Yaga – Walkthrough Guide + Achievements!

Yaga – walkthrough guide + Achievements! 15 - steamlists.com
Yaga – walkthrough guide + Achievements! 15 - steamlists.com
With the help of this guide, you will learn about the mechanics and tactics of passing bosses, answers to questions encountered in the process of passing the game, help on the basics of the game technique itself, poshalki and trophies, as well as feedback in the comments from me.


What is this Yaga of yours?!

Yaga is an action role-playing game with a top view, the main character of which is the one-armed blacksmith Ivan. He has to perform various tasks of the treacherous king, and the plot is built on myths and Slavic fairy tales. 

Tips for passing Yaga

1. The bad luck scale (purple) will gradually fill up. When it is full, the main character will either lose all the talismans or sharpened weapons. 
2. On the workbench, you can sharpen weapons. To do this, you need ore + improvements. Improve the first item of the workbench to add not one, but two or three improvements to the weapon. In terms of efficiency, from smaller to larger ore can be arranged in the following order: copper, iron, silver and gold. 
3. The Shift key allows you to use the tool. Its use consumes stamina (orange scale). Tools are useful in combat and much less often needed to overcome obstacles. A pitchfork allows you to reach for a rock on the other side of the abyss, a shovel-to move underground, a sickle – to mow a vine with thorns. 
4. Stamina is also used as the character’s armor. Hitting you, enemies spend not only health points, but also part of the endurance. 
5. Bread is your main HP recovery potion. 
6. The scale of bad luck will grow faster if you receive blessings or use magic items. 
7. Bread is also a magical item. To activate any magic item, click on Q. But first you need to equip it in the inventory. 
8. You can wear up to three mascots. Read carefully what they give you.

A brief statement on the inventory

Yaga - walkthrough guide + Achievements! 

What is bad luck? And how to remove it!

Bad luck is triggered in different cases depending on your actions. Fortunately, there is a way to remove bad luck. To do this, you need the magic item "five-leaf clover". It is not easy to get it, but if it falls out, be sure to visit the village and chat with a stranger in the tent to the right of the merchant. She offers to create a copy of any magic item for the dice. Dice you get when killing monsters. So, for 90 dice, we can turn one five-leaf clover into six! 


The king wants to get a mighty silushka. Ivana’s grandmother might know about it. By the way, the answers you choose throughout the game affect the character of Ivan. Click on Tab and open the "Hero" tab. You will see four different characters here: 
– Selfish. 
– Stupid. 
– Righteous. 
– Aggressive. 
If you ask the king for money, you will get 30 kopecks. Exit the building and move right across the bridge until you meet Granny. Talk to her and find out that you need Baba Yaga. She knows where to get the golden apple, but she needs to give gifts. So will start the two tasks – "the Sweat of the poor man" and "Worm-eaten bone." The grandmother will also give 50 kopecks. Enter the house behind Granny, at the top, to find the anvil. To the left is the ore and the wheel. Take this to get a makeshift shield.
Once you complete the two quests described below, head to the forest. Previously, you can use the anvil. In addition to its improvements you will be able to upgrade weapons. To do this, you need any ore and improvements that fall out of the killed enemies. Experiment and you will understand. In addition, the items you have change every time you return to the village. 


Move through the forest. The first thing you will meet is a magic tree. Give him any item, then attack as much as you want. Hit many times to get the maximum reward. Next will be the altar. If you pray, you will get a dragonfly-an improvement for weapons. 
Then you will reach a huge chicken. To pass, you need an ear of magic corn. Go down below and see a sleeping peasant. Steal an ear or exchange it for food (such as bread). Give the cob to the grandmother of the chicken, and then follow forward.
Yaga - walkthrough guide + Achievements! 
One of the bosses of the game Yaga: Bukavats 
Break the gate, then you will need to fight with the boss-Bukavac 
Just dodge every time the boss bounces. It will try to land directly on Ivan. Attack it with a hammer throw (PCM). Dodge the flying projectiles. At the end of the battle, the boss will jump much faster. And after the victory, if you spare him, you will get a twig. This is a one-time magic item that will allow you to summon Bukavats himself 1 time in battle. 
Go even further and enter Yaga’s house. First break the chest next to it. Next, talk to Yaga to find out where you need to go for the golden apple. Leave the location and choose a reward. We chose "+1 to fate".

Rural areas

The first thing you will find here is an altar. Pray to get the magic item-the horn of Perun. Follow on, kill the enemies around the haystack and invite the character hiding inside to come out. It will reward you with a temporary boost. Go ahead, killing the enemies. Break the pitchers with an axe throw. They will explode, hitting your opponents. 
Get to the lake and catch a pike. Don’t eat it, but ask for strength. It will give you gold ore, which will be useful when crafting. Follow to the left and you will see several field birds and a cage with a poor guy. Talk to the enemies, defeat them and free the man. Talk to the poor guy to learn about the golden apple. 
Get to the Father-a huge field man. Defeat him in battle. If you experience difficulties then call Bukiwaza defeated earlier. You need to dodge the flying balls that turn into ordinary fielders, as well as from the straight sections on which the monster runs. However, if you throw a hammer at the boss, he will be forced to stop.
Yaga - walkthrough guide + Achievements! 
Second boss in Yaga 
Go to the right after winning the battle, leaving the location. Previously, you can explore all the corners of the rural lands to get the maximum production. Pick up the golden apple and decide what to do. We gave the apple to Baba Yaga. She will give you a gilded apple. Go to the village and give the item to the king.

Worm Bone

On the territory of the village, find a cemetery and talk to the undertaker standing at the bottom of the house. Sharpen his shovel for free or for money, then ask for a bone. The quest is completed. 

Poor man’s sweat

But with the sweat of a poor man, everything is more difficult. You need to find a mower with a scythe on the right side of the village. Talk to him. He will give up his headband if you help him find his brother. He went to the farms. We’ll have to leave the city. So do it, and from the clearing go to the right. 
Go to the right and talk to the monster throwing spears. Then go down, kill the robbers and turn left. Here you will find a shepherd and a paddock with goats. Talk to the black goat, then to the shepherd. Ask him to sell the goat and agree to fulfill the request. Go to the left and kill six robbers. After defeating them, be sure to break the chest to find an additional reward. Go back to the shepherd and tell him that the robbers are dead. He will free the goat, but it will run away from you. 
After that, go from the shepherd down and turn left. Here you will find a drunkard. Take the wine from him. Go further down and to the right until you find the farmer’s brother tied to a tree.
Yaga - walkthrough guide + Achievements! 
The Farmer’s Brother from Yaga (walkthrough) 
Pick up a pitchfork, talk to your brother farmer and agree to help. 
Go down, kill the enemies and get to the stone with the chain. Remove the chain from it. If you picked up a pitchfork earlier, then Ivan will create a tool from a chain and pitchfork. Now, when aiming the cursor at large stones, you can press Shift to draw to it. So do it here to climb the ledge and get into the camp of the robbers. Deal with them and get a bag of 100 coins and other rewards. Go back to where the farmer was, follow the right and leave the location on the "green arrow". Go back to the farmer, give him the money or cheat him. In any case, you will get a bandage.

Youth in a bottle

Now the king needs youth in a bottle. Once again, you will meet Granny across the bridge. This time, she advises you to pick up other gifts for Baba Yaga β€” the tail of a white cow and a bag of spoiled grain. You will receive two tasks β€” "Spoiled harvest" and "Dead cows". Both quests are first performed on the territory of the village. 
Also here you can find a woman with two identical husbands. If you order a demon to appear (in conversation with a sweeping man), you will reveal his evil intent, but you will receive a curse: you will lose money. However, the money will fall out of your pockets, so you can pick them up. 
In the cemetery there is Vasily, a dead man. Talk to him. The lid of his coffin was missing. Go to the left and see the children playing at the well. Talk to them, take the lid and give it to Vasily. However, he will not be particularly happy. 
As soon as you complete the next two tasks described below, go to Baba Yaga. At the location you will meet peasants. Agree to help, go to the right and talk to the robbers. Either give them the money or kill them. Inform the farmers about the completion of the goal. You can also find an old lady who will make a riddle. The answer –The coffin. You will receive a blessing.
Yaga - walkthrough guide + Achievements! 
At the end of the location, you will encounter an angel boss on a swing. 
Keep dodging and throwing one hammer at a time. One roll after each successful evasion. No more! There is another tactic: get close to the boss and start beating him. The girl will start to blush. Roll out of range and continue throwing the hammer. While the girl is blushing, you can throw the hammer 5-6 times. Enter the house of Baba Yaga and find out where to look for rejuvenating water.


At this location, you need to find a Waterman. You will also meet an old man who asks you to close the pit. Don’t do this, but instead help his wife get out of the hole. When you find the Waterman, talk to the character. Agree to help with the priest and take fake water. Go down and talk to the priest a few times, using righteous answers. When he leaves, take the spoiled water from the Waterman and go to the right. After talking with Baba Yaga, return to the king. 

The spoiled harvest

A female reaper stands next to Granny. Talk to her. She will give you a bag of grain if you help her deal with the witcher. At this location, you will meet a telepathic bandit. Talk to him and agree to help. Go to the right, talk to his gang and tell them that he is a telepath. You will have to kill them, but a chest will appear. 
Follow on until you find a haystack. Kill the enemies and help the reaper again. The girl will thank you with a blessing. Get to the witcher, talk to him and take his sickle. You will get a new tool. You can use it a little higher to cut through the spiny roots. Go up and return to the village. Tell the girl that you’ve beaten the Witcher.

Dead cows

Talk to the shepherd who is standing in the paddock next to the dead cows. Agree to help him find the white cow. Go to a new place. Here you will meet a Goblin. Go to the right and sharpen the woodcutter’s axe, and then report the luck to the Goblin. Next, you will see the "libra" icon. Give the unknown creature body parts to get coins (you will need to break the stone with a crack. 
Yaga - walkthrough guide + Achievements! 
A woodcutter who needs help 
Keep moving until you find the tracks. Interact with the bear cub, and then fight with a huge bear. However, this is the weakest boss. Throw an axe at him and run away in time or perform a roll. There are no other techniques except for hitting the enemy’s paw. Go back to the shepherd in the village and report everything. 

Day for excavation

After talking to Grandma, you will find out that the undertaker is looking for you. Talk to the man at the cemetery to find out what he needs. He wants you to find the drunks who have gone into the woods. You will also get a new tool-a shovel. Equip it and hold down Shift, you will be able to move underground. 
Leave the location and go in search of people. In this place you will find an old man. Just accept his blessing and then go down to find the three corpses. You can bury them with things or rob them to the last thread. After doing this, follow the other side of the location in search of an exit. However, on the way you will meet two peasants at the house. They will complain about the priest who locked up the youth of the village. Go ahead, buy a fern from the old women, spending 30 kopecks or giving some item. find the priest, show him the fern, and free the boys. Return to the man and woman for the reward. 
Before leaving the location, you will encounter a flying monster. Focus on destroying it, as it will repeatedly bring new enemies to replace those killed. That is, it is pointless to kill ordinary enemies: new ones will still appear. Return to the undertaker for the reward.

Blacksmith’s Luck

This is the main quest associated with the rest of the tasks described below. It implies the fulfillment of all the requests of the king. As soon as you complete all the previous quests, the king will ask you to deliver his wife to him. So this task will continue. 
Frozen peaks 
Prepare carefully and hit the road. Move through this place. If you get an old woman with a spindle, she will make a riddle. The answer is cucumber. But remember that it will give you a blessing, and because of it, the scale of bad luck will begin to fill up. In addition, you can meet a drunkard and his wife. The latter asks to find her husband, the first-5 coins. Give him the coins. Finally, the main character of the location is Morozko. Either fight him, but keep in mind that he is not an easy enemy, or agree to complete his task. On the next location, you need to kill four opponents. Then Morozko will let you go further. At the end of the location will be the hut of Baba Yaga, but it will not help you in any way, except for witchcraft and blessings. 
Dead Forest 
Before traveling to the Dead Forest, you can choose two other locations. Complete different tasks on them. In one of them, you will have to fight a bear with a balalaika, but for defeating it, you will be able to spare the beast and enlist its support later. The beast must be attacked as often as possible and not allowed to recover its strength! 
In the dead forest, you will meet a mute boy. Nearby there is a hut with a witch. Talk to her and find out that the boy stole the necklace. Go to the boy and break the barrel standing next to him. A charm will fall out of it. Take it to the witch to find out the plot. Go back and disenchant the boy. 
At the end of the level, you will need to deal with two ghosts. As a person who will be possessed by two souls, the leader of the army of Mary will fit. And then you will need to fight with Leh. Do not get close to the boss, because in just a couple of blows, the enemy can kill Ivan. After winning, move on. Chat with Maria and get three tasks from her. 
Yaga - walkthrough guide + Achievements! 
Marya Morevna 
When you have fulfilled all Mary’s requests, return to the king and tell him that she is ready to marry him. Go to the wedding venue. You will need to fight with Lih. First, kill ordinary opponents, and then attack the very Famously. After winning, you can decide your fate. If you spare, you will receive the secret achievement "Friend of the Devil". At the end of the game, you will have to make different decisions. 
Yaga - walkthrough guide + Achievements! 
Re-battle with a Spirited

Rest of the Water Worker

Get to the Waterman, kill him or agree to help go to the left and talk to the priest. Order him to leave, defeat the evil spirits and repeat the conversation. Go to the Waterman and find out that he is now calm. 

Heart of Frost

Go to this location. If you meet a tree in the snow, you will have to help him by dealing with a bandit nearby. When you find Morozko, talk to him and agree to help. Follow the trail behind Morozko to find the girl. Talk to her twice and put out the fire. Go back and talk to Morozko. Everything will end well, and you will be able to leave the location. 

Love Poludnitsyn

Go to the location and find the Midday Girl. You can set her up with a Large Field Worker or a farmer who is nearby. In the second case, if you talk to the Field Worker again, you will have to fight with him again. 
Go back to Maria and she will ask you to find three cauldrons for her.

The Golden Anvil

Before completing this task, you need to select a debuff. You will need to find the barbarian and talk to him. After doing this, move on until you find an Elder blocking the way to the cave. Defeat him, then go inside and find the golden anvil. You need to create three cauldrons of copper, iron and gold. Everywhere you need 5 units of a specific metal. If you do not have it, you can buy metal from a barbarian you met earlier, or explore the location. There will be a lot of hard battles, but you can earn metal for free. 

Insidious Koschei

Yaga - walkthrough guide + Achievements! 
Insidious Koschei 
Give Maria three cauldrons and she will order you to kill Koshchei. Go through the location until you meet a familiar ghost. The girl will tell you how to defeat Koshchei. Get to the very Koshchei and defeat him in battle. When there are hands with weapons, you need to attack them. When there are no hands, you can beat Koshchei himself. After winning, go to the other side and find the chest. Talk to Koshchei to get the Crown. Koschei will be in the chest. Interact with the chest to get the hidden achievement "Prison of the Undead". 

PSN Trophies (Achievements)

Complete the following tasks to get the corresponding PSN Trophy. 
Yaga - walkthrough guide + Achievements! 
Yaga - walkthrough guide + Achievements! 
Yaga - walkthrough guide + Achievements! 
Yaga - walkthrough guide + Achievements! 
Yaga - walkthrough guide + Achievements! 

Written by +HOTfight

This is all about Yaga – walkthrough guide + Achievements!; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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