A Tree Grows in New Atlantis in Starfield

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A Tree Grows in New Atlantis in Starfield

When you’re in New Atlantis, there’s a ton of stuff to see and do. But, there’s this one scientist, Kelton Frush, standing next to a big tree in the MAST District. And he’s got a quest for you!

How can you spot him? Easy. Look for a dude in a blue and white lab coat. He’s standing right under that huge tree. Once you talk to him, you’ll kick off a quest called “A Tree Grows in New Atlantis“. Trust me, it’s cool.

How to Grab Bio-Sensors and Meet Wen Tseng

Kelton has a hunch that the tree’s acting weird and might be a problem for the city. He’ll ask you to pick up some bio-sensors from around town. You’ll have markers to help you find them, but there’s a catch with the last one. It’s at the UC Distribution Center. Jorden tells you this. So, you need to chat with Wen Tseng there.

But Wen wants to make money off of it. She’s asking for 100 Credits! Now, if you’ve got the cash, cool. If not, there’s another way. You can take it. Yup, you can sneak into her office from a door near the main desk. Be super quiet and make sure no security is watching. Some of your buddies might not like this, though. When you’ve got all the sensors, give them back to Kelton. He’ll be super happy and give you 2,000 Credits! But that’s not the end. You’ll need to see him later for more of this quest.

Back to New Atlantis: Time to Help Emilio

Going back to New Atlantis? Kelton’s still there, right under that tree in the MAST District. But, the tree? Still acting up. Kelton will need another favor. You’ve got to get some info from another scientist, Emilio. But, he’s got some beef with Kelton.

Find Emilio near The Lodge in the MAST District. He’s got the data, but he wants something first. You can either talk him into giving it up without doing anything for him or help him out by deleting some files from the MAST computer. The choice is yours. If you help him, he might even give you a little extra for your trouble. Need to do the deed? Go to Orion Towers, get into the Chief Engineer’s place, and get to the computer. Find Emilio’s files and click ‘Purge All Files‘.

Can You Talk Emilio Down and Get Back to Kelton?

If you’re good with words, you can get Emilio to just give you the data. No need to delete anything. But, you won’t get the bonus credits if you go this route. Give the info to Kelton, and he’ll be super grateful. He’ll hand over 3,800 Credits. But he needs to check out the data first. Do a few more jobs, and then come back to Kelton to see how it all ends. We’ll let you know more as we go along!

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