All Deadmines Quests in WoW Classic

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All Deadmines Quests in WoW Classic

Hey there, fellow adventurers! If you’re diving into the world of WoW Classic: Season of Discovery and Hardcore, especially on those nail-biting Hardcore servers, here’s a pro tip: scoop up all the Deadmines dungeon quests before you take the plunge. This move is not just smart, it’s a game-changer. So, let’s break down the quests you absolutely need to grab:

1. Red Silk Bandanas

Meet **Scout Riell** at (56, 47) in Westfall to kick off this quest. But hold up, you’ve gotta finish the **Red Leather Bandanas** quest first, starting with **Scout Galiaan** at (54, 52). And don’t forget, the **The Defias Brotherhood** quest, kicking off with **The Defias Traitor** at (55, 47), is your golden ticket to start this one.

2. Collecting Memories

Catch up with **Wilder Thistlenettle** in Stormwind City at (65, 21) to get started on this quest.

3. Oh Brother…

**Wilder Thistlenettle** is your go-to again in Stormwind City (65, 21) for this quest.

4. Underground Assault

For this quest, find **Shoni the Silent** waiting at (55, 12) in Stormwind City.

5. The Defias Brotherhood

Head over to **Gryan Stoutmantle** in Westfall (56, 47) for this quest. It’s a sequel to the **Red Silk Bandanas** quest and again, you’ll need to complete **The Defias Brotherhood** quest, starting off with **The Defias Traitor** at (55, 47).

6. The Unsent Letter

This one’s a bit different. Snag it from Edwin VanCleef’s body at the end of the Deadmines. It’s not just about the dungeon, as it leads you on a quest across Stormwind City, saving you a trip back to the Deadmines.

Arming yourself with these quests before you head into the Deadmines is like packing extra snacks for a road trip – totally worth it. Get ready to make the most out of your dungeon runs in the thrilling world of WoW Classic: Season of Discovery and Hardcore.

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