Sonic CD – How to Improve Game Settings Guide

Sonic CD – How to Improve Game Settings Guide 1 -
Sonic CD – How to Improve Game Settings Guide 1 -

How to Enhance your Sonic CD experience!

Sonic Cd decompilation

Sonic CD - How to Improve Game Settings Guide - Sonic Cd decompilation - First off you will want to download the Sonic CD decompilation made by RubberDuckyCooly
Step 1:Download the exe for your system
Step 2:Copy DATA RDSK from the Sonic CD steam install
Step 3:Paste it into the folder with the decompilation
Step 4:Play!

(Required) Mod loader

Go to settings cfg and set DevMenu=false to DevMenu=true
Yes this is required for mods
You can download the loader here https://gamebanana-com/tools/6446 – [] 
(replace – with . )
Put all contents of the loader folder into the Sonic CD folder
Mod list:
(replace – with . )
https://gamebanana-com/mods/download/33778 – [] 
Download them all

Changing settings for RDSKv3

Many people may not like the RDSKv3 default settings (including me)
Here is a guide on how to change them!
; Enable this flag to activate dev menu via the ESC key
DevMenu=false (replace false with true and it will allow dev menu when esc is pressed)
; Enable this flag to activate features used for debugging the engine (may result in slightly slower game speed) (replace false with true)
; Enable this flag to force the engine to load from the scripts folder instead of from bytecode
; Sets the starting category ID
; Sets the starting scene ID
; Determines how fast the game will be when fastforwarding is active
; Determines if the game will try to use the steam directory for the game if it can locate it (Windows only)
UseSteamDir=true (Does not seem to work)
; Determines if applicable rendering modes (such as 3D floor from special stages) will render in “High Quality” mode or standard mode
UseHQModes=true (false sets it to medium quality)
; Determines what RSDK file will be loaded
DataFile=Data.rsdk (You can change the RDSK It looks for!)
(these are self explanatory)
; Determines if the window will be fullscreen or not
; Determines if the window will be borderless or not
; Determines if VSync will be active or not
; Determines what scaling is used. 0 is nearest neighbour, 1 or higher is linear.
; The window size multiplier
; How wide the base screen will be in pixels
; Determines the target FPS
; Determines the dim timer in seconds, set to -1 to disable dimming
; Determines the game uses hardware rendering (like mobile) or software rendering (like PC)
You can get Borderless windowed by typing true in fullscreen & Borderless

Enhanced Level select

Sonic CD - How to Improve Game Settings Guide - Enhanced Level select - F89145F
You need Sonic CD Mod manager
If you do not have the Mod manager then see “(required) Mod loader” in the guide
Step 1: https://gamebanana-com/mods/download/33778 – [] 
Just replace the – with .
Step 2:Extract it into the Mods folder and press esc to get into the dev menu
Step 3:Select Mods
Step 4:Activate the mod
Step 5:Go to level select
You are done

(Optional) Making Sonic CD decompilation run from steam.

Step 1:Extract the decompilation to the folder where the steam version of sonic CD is installed.
Step 2:When asked about replacing files confirm all
Step 3:Delete Soniccd exe and rename RDSKv3 to “soniccd
If done right RDSKv3 should change icons when renamed. And you should be able to launch from steam!

Updating the guide

I will update this guide if I find any good mods that enhance Sonk Disc
Also please suggest any mods that inprove Sonic CD in the comments
Also this is my first guide
And feel free to give awards (or not)
Edit 1: Sonic CD is getting delisted. My work has gone to waste! – [] 
this will be unavailable to purchase on may 20th

This is all about Sonic CD – How to Improve Game Settings Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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