Zumbi Blocks 2 Open Alpha – Gameplay Early Access

Zumbi Blocks 2 Open Alpha – Gameplay Early Access 1 - steamlists.com
Zumbi Blocks 2 Open Alpha – Gameplay Early Access 1 - steamlists.com

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General Gameplay



  • How much damage can you take before you die
  • Cough Medicine & Bandages can be used to treat wounds
  • Enemies will deal more damage to the greater the difficulty becomes
  • There is an overheal / an amour function within this game that runs through Food Consumables




  • How much sprinting, jumping rolling, and melee you can engage in
  • Each time you engage in a stamina draining activity, you’ll lose a small amount of maximum stamina
  • Can be healed with Soda and Water
  • There is a satiation option in this game through Drinkable Consumables


Overheal & Satiation


  • You can acquire “armor” through food. This will reduce the amount of damage you sustain from attacks
  • Armour will dwindle for every attack you suffer
  • “Over healing” your stamina bar with drinks will give you satiation. This will stop the maximum loss of stamina.
  • Any activity that demands endurance will sap your energy and drain your enjoyment.

  • I always suggest to keep them as full and as high as you can, especially when you are fighting bosses or later challenges.




  • There are four difficulty levels on the scale in Zumbi Blocks: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Insane
  • The scale will start at the point you feel most comfortable with.
  • I don’t see any advantage of starting with a harder challenge, unless you’re looking for the challenge.
  • Some boss moves will change depending on the difficulty. Refer to the boss section of the game for more information.

    Zumbies have 5 variables that vary with difficulty

  • 1. Health. They improve their health by (I would estimate) 10 per difficulty level
  • 2. Speed. They’ll go from walking to running and sprinting.
  • 3. Attacks. Their attacks will change from punches to a leaping attack. This can hit the attacker from further distances and may lead to missing a few shots on them.
  • 4. Hearing.The more challenging the level, the farther away Zumbies will be capable of hearing your actions, such as shooting and breaking glasses.
  • 5. Spawn rate. The higher the difficulty the more Zumbies will spawn.

  • The game will always be in night mode until Insane.

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