Amanda the Adventurer – All five endings and all achievements Walkthrough

Amanda the Adventurer – All five endings and all achievements Walkthrough 1 -
Amanda the Adventurer – All five endings and all achievements Walkthrough 1 -

Welcome to this post In this guide, we will tell you everything about Amanda the Adventurer – All five endings and all achievements Walkthrough Follow this guide step by step.

This guide contains a full walkthrough of gameplay basics; this guide also contains complete achievements and how to get all five endings in the game.




There are specific “paths” you can take that will bring you to five distinct endings, depending on the choices you make. I made this guide in the format that you are starting from an empty save slot. Note, there will, of course, be plenty of spoilers.

However, I will hide the text of the significant clues and puzzle answers so you can look at them yourself. If you get stuck, hover your mouse cursor over the blacked-out text.

I will also note when you can access the “lore” tapes, which provide exciting background but are not required to finish the game (with one exception, which we will get to later). You can watch these tapes at any time and are stored on the shelf next to the TV when you unlock them.

There is also a board with various documents next to your desk, including two ripped/torn documents. More on that later.

As you progress, you can start new run-throughs further ahead in the story as you can immediately access later tapes.

NOTE* I have yet to discover the sixth lore tape. I’ve seen it in paythroughs but haven’t figured it out. This secret tape does not impact your ability to get all current achievements since it’s really just a long easter egg. I’ll update the guide when/if I figure it out.










You are in the attic, with plenty of random objects throughout, but you’ll notice the TV and the first VHS Tape, ‘In the Kitchen.’ Grab it and put it in the player to watch.

Upon asking what’s your favorite pie, you can type whatever you want, as Amanda will say it sounds delicious and move on. Wooly will also comment on his favorite pie (peach). But put in the name of a certain (Wooly) friend for a unique response.

She decides we’re making an apple pie. She asks what we need to cut the apples (knife) and where to find the sugar (pantry). Then she lists the baking instructions, much to Wooly’s concern, and they bake a wonderful pie. The tape then ends.

Turn around and you see the oven, a pan, and fruit on the center table. All you have to do is recreate the recipe. Set the oven to 40 minutes and 425 degrees. The idea is to put the apple in the pan and put it in the oven.

LORE TAPE: Before you do that, head to the area of the attic behind the spot where the oven was initially and you’ll find a peach. Put that in the pan first and put the pan in the oven. Close the door and the oven will briefly shake, before spitting out the contents plus a lore tape!

Now repeat the process but with an apple in the pan. The oven will again briefly shake before opening up. Inside will be the next tape.


Play the tape, and Amanda and Wooly will be standing in front of three buildings. Note the emphasized letters on the name signs (C-B-F).

Progress through each store. Regardless of what you select you’ll eventually be forced to choose the correct options. After sending the package (to Kate) away at the post office, the tape ends.

Turn around and the toy piano now sits on the center table. Remember those emphasized letters? Play the three keys to unlock the next tape.


Play the tape, and after a brief plea from Wooly the video cuts to him being injured from an “accident.” Amanda notes the time (3:45) and asks what part of Wooly is hurt, with the obvious answer (knee).

LORE TAPE: She then asks who can help him. The correct answer is (doctor), but a more depressing answer (nobody) will get a unique reaction from Amanda, and will also unlock another lore tape at the end of this tape.

In the hospital, note the time on the clock (6:20). You have the choice of three doors. It’s the one with bones above it. If you select any other doors, you’ll eventually be forced to pick this one.

In the hospital room, again note the time on the clock (22:50). You’ll have to help pick which medical device Wooly needs. It’s the X-ray machine, if you choose anything else you’ll eventually be forced to pick that one. The tape ends.

Turn around you’ll see a clock on the center table along with the lore tape on the floor.

You need to adjust this clock to the correct time, which is the first time mentioned in the tape (3:45). Once done the hands on the clock will start spinning. Next head to the clock on the far wall, and set it to the next mentioned time (6:20). Again, the hands will start spinning.

Next head to the digital alarm clock. The third mentioned time (22:50) goes here. It needs to be converted to 12-hour time (10:50 pm). Once you put in the time it will beep and set to 5:15, along with all the other clocks.

There is now one final clock to adjust, the grandfather clock. But you’ll notice it’s missing the hour hand. Head to your desk and you’ll see the board next to it has changed, now with two sticky notes and a newspaper article. The hour hand is holding up the newspaper clipping. Grab it and attach it to the grandfather clock.

Now adjust the time to 5:15, and it will ding and open up revealing the next tape and the safe code (826). However, the safe has mysteriously changed into a cardboard box with a picture of a safe written on it. Not helpful. We’ll remember the code for later.


Play the tape and you’ll find Amanda and Wooly enjoying a picnic, but something is rotten. Amanda asks you to identify what it is. Whatever you select, you’ll eventually be forced to select the rotten piece of food.

Amanda then morbidly asks what the opposite of ALIVE is, which is obviously DEAD.

It then cuts to a scene involving a dead fox in the bushes, a knife, and a gun. Amanda asks you what killed the fox. No matter what you pick, it’s eventually revealed to be a bear trap hidden in the bushes.

Amanda and Wooly then argue about whether everything rots, and she then asks you. Whether you answer ‘yes’, ‘no’, or something else, you’ll get a few different responses, but they all end the same way. The tape ends, and a giant monster crawls into the attic and kills you (presumably). You’re sent back to the menu screen.


Click ‘continue’ on the menu screen and you’ll get sent right back to the attic. All is the same, except you’re now armed with the safe code. Since the safe has now materialized, input the code (826).

The safe unlocks, and inside is a paper and a pause button. The sheet of paper completes the symbols-colors list on the board next to the desk. And the pause button can be attached to the front of the TV. Now you can pause the videos.


Play the tape normally. Soon it will reach a scene with Amanda holding the knife and saying, “Good job!” Pause it here, and notice an image on the refrigerator: an oven on fire with an arrow pointing toward its left knob.

Head back into the attic, adjust the left temperature knob, and return back down. Notice on TV how the image has altered; resume playing your tape; this time Amanda and Wooly are screaming as their oven becomes enveloped in flames before finally it stops playing after just a few seconds.

Turn around, and now there is an oven on the table again. Still, there’s also a block of cheese and a recipe for a meat pie that requires meat, potato and mushroom as ingredients to be baked at 525 degrees for 50 minutes – although one ingredient might already be available; all will take some effort and planning.

To get a mushroom, pull it from the wall near the leaking part of the roof to the right of your television screen and place it in a pan. Take cheese from its hiding spot at one end of the attic, put it on a mousetrap at another, turn around, hear a satisfying “snap”, turn back around again, see that it has caught a mouse, grab it from its cage and put it back into your pan.

For the potato, consult the symbol-colors list by your desk and take note of its crescent moon symbolism. Place most of the plant pots near the attic door shelf on this bottom shelf behind all others; grab and set under any leaky part of roof until some drops of rain begin drizzling through and soon a potato will grow in it!

Add the potato pot, rat, and mushroom to the pan and set your oven to 525 degrees for 50 minutes. Place the pan inside, close it securely, and watch as the oven briefly shakes before opening up to reveal another tape!

The next tape is again the ‘In Your Neighborhood’ tape, but you’ll soon find it is substantially different from the first one. Put it in the player.

Unlike the first version, this one has four stores on the street. Amanda says she must pick up a card at the store. Whatever store you select, you’ll be forced to choose the 24/7 store eventually.

LORE TAPE: Once inside, Amanda asks you to pick out a card for a birthday present. Before we do that, pause the video and note the music banner at the top. To those who can read sheet music, it spells out a word. Otherwise, the notes correspond to F-A-C-A-D-E. Head over to the toy piano and play those keys. You’ll unlock another lore tape.

Back to the videotape, you’ll need to select a card, however, Amanda seems confused through the whole process. Whatever you select, you’ll be forced to select birthday cards, and then after Amanda disagrees, Wooly encourages you to select it again. (It’s his birthday!)

The next part asks you to select the next store, the candy store, but no matter what you pick they all turn into a meat store/butcher shop before you’re forced inside. Whatever you select in the butcher shop will enrage Amanda and it will cut back to outside where everything has now burned down.

Amanda then asks you whom to address the birthday card. It’s Wooly, and he seems quite happy to receive the gift. The tape ends.

Turn around and a large coloring book sits on the center table in the attic. It contains four pictures, one of each store in the video. Your goal is to color in the stores in the order that you (tried) to visit them. The order is 24/7 Store–>Candy Store–>Butcher Shop. You never went to the post office, so it should not be colored in.

Once colored in the page turns to the same question, but the illustrations are more crude. Color in the same stores in the same order. The page turns again, and now the illustrations are more so just scribbles. Fill them in again in the same order. The page turns, revealing the word GUTS and a drawing of a doll getting its head cut off by a pair of scissors.

Head over to the red toolbox under the clock and input the word GUTS into the lock. Inside, you’ll find a pair of scissors and the next tape. We will ignore the scissors for now and move on.



The pause function is crucial for this tape; do not fast forward through it. Put the tape in the player and Amanda and Wooly greet you at a farm. As they’re talking, a Severe Thunderstorm Warning interrupts the tape. Pause the tape.

Turn around and you’ll see a toy with an arrow on it on the center table. Pull the lever and the arrow will land on the storm symbol, followed by a sound demonstration of a thunderstorm. You’ll return to the tape and advance through it until you get to the second weather warning.

Once you get to chickens, Amanda will pause and think about “daddy” chickens and then asks you what a daddy chicken is called. The answer is (Rooster), but we’re going to deliberately put in a wrong answer first. Type something obviously wrong, and Amanda will say your answer is incorrect, but then get interrupted by another warning, this time a Tornado Warning. Pause the video.

Head back to the toy and pull the lever. The arrow will spin and land on the tornado symbol, followed by a sound demonstration of a tornado. Head back to the video.

Once Amanda is done with the chickens, she asks to see the sheep. Don’t select the sheep sign, but instead the Spider and Snake signs. When you select the wrong option twice, the Flooding Warning Weather Alert will interrupt the tape. Pause it.

Although scratched out, this is the final part of the toy. Pull the lever and when the arrow is done spinning the cover will pop off, revealing another tape. Put it to the side as we are still not done with the current tape.

Once you’re visiting the sheep, Wooly is gone, and it’s just Amanda. She notices a kitten that doesn’t have a family and asks what the kitten is. The answer is (alone), but whatever you type, you’ll eventually be forced to type that. Then she asks if you’ll help the kitten. If you answer ‘yes’, the tape ends. If you answer ‘no’ repeatedly, you’ll face a gruesome end and the monster will get you again.

Assuming you typed ‘yes’ and are done with the tape, you move on to the next one.

LORE TAPE: You may have noticed when Amanda mentions daddy chickens her voice slows down and she seems briefly confused. This is a clue. Replay the tape and get to the part where she asks you what a daddy chicken is called. If you’ve been reading the newspapers and watching the lore tapes, you know there is a father whose name is Sam Colton. Type ‘Sam’ into the box and Amanda will snap at you for saying that name, and then the video cuts to the next part. Once the video is done, there’s a new lore tape on the floor.


The video begins much the same as it did in the first run-through. Identify the rotten sandwich at the picnic, and then Amanda talks about things rotting like the tree stump, and again the opposite of ALIVE is DEAD.

But the next part instead has the kitten from the last tape in a cage, meowing helplessly. Amanda comments that the kitten needs help and there’s not much time. She asks if you’ll help the kitten, and no matter what you answer you are eventually forced to say yes. After that, the video sits on a still image with the kitten still meowing. Click on the kitten and the tape ends.

Back in the attic, you’ll hear some music and notice light coming out of the trapdoor. Head over and the screen will go white and you’ll find yourself in the animated, cartoon-like butcher shop. You’re sent back to the menu screen.


Click ‘continue’ on the menu screen and you’ll get sent right back to the attic. The next two possible endings depend on the last tape. There is a fifth, secret ending that requires all five lore tapes. We will skip getting the secret ending for now. This is because if we get the final lore tape now, then the regular ‘THE END’ ending will default to the secret ending. It would then be impossible to get the regular ending in the same save slot because no matter how many times you finish the game, you always keep all your lore tapes, so ‘THE END’ automatically becomes the secret ending every time.


It plays out exactly as the first run-through, bake an apple pie.


Play it as usual until you enter the corner store to get a card. Once inside, pause the video. The banner up top has a number, the price for the Blabbot: $1503.25. You’ll need to input that number into the Blabbot. But you can’t, the Blabbot is powered off!

Good thing we got a hint about it in an earlier playthrough! Head to the red toolbox and enter the code GUTS to unlock it. This time, ignore the tape and take the scissors. Remember the picture in the coloring book? Use the scissors to cut the head off the doll sitting on the couch. After a blood-curdling scream, you’ll find two batteries sticking out of her neck hole.

Take the batteries and open the back panel of the Babbot. Notice the warning message on the panel. Put the batteries in the Blabbot and he’ll power right up.

Now enter the numbers 1-5-0-3-2-5, followed by the green check mark button. The robot will reply with “SEND MY CONDOLENCES TO KATE.” Look back at the TV, notice that the image has changed to color bars. Continue watching the tape and Amanda will say she doesn’t want to play anymore and the tape abruptly ends.

Turn around and there’s a birthday cake and a card on the center table. Open the card and there’s a number with candles in it. Treat each candle as the number 1 and you get 081821.

Type the number into the Blabbot and he replies with 325F at 30 minutes.

Obviously it’s a reference to set the oven for that temperature and time. Set the oven and it will shake and open, revealing another birthday card and another candle. Put the candle on the cake and open the card.

Inside, various other numbers are replaced with candles, which we will treat as the number 1. So the problems should solve as follows:

1 x 4 = 4

5 – 1 = 4

1 x 1 + 1 = 2

1 % 1 = 1

1 + 1 + 1 = 3

1 -1 = 0

So the next code should be 442130.

Put that number into the Blabbot, and he replies with a riddle of sorts: “WHAT’S IN THE CARD IS ON THE CAKE.” We know candles are in the card and on the cake but remember, we added another candle. So let’s now run the math problems with each candle as the number 2.

2 x 4 = 8

5 – 2 = 3

2 x 2 + 1 = 5

2 % 2 = 1

2 + 2 + 2 = 6

2 – 1 = 1

So the next code should be 835161.

Put the number into Blabbot, and he’ll reply with six letters: C-C-D-C-F-E. You’ll recognize those as musical notes. Play them on the toy piano and you’ll get a third birthday candle. Stick it on the cake and it will start melting while a bizarre Happy Birthday tune is sung. The cake will reveal the next tape.


Another tape we’ve seen before, but this one is much different. Play it and you’re greeted by Wooly begging for help. Amanda comes in and claims he’s injured, although apparently, it’s his head/mind that’s now injured. Amanda then seems to drug Wooly and puts him on the operating table. You can try to pick what medical instrument Amanda will use to operate, but it’s all a cruel trick, she’s going to use all of them!

Amanda and Wooly get into a struggle, with the former begging for his life while Amanda asks for help. You can choose either one. The end result is mostly the same…poor Wooly. The tape ends.


Turn around and there’s a tape on the table, but it’s not an Amanda the Adventurer episode. Instead, it looks like a home movie with the labels scribbled out. Play it and you’ll see a quick set of jump-cut scenes from the show, which when quickly cut together read out: “Hi. Trap Door. Treat.” The tape ends.

Head to the trap door in the attic and behold another similar tape. Play it and you’ll see the same quick-cut editing from the show, this time reading out: “How many chairs? How many mushrooms? How many fruits? How many lights?” The tape ends.

You’re tasked with coming up with a number based on that. Count all of those objects in the attic. You should have 2 chairs (one at the desk and another tucked away), 8 mushrooms (all growing near that leaky spot), 6 fruit (including the peach that’s hidden away), and 2 lights (one on the ceiling and the other at your desk). That makes 2862.

There’s one last lock, and you’ll find it on the wardrobe. Enter the code, and you’ll find inside an empty bucket and another recorded tape. Play the tape. Another series of quick cuts tell you 4-0-1-2-5-8, followed by another cryptic message from Wooly.

Enter this number into the Blabbot. He replies with a long message, saying that the treasure is in the chest and you need the key, and it’s what’s on the inside that matters. Essentially, he’s saying the key is inside him, literally.

So take the bucket, fill it up with water from the leaky spot, and dump it on Blabbot. He will hilariously plead for his life, and when he’s shocked his head will pop off, revealing the key. Use it to unlock the chest near the trap door, revealing the final tape.


Play the tape. Wooly is conspicuously missing, and Amanda is singing, and drawing on the couch. She talks about the importance of sharing and that she has a big secret. She asks if she can share this big secret with you.

HOLLOW ENDING: On the prompt, type ‘no.’ Amanda expresses disappointment, and the tape abruptly ends. In the attic, everything is now gone, except for a message on the floor that reads: ‘LEAVE.’ You do just that, and the screen fades to black. Cue credits!


THE END: Continue the story from the main menu, and head straight to the wardrobe. Put in the code to unlock it, and take the bucket and fill it with water. Head over to the Blabbot (who should still be powered on) and dump the water on him again to get the key and unlock the chest.

Play the tape again but this time, when Amanda asks if she can tell you her secret, say ‘yes’. She’ll ask a few more times, and answer ‘yes’ every time.

After she cryptically says she’s “out there, somewhere” the TV freaks out with ear-bleeding noises while the image on the screen goes crazy. You back away and throw a brick at the TV, destroying it. The rain outside clears and the sun comes out. Cue credits!


The secret fifth ending involves finding the last lore tape. Click ‘continue’ on the menu screen and you’ll get sent right back to the attic. This time, head over to the doll sitting on the couch. Notice she’s missing a yellow flower.

Consult the symbol-color chart by your desk. A yellow flower is in a pot with a symbol that looks like a ’21.’ You won’t find this pot by all the others, though. This one is tucked away behind some boxes by the chest.

Get the pot and water it under the leaky spot. A yellow flower will quickly grow. Take the pot and give it to the doll. The doll (Gret-Chan) will thank you. Turn around and then back at her, she will give you a gift, the fifth lore tape!

Now repeat the same steps to get THE END ending. Unlock the chest, play the tape, answer yes, watch the TV freak out, and then destroy it. The rain clears and the sun comes out, but then you hear a knock and turn around. There’s a stranger at the table! Cue credits!

NOTE* There’s one achievement that doesn’t seem to be tied to the story progression in anyway: SPLISH SPLASH. To unlock it, fill the bucket with water. Then, take a pot and click on the bucket of water with the pot in your hand. Then, toss the pot on the floor. The achievement should unlock.

At this point, you should have unlocked everything!

Amanda the Adventurer – All five endings and all achievements Walkthrough is the subject of this guide. Please let us know in the comments if anything is broken or outdated, and we will address it as soon as possible. I hope that today treats you well. We are indebted to Smitty WerbenJägerManJensen, whose perceptive guide served as the impetus for this one. Also, if you like the post, don’t forget to add this website to your bookmarks; we publish new posts every day with additional material, so be sure to check back with this website on a regular basis for more posts.

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