Aliens: Dark Descent – How to Manage Resources

Aliens: Dark Descent – How to Manage Resources 1 -
Aliens: Dark Descent – How to Manage Resources 1 -

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This guide will help you how to manage your resources in the game.

Management of resources

  • This is a simple one Don’t bring any resources, and I do mean it.

    You’ll find so many sources on the map because they’re massive. Every time you visit a new location it is peaceful and you have enough time to take advantage of the loot and fill your bags. Additionally, every map I’ve played so far has at least 1-2 turrets or provides them in the event that you encounter one.

    This allows you to bring more back to Otago to replenish supplies and assist with difficult missions (so you can redeploy as needed). The only exceptions to this are a single sentry or a Medkit. A medkit can be used for those who make mistakes before you’ve gotten the first few.

  • Ammo is an exception because there’s no limit to the amount you can collect during a mission, however, it also doesn’t go back to the Otago and you shouldn’t be taking home too much ammo, because you want there to be ammo on the map in case you need to make a second or 3rd trip and those new squads could require ammo as well, be sure to keep 6-8 mags for reserve, this is where the generic ammo pouches upgrade is very handy since it starts you off with one extra mag, rather than just increase capacity as the description suggests it, which reduces the requirement to use ammo in the map.

    Useful fact: Secondary weapons (pistols, revolvers, pistols) do not require ammo. It’s just necessary to reload them often. So, if you’re using the reload feature, having someone use their secondary weapon when they aren’t facing large amounts of adversaries can be a great way to save ammo!

  • Using your command points, you can conserve ammunition and avoid lots of hassle.

    A horde of wolves advancing through your door’s chokepoint? Drop a napalm pond in it to force them to walk through fire and not only your bullets.

    A runner in your face? Shotgun the bastard to prevent your marine from having their arm ripped off.

    Isn’t a boss in melee range? Use this opportunity to launch an explosive grenade that will cause severe damage.

  • Command points are an endless resource, make use of it in the way you like, ensure you always have 1 point left whenever you can to avoid unpleasant surprises. I usually don’t deploy sensors for example when I’m at 3 or higher.
  • I only employ tools to secure havens and door hacking. I don’t spend them on doors that xenos can penetrate in only a few seconds (just do not open the door so they can’t get inside).

    If you’re in the top of your game and you discover other medkits but you’ve only had 1 or 2 dmg, it’s advisable to take a pill at least unless you’re planning to go to shelter and take a rest.

  • The research is very large and scarce at first, however, as you kill more enemies, you’ll begin to build it faster. Bosses are worth more and are guaranteed to drop drops like queen 8 and crusher 4.

    Most of them are “Okay” but the pheromone mine I’d stay away from since you want mines only to take out what’s coming at you, not any other thing that’s near and not seeing it, whereas the hive of pheromones and tranq are great value, as they essentially reduce the difficulty by 1.

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