Ark: Survival Ascended – When is Coming Out? – Answered

Ark: Survival Ascended – When is Coming Out? – Answered 1 -
Ark: Survival Ascended – When is Coming Out? – Answered 1 -

When Will ARK Survival Ascended Be Released? Let’s Find Out!

Hi there, fellow gamers! So, you’ve heard about ARK Survival Ascended, the upgraded version of ARK Survival Evolved that’s set to rock the next-gen consoles. But you’re probably wondering, “When is this game hitting the shelves?” Don’t worry! I’ve got the answer you’ve been craving, and I’m here to share it with you. Let’s dive in!

Alright, so ARK Survival Ascended is aiming for an October 2023 release date. Unfortunately, the exact day is still a mystery, but hey, at least we know it’s in the works. How do we know? Well, our trusty community blog spilled the beans on the original release delay, giving us the inside scoop on what to expect from this epic remaster. And let me tell you, it’s packed with all the exciting features to keep us on the edge of our seats!

Here’s a burning question for you: Do you want to discover this magical adventure? I sure do! Imagine soaring through ancient landscapes, battling fierce creatures, and taming your very own dino pose. It’s like living out your Jurassic Park dreams, minus the questionable theme park management. Trust me, and it’s a thrill like no other.

But wait, there’s more! Let’s talk pricing, my frugal friends. For all you Xbox Series X|S and PC players, ARK Survival Ascended will be available for $44.99. Oh, and guess what? You’ll also get a bonus treatβ€”ARK 2, coming your way in 2024. Double the excitement, double the fun! PlayStation 5 players fear not! You can grab the standalone version of ARK Survival Ascended for just $39.99. It’s a steal, my fellow console comrades!

Now, let’s take a peek at the expansion packs because who doesn’t love some extra content, right? We’ve got the following expansion packs lined up for you:

Expansion Packs: Release Date
Scorched Earth: December
Ragnarok: Q1 2024
Aberration: Q1 2024

It’s like unwrapping presents on your birthday, but the surprises keep coming for months!

Here’s a thought: Have you ever pulled off an epic dino-taming feat in the original ARK Survival Evolved? Share your triumphs with us in the comments below! Let’s hear those legendary tales of taming a colossal T-Rex or taking to the skies on a mighty Pteranodon. We want to celebrate your incredible achievements and share a virtual high-five!

So, my friends, that wraps up the juicy details about the highly-anticipated ARK Survival Ascended release date. Stay tuned for more updates, and until then, keep those dino dreams alive! And hey, if you’re hungry for more gaming tips, tricks, and shenanigans, join us at SteamLists. We’ve got your back, fellow adventurers!


Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: When is ARK Survival Ascended set to be released?
A: ARK Survival Ascended is aiming for an October 2023 release date, although the exact day is still unknown.

Q: What can we expect from the remastered version?
A: The remastered version, ARK Survival Ascended, will come packed with exciting features and enhancements for an even more thrilling gaming experience.

Q: How much will ARK Survival Ascended cost?
A: The game will be priced at $44.99 for Xbox Series X|S and PC, including a bundled treat of ARK 2 in 2024. PlayStation 5 players can purchase the standalone version for $39.99, excluding ARK 2.

Q: What expansion packs will be available for ARK Survival Ascended?
A: The expansion packs for ARK Survival Ascended include Scorched Earth (December), Ragnarok (Q1 2024), and Aberration (Q1 2024).

Q: Can players share their achievements in taming dinosaurs?
A: Absolutely! Players are encouraged to share their epic dino taming feats and stories in the comments section. Let’s celebrate those incredible achievements together!

Q: Where can I find more gaming tips and tricks?
A: For more gaming tips, tricks, and shenanigans, join us at SteamLists. We’re here to support fellow adventurers like you!

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