ZERO Sievert – Beginners Guide & Gameplay Basics

ZERO Sievert – Beginners Guide & Gameplay Basics 1 -
ZERO Sievert – Beginners Guide & Gameplay Basics 1 -

A useful guide for (ZERO Sievert – Beginners Guide & Gameplay Basics) This guide is intended to make your first experience with the game easier. These tips are based on my own experience with the game. Unfortunately, the screenshot button does not work for me, so no images are displayed.

Spawning In

These can be done in any order, but you must make sure that you do them all.

*I recommend this first. Go to the (Middle Left and trade with the barkeep to purchase rotten bread or non-purified drinking water. These can be made into bread or water that hasn’t been irradiated.

Talk to the barkeep about his quest. (Middle Left)

Talk to your doctor to find out his requirements. (Bottom Right)

Talk to the train conductor outside the bunker.

You will need to go to your base/room (, and then to the middle). Then you can add extra items to the stash/storage. Only one food item (bread), one water, and all the meds you spawn with are required. The rest can be put in the stash.

Talk to the conductor of the train to get into the zone. You should always have water, food, and meds!

Choose the forest map. (It is not worth going) to makeshift camp



People you meet when they are killed will always drop their gun and sometimes have food, meds, or ammo.

Green Army (Neutral)

Human with Green Helmet, Armor. Will shoot enemies/creatures. If shot, will turn hostile.

Scientist (Neutral)

Humans with yellow suites spawn around anomalies. Will shoot enemies/creatures. If shot, will turn hostile.

Stalkers (Neutral)

Looks exactly like you. Will shoot enemies and creatures as well as the green army. If shot will turn hostile.

Bandit (Hostile)

Human wearing gray clothing and helmet. If you see one, run! They’re not always alone. It’s easy to find one from a distance.

Hunter (Hostile Hunter)

A human wearing a helmet and red-ish/tan clothes. I would usually run away from them as they often have snipers/rifles that do much damage. Often alone.


Rabbit (Passive)

Brown bunny runs away from the player. You can sell pelt and raw pork from this source.

Wolf (Hostile)

Gray wolf that runs from the player towards its pack and away from the player alone. (4-5 Wolves) A good source of raw meat and wolf pelt. Shoot if you see a pack. For them, I recommend a weapon that has a large mag size.

Boar (Hostile)

Large pig with large tusks, which will charge the player. High damage and speed. I recommend running away if you don’t have enough ammo or a sprint bar. Drops raw meat, boar trunk, and boar fur. I recommend a weapon with high damage (sniper/marksman/shotgun) for them.


Ghoul (Hostile G17Y

Only spawns in the city. It is very fast and difficult to shoot. It’s difficult to deal with without a high-fire-rate weapon. They are why I avoid the town at the beginning of the game.



Avoid approaching buildings, as enemies could occupy them. (Enemies will never enter a building.

Abandoned Shack/Shed/House

A run down shack in a wooded area. Sometimes, a fence surrounds it that is too high for you to see. Sometimes, loot is hidden in or outside a box. Good source of materials, food.

*You might meet Igor, a passive human who will give you a quest in one of these buildings. You can get loot from him and have it placed in a box in the house. He is a very useful friend, as he provides high-quality materials, food, and meds. *

Bandit Base:

Typically, guarded by 2-3 bandits (() Usually two outside and one inside)

Green Base:

There are usually 3-5 Green Army men patrolling the streets. You can steal their stuff, and they won’t mind.


The location is marked with gray lines in the middle of the map. It contains quest items but is very dangerous without the right equipment. Do not enter the town until you are ready. There are ghouls in the town, and a bandit leader at the center.


A large, light gray box is marked on the map. Avoid being surrounded by many bandits until you are ready.


It’s not worth it as it requires a lot of meds. Crystals aren’t worth that much.

Red Crystal

An area where there is a red crystal and invisible flame mines. Sometimes you can see them flare up so you know where they are. You can also radiate the crap out you so make sure to have anti-rads and alcohol on hand.

Green Crystal

An area where there is a green crystal and invisible poison mines. Although the poison mist is always visible, there are sometimes poison mines that can also be seen. You will also radiate the poison mist, so make sure you have anti-rads and alcohol on hand.

Tips for the Zone

General Tips

-Do NOT walk near the train, as it may leave it, and you will be killed. (I tried it.

Radiation from car wrecks, concrete blocks, debris, and other anomalies increases when they are near them. (makes radiation sound)

-I turned off dynamic grass and decreased grass amount to zero () video settings) to see more movement.

-Be attentive as enemies can sometimes be heard nearby. (Wolf howls)

-Pressing the J (default key) will bring up a Pip-boy to allow you to see tasks.

-You can click left to aim now sights (makes gunshot spread closer) allows you to see further away

Right-clicking allows you to unload guns from dead bodies.

-EC guns are reliable with excellent accuracy, mag size, and fire rate. They also have more ammunition.

-I recommend that you avoid the (gray town in the middle), and the (light grey rectangle) sawmill until you have at minimum two guns and some ammo.

If you see a gunfight, stop and wait for the people who are winning. Slowly move in and eliminate the enemies. This is a great way to get safe loot.

-You don’t have to take everything! My runs were ruined by greedy behavior. This game is a death sentence for being slow (and).

-If you carry almost all of your weight, go to an extraction point and leave.


Ensure that you have all the necessary medication for your Hotbar. (3, 4, 5, etc)

-Bandages stop bleeding.

-Improvised Medkit, T-300 heals health

-White Medkit closes wounds that aren’t healing (wound closure).


-You cannot shoot while sprinting

-Enemies can react to gunfire and take cover or push you slowly.

My general strategy for defeating multiple enemies is to hide behind the cover and peek around corners.

It is okay to run away! You can lose all your progress and loot. It is better to be safe than sorry!

Extract and Return to Base


It would be best if you headed to the (m keys) when ready to leave. Don’t rush, take your time, and don’t run. Once you reach the circle text, it should say extracting in 5 and counting down. Just wait and stand still.

Return to the Base

When you return to base, put loot in the storage, sell your items to the barkeep, and have the doctor fix your armor.

*You can actually keep multiple tabs in your stash! *

Technology, raw meat, and pelts are all good items to sell. (USB drives and power banks, watches, etc.) Anything else you can scrap?

You can make a lot of money selling items by buying items that you actually need.

*You can actually have multiple tabs in your shop, sorted by category! *

To recharge your energy and sleep, use the bunker’s top beds.

I recommend that you ensure your bed is not disturbed during the night. It can be dangerous to enter the zone. (Low vision and dark)

Nighttime is between 8 pm and 8 am (20:00 – 02:08 –


Written by Antartican

This is all about ZERO Sievert – Beginners Guide & Gameplay Basics; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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