP. With this patch, we’re amping up the gameplay stability and tweaking some things for better balance. Get the patch and let’s dive right in!

How We Tweaked the Game for Diversity

We’ve zeroed in on the balance adjustments with this patch. The idea? Gives you more choices and strategies, especially in the early to mid-game. Plus, we’ve zapped some annoying bugs to smooth things out.

Where’s the PvP Love?

Okay, I hear you. Where’s the PvP balance? Don’t worry, we’re on it! There’s another update coming just for PvP. Stay in the loop and keep an eye out for it.

Where Can You Get This Update?

Got a gaming platform? We probably support it with this patch:

  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 5
  • PlayStation 4
  • Steam

What’s New in the Weapons Department?

Ready to supercharge your combat? Here’s the lowdown on the weapon tweaks:

  • MA-J-201 RANSETSU-AR: Faster projectiles and more power, but quicker reload.
  • DF-MG-02 CHANG-CHEN: More firepower, speed, and rounds. Plus, faster reload!
  • RF-025 SCUDDER: Upgraded attack and speed, but less wait time.
  • LR-036 CURTIS: Boosted power and less hang time.
  • RF-024 TURNER: More oomph in attack and speed, but speedy reload.
  • MA-E-210 ETSUJIN: Amped-up power, rounds, and speed. Oh, and quick reloading.
  • MG-014 LUDLOW: Power up, more ammo, faster bullets, and oh-so-sweet reduced recoil.
  • MA-J-200 RANSETSU-RF: Better firing rate and more power – say goodbye to long reloads.

What About Those Pesky Enemies?

Enemies got tweaks too! You’ll find the baddies from AAP07: BALTEUS, IA-13: SEA SPIDER, and IB-01: CEL240 behaving a tad differently. A more even playground, if you ask me.

Addressed Those Pesky Glitches

And yep, we squashed some bugs:

  • No more invisible bosses in “Destroy the Weaponized Mining Ship” – how frustrating was that, right?
  • That sneaky boss in “Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech”? He sees you now.
  • Fixed weird visuals during “Survey the Uninhabited Floating City”.
  • No more funky displays in “Attack the Old Spaceport”.
  • Certain missiles and corals? No more surprise damages!
  • Watch online arena battles with a better camera angle.
  • And yes, that odd punch animation in online arenas? All good now!
  • Plus, a bunch of other minor fixes to smooth things out.

Extra Care for Xbox and Steam Gamers

Shoutout to Xbox and Steam users, we addressed some quirks just for you:

  • On Xbox and Steam, say goodbye to that annoying offline mode bug after sleep mode.
  • Steam users, we tweaked the “Quit Game” text from the System Menu.
  • Also, on Steam, some bosses should look way better now.

What’s the Update Number?

After updating, check the bottom right of the title screen. You should spot:

App Ver. 22
Regulation Ver. 1.02.1*

Want to Play Online?

For online gaming, this update is a must. Make sure you’re all set up!

Stay Tuned for What’s Next

We’ve got big plans for Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon. Stick with us for more cool stuff on the horizon!

Quick Heads Up for PS4, PS5, Xbox Players

If you’re booting in offline mode, you might miss out on the latest tweaks. Just double-check your Network Settings in the System Menu and switch to online mode if needed.

Big thanks for being part of the Armored Core 6 community. Enjoy the game and the new updates!

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