Muck – All Equipment Guide Chart Guide

Muck – All Equipment Guide Chart Guide 1 -
Muck – All Equipment Guide Chart Guide 1 -
In this guide you can find all equipment in Muck. Everything is listed from the worst to the best.



Tools are items used to gather different resources from around the map. They can also be usefull in fight.

Tool Crafted Damage Attack speed Mining
Rock Can be found on the ground 15 0,72 Wood
Wood Pickaxe / Wood Axe Wood[x5], Bark[x5], Workbench 18 / 20 0,8 / 0,9 Iron / Birch
Gold Pickaxe / Gold Axe Wood[x10], Bark[x5], Gold Bar[x5], Workbench 22 / 22 0.9 / 1.1 Mithril / FIr
Steel Pickaxe / Steel Axe Birch Wood[x10], Bark[x5], Iron Bar[x5], Anvil 25 / 25 0,8 / 0,9 Mithril, Gold / Fir
Mithril Pickaxe / Mithril Axe Fir Wood[x10], Bark[x5], Mithril Bar[x5], Anvil 32 / 35 0,8 / 0,95 Adamantite / Oak
Adamantite Pickaxe / Adamantite Axe Oak Wood[x10], Bark[x5], Adamantite Bar[x5], Anvil 40 / 50 0,8 / 1 Obamium / Dark Oak



Thanks to weapons you are able to survive and fight with strong enemies and bosses.

Melee Weapons:


Weapon Crafted Damage Attack speed
Gold Sword Gold Bar[x5], Wood[x5] 15 1,6
Steel Sword Iron Bar[x7], Birch Wood[x5] 25 1,3
Mithril Sword Mithril Bar[x5], Fir Wood[x5] 35 1,4
Adamantite Sword Adamantite Bar[x5], Oak Wood[x5] 50 1,4
Wyvern Dagger Wyvern Claws, Oak Wood[x10] 60 1,75
Obamium Sword Obamium Bar[x5], Dark Oak Wood[x5] 70 1,4
Gronk’s Sword Blade, Sword Hilt, Dark Oak Wood[x10] 110 1,1
Chunky Hammer Hammer Shaft, Chunkium Bar[x15] 120 0,95
Night Blade Obamium Bar[x10], Dark Oak Wood[x15], Black Shard 130 1,15
Chiefs Spear Spear Tip, Dark Oak Wood[x15] 150 0,95

Ranged Weapons:


Bow Crafted Damage Projectile speed
Wood Bow Rope, Wood[x15], Workbench / Fletching Table 0,85 1,75
Birch Bow Rope, Birch Wood[x15], Fletching Table 1 2,2
Fir Bow Rope, Fir Wood[x15], Fletching Table 1,25 3
Oak Bow Rope, Oak Wood[x15], Fletching Table 1,5 4
Ancient Bow Rope, Ancient Bone, Fletching Table ? ?



Armor gives you damage reduction so enemies can’t kill you that easilly and sometimes boost your stats. Each Armor Set has four pieces; the Helmet, the Chestplate, the Leggings and the Boots. Every single armor you can make in an anvil, only Wolfskin Armor is able to make in Fletching Table. To make all set you need 40 bars of one resource ( for example if you want to make obamium armor set you need 40 obamium). Only for Wolfslom Armor you need 45 Wolfskin and 45 Flax Fibers.



Armor Set Defense Set Bonus
Wolfskin Armor 14 +50% Movement Speed
Gold Armor 18
Steel Armor 25
Mithril Armor 34
Chunkium Armor 36 +60% Melee Attack Range
Adamantite Armor 46
Obamium Armor 51




Looted Food:


Food Health Hunger Stamina Crafted
Gulpon Shroom (red) 12 0 0 Spawns on the surface
Ligon Shroom (yellow) 0 12 0 Spawns on the surface
Sugon Shroom (pink) 0 0 12 Spawns on the surface
Slurbon Shroom (rainbow) 15 15 15 Spawns on the surface
Red Apple 5 15 5 Spawns in the forests, found in chests, dropped by trees
Raw Meat 5 10 0 Dropped by cow, found in chests

Recipe Food:


Food Health Hunger Stamina Crafted
Bread 25 25 25 Dough, Cauldron
Cooked Meat 20 50 5 Raw Meat, Cauldron
Meat Soup 30 50 20 Raw Meat, Bowl, Cauldron
Meat Pie 30 60 20 Raw Meat, Dough, Bowl, Cauldron
Apple Pie 30 60 20 Red Apple, Dough, Bowl, Cauldron
Yellow Soup 10 50 10 Ligon Shroom(yellow), Bowl, Cauldron
Pink Soup 10 10 40 Sugon Shroom(pink), Bowl, Cauldron
Red Soup 30 10 10 Gulpon Shroom(red), Bowl, Cauldron
Rainbow Soup 40 40 40 Slurbon Shroom(rainbow), Bowl, Cauldron



Here you have some useful tips for collecting resources.

  • You can skip some levels of equipement by trading with villagers or finding it in chests.
  • Wyvern Claws are dropped by Wyverns(1% chance)
  • Sword Hilt is dropped by Gronk(12% chance), Goblin(0,1% chance), Woodman(0,1% chance).
  • Blade is dropped by Gronk(12% chance), Goblin(0,1% chance), Woodman(0,1% chance) or can be found in Cave Chests(5% chance).
  • Hammer Shaft is dropped by Big Chunk or can be found in Cave Chests(5% chance).
  • Black Shard is dropped by Guardian(2% chance) or can be found in Cave Chests(1% chance).
  • Spear Tip is dropped by Chief(10% chance) or can be found in Cave Chests(10% chance).
  • Ancient Bone is dropped by Gronk(10% chance), Goblin(1% chance) or can be found in Fletchers Hut Chest(1% chance).
  • Chunkium Bar is an item crafted by smelting Chunkium Ore. Chunkium Ore is dropped by Big Chunk (50% chance) or can be found in Cave Chests(1% chance)
  • Wolfskin is an item dropped by Wolves(50% chance)
  • Flax Fibers are items crafted from Flax


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