All Post-Game Content in Super Mario RPG

All Post-Game Content in Super Mario RPG 1 -
All Post-Game Content in Super Mario RPG 1 -

All Post-Game Content in Super Mario RPG

Hey there, fellow gamers! Ready to dive into the awesome post-game world of Super Mario RPG? After you’ve shown Smithy who’s boss in Weapon World, a whole new universe of epic adventures unlocks, and trust me, you don’t wanna miss this!

What Happens After The Final Boss?

So, you’ve beaten the big bad and watched the credits roll, but hold up, the fun’s not over yet! After the dust settles, you get this cool cutscene that shows what’s up with your buddies post-battle. And here’s the kicker – you get to save your game right after defeating Smithy. This is your golden ticket to post-game awesomeness!

By saving your game, you wake up back at Mario’s place like the whole Smithy drama was just a wild dream. And guess who’s there to greet you? Good ol’ Toad, with a special Stay Voucher just for you. Talk about a warm welcome back!

New Goodies in Your Journal

Ready to explore some cool new features? Just pop open the Journal tab in your menu, and bam! You’ve got some neat stuff waiting for you:

Get Lost in the Music with Sound Player

First off, let’s talk tunes. With the Sound Player, you can chill out to over 60 awesome tracks from the game. And the best part? Toadofsky from Melody Bay is your personal DJ. Now that’s music to my ears!

Play Report: Your RPG Scrapbook

Next up, the Play Report. It’s like a scrapbook of your entire Mario RPG journey. You can see all sorts of cool stats, like your fastest campaign time, your MVP party member, and even a rundown of all the minigames you’ve tackled. Plus, it tracks all those sneaky Hidden Treasures you’ve found. Pretty neat, right?

Monster List: Know Your Foes

Last but not least, the updated Monster List. This thing’s a goldmine if you’re into checking out all the quirky baddies in the game. Missed a few monsters on your first run? No sweat – now’s your chance to get the full scoop on every single creature you’ve encountered, and even those you haven’t yet!

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