Ziggurat – How to fine-tune mouse sensitivity

Ziggurat – How to fine-tune mouse sensitivity 1 - steamlists.com
Ziggurat – How to fine-tune mouse sensitivity 1 - steamlists.com
Bad sensitivity sliders in an FPS game should be considered a crime.


Config file location

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[number]\308420\remote\config.xml

The only tricky part is that the [number] part is kind of random. There should only be a few numbered folders so just click through each one and search for “308420”. For example, my folder started with “429” and there were only 5 folders total in the “userdata” directory.

Editing the config

Once you’ve located the “config.xml” file, go ahead and open it with Notepad. You should see something like this:

<Vibration value=”true” />
<InvertHorizontal value=”false” />
<InvertVertical value=”false” />
<MotionBlur value=”false” />
<FOV value=”101.400627″ />
<MouseSensitivity value=”0.0397444″ />
<GamepadSensitivity value=”0.4444444″ />
<ViewBob value=”true” />
<RotateMinimap value=”true” />
<LastCharacter value=”0″ />
<LastDifficulty value=”1″ />
<ShowTips value=”true” />
<AutoHideHUD value=”false” />
<HUDScale value=”1″ />
<SprintFOV value=”true” />
<SmoothMouse value=”false” />
<HighlightEnemies value=”true” />
<MouseLock value=”true” />
<DailyChallenge value=”0″ />
<AutoAim value=”false” />
<Sound value=”0.7777778″ />
<Music value=”0.4444444″ />

The above configuration is what I use. My mouse is 1000dpi and I have about a 12.5in/32cm 360 distance.

BONUS: Sprint DPI scaling workaround

Are you annoyed that when sprinting your sensitivity is lowered? Well, it turns it cuts your sensitivity in half while sprinting. If you have a Logitech mouse then this is what I did to fix it (although I’m sure there’s ways to do it with other hardware):

  • Create a new profile for Ziggurat
  • Add a “DPI Shift” command to one of your side buttons (I use the “Sniper” button on my G502)
  • Select “Customize pointer settings” at the bottom of the window and make sure the “Ziggurat” profile is selected
  • Make sure “DPI Sensitivity Levels” is set to “2”
  • Choose your default DPI that you like to use for the first one (for example, I use 1000)
  • For the second one, double your default DPI (for me that would be 2000)
  • Assign default for the first one and assign Shift for the second one

Now when you’re sprinting in game, just hold down the DPI shift button on your mouse while doing so and your sensitivity will feel normal! I’m sure there’s a way you can do this with a script where when you press your default sprint key it could also shift the DPI but I’m too dumb and lazy do manage that. Good luck!

Written by RabidChasebot

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Ziggurat – How to fine-tune mouse sensitivity; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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