Aliens: Dark Descent – How to Combat and Useful Strategy

Aliens: Dark Descent – How to Combat and Useful Strategy 1 -
Aliens: Dark Descent – How to Combat and Useful Strategy 1 -

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This tutorial will teach you a few tips and strategies for fighting in the game.

Combat tactics

  • If you’re spotted and they’re threatening to hunt you, your first reaction is to retreat and set up a defensive perimeter or try to keep yourself away of the hunt.This is detrimental since you’ll be stressing your marines or inciting aggression from the adversaries.

    So what you should be doing is changing your mindset to: “I’m spotted anyway, I’m supposed to complete as much as I can” especially going into new rooms and so on in the event that there are a bunch of face huggers but it doesn’t matter that they’ve spotted you because you’re spotted already anyway.

    Indeed, it’s initially a bad idea, at the period of time, you should be immune to spotting and use this to push places where you’d prefer not to be observed.

  • The only exception to this is when you reach an aggressive level that is new and you’ll be hit by waves that are headed toward you after a 30-second timer.Utilize this time to prepare an area of defense, preferably with a single chokepoint or long sight lines. Also, set 1 marine on suppressing fire on the location from which they are coming.
  • For the aggressive level waves, you can prepare yourself because while you travel through the map, you must be placing motion sensors (especially on spawn points) They will remain there forever, even if leave the map and come back, which allows you to monitor the locations where enemies are spawning, and more importantly where the aggression wave originates from, so you know what direction to take.
  • You can also create a safe space by not opening all the doors. Some doors might be locked, but you can still go around. If you only open one of the doors in this room, you’ll have a room to lock down to ensure rest and safety or for a defensive position.
  • If you’re entering an office, ensure the ARC protects the entrance so that you don’t have any unwanted visitors.
  • This one is credited to ‘Road Kill21.’Place a motion tracker near each ARC point as well, specifically to serve the purpose of blowing them up and attracting attention to that area so that they’re not only being pulled away, they’re also being killed by the ARC, this can be especially beneficial if there are boss enemies on the map that aren’t longer hunting you but that you’d like to eliminate.
  • If you don’t want to be hunted or think you’re not able to handle the added stress, then you can construct an area to rest in or go up the elevator to another floor to end the hunt.

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