Payday 3 – How to sign up for the Closed Beta

Payday 3 – How to sign up for the Closed Beta 1 -
Payday 3 – How to sign up for the Closed Beta 1 -

Payday 3 – How to sign up for the Closed Beta

We’ve all dreamed about pulling off the perfect heist, right? Well, the Payday series turns that dream into a reality! Together with my crew, we’ve spent days attempting to outsmart virtual vaults between laughter and panicked shouting. The soon-to-be-released Payday 3 has us restlessly eager to strap on that mask again. And guess what? Deep Silver and Starbreeze Studios are paving the way with a closed Steam and Xbox Series X|S beta. So, how do you hop on this thrilling ride and get into the Payday 3 closed beta?

Your Golden Ticket to the Closed Beta

The journey ahead depends a bit on your gaming platform. Here’s the low-down.

For Steam Gamers:

  1. First, navigate your way to the Steam Store page.
  2. Find that coveted Request Access button and smack it hard!

For Xbox Players:

  1. Start by opening the Xbox Insider Hub.
  2. Venture into the Previews section.
  3. Lookout for Payday 3 and choose it.
  4. Sign up, and voila, you’re officially on the list!

Now, let’s chat about the game’s progress for a sec. Heartbreak alert, anything you unlock or progress in the Payday 3 beta stubbornly stays behind when you move to the full release. It’s a bit of a downer, agreed. But on the bright side, it keeps things fair when the game hits the shelves for real.

Also, get ready to note this down! The Payday 3 closed beta runs from August 2, 2023, to August 7, 2023. That’s five packed days for you to explore mischief and mayhem! Remember, though, signing up doesn’t always mean you’re in, so if you make it, give it all you’ve got!

Can’t wait to hear about your shenanigans! Happy heisting, folks!

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