Remnant 2 – Is now Steam Deck verified but read this before playing it

Remnant 2 – Is now Steam Deck verified but read this before playing it 1 -
Remnant 2 – Is now Steam Deck verified but read this before playing it 1 -

Remnant 2 – Is now Steam Deck verified but read this before playing it.

Hey, there’s something big brewing in the world of gaming! The creators of Remnant 2 just confirmed that it’s all set for a grand entry on the Steam Deck. Cue the applause! Now, if you’re a fellow gaming enthusiast waiting eagerly for this title, this update probably has you grinning ear to ear. Although I’ve been trying it out on the Steam Deck during the review period and had a decent time, I wouldn’t rush into it just yet, especially if you’re planning to spend a lot of time exploring Remnant 2 on this device. Let’s break this down.

While Remnant 2 runs quite well on the Steam Deck, it doesn’t quite hit the home run in terms of performance consistency. Recently, I’ve been feeling a tad skeptical about the Steam Deck verification process since frame rate doesn’t seem to make the cut as an evaluation metric – something that’s actually pretty crucial. If we look at Valve’s checklist, Remnant 2 is a champ and ticks all four boxes. Compatibility issues? None. Controller system? Works like a charm. Resolution support for the Deck at 1280 x 800? Absolutely. Proton issues? Nada. I’ve even been using Proton Experimental to stay up-to-date; everything seems hunky-dory.

However, a few hiccups along the road make it hard for me to heartily encourage a day-one purchase of Remnant 2 if you’re planning to sink your teeth into it on the Steam Deck. Don’t get me wrong, the game’s not a disaster or anything, but there’s definitely some wiggle room for improvement. Remnant 2 puts up a good show on the Steam Deck but lacks that consistency, preventingΒ me from giving it a big thumbs-up right out of the gate.

For example, maintaining a steady 30 FPS at 720p or the Deck’s native 1280 x 800 resolution isn’t a walk in the park. The tutorial mission? It’s as smooth as butter, even touching up to 40 FPS when locked at 30 FPS. But hold your horses; as soon as you make your way into the first underground section, the frame rate starts slipping. Similarly, your maiden visit to Ward 13 (and my repeated visits) showed a dip in frame rate, usually lounging around 24/25 FPS. Sure, You can still play, but it’s not a dream run.

Performance picks up in the first world you come across during the campaign, and frame rate dips are rare, even during the first boss battle. However, after showing that boss who’s boss, the following areas I roamed were thick with visual effects, like floating particles, which turned out to be a party pooper for the performance.

I tried to even the odds by lowering the resolution a bit, but it didn’t move the needle much. Even at the lowest settings with FSR cranked up to ultra performance, a stable 30 FPS remained elusive. This really puts a damper on the overall fun factor of the game.

This rollercoaster of performance isn’t exclusive to the Steam Deck. Even my desktop PC, equipped with an Intel Arc 8GB graphics card, showed similar signs during the review period. The game felt more stable on my Steam Deck, no matter what settings or resolution I played with. Right now, reviewing the game on my desktop PC isn’t an option since, on an Intel system, it’s borderline unplayable.

There’s room for the folks at Remnant 2 to rev up their optimization game on the Steam Deck and desktop platforms. For the Steam Deck, we might even see some magic in the form of post-launch Proton updates or custom Proton GE tweaks that’ll level up stability. Still, if you’re all set to plunge into Remnant 2 on the Steam Deck, I’d suggest holding your horses on buying it right now until these improvements make their grand entrance.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is Remnant 2 Steam Deck verified?
A: Yes, the developer of Remnant 2 confirmed that it’s Steam Deck verified.

Q: Does Remnant 2 maintain consistent performance on the Steam Deck?
A: No, Remnant 2 doesn’t maintain consistent performance throughout on the Steam Deck.

Q: Should I buy Remnant 2 immediately for the Steam Deck?
A: It is difficult to recommend buying Remnant 2 immediately if you plan on extensively playing it on the Steam Deck.

Q: Can Remnant 2 achieve a steady 30 FPS on the Steam Deck?
A: No, playing at a steady 30 FPS is not consistently achievable on the Steam Deck.

Q: Are there performance issues on both the Steam Deck and desktop platforms for Remnant 2?
A: Yes, there are performance issues on both platforms that require optimization work.

Q: Should I hold off on purchasing Remnant 2 for the Steam Deck?
A: It is recommended to hold off on purchasing Remnant 2 for the Steam Deck to ensure improvements are made.

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