Annalynn – What a perfect means

Annalynn – What a perfect means 1 -
Annalynn – What a perfect means 1 -
Are you unsure as to how to get a "perfect" score in Annalynn? This guide should tell you how.



Perfects on each of the 15 non-boss levels unlock palettes for Annalynn. Perfecting a level will also add 10k points to your score, making them invaluable for high score runs. 

How to get a Perfect

The criteria for getting a perfect on any level is simple. You can’t die, must defeat all 4 snakes with every Blinding Ruby (you’ll know you did it right if you’re getting the 2000 every time), and grab the bonus item. Doing it correctly will show "Perfect" on the screen, with a jingle, and add the 10k extra points to your total. 

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