Wuppo – Definitive Edition – Boss Rush Guide [Insane]

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Mechanics as well as tips and tricks I used when beating Boss Rush on Insane mode.


Group 1: [Frederick Fish, Snail] then King Blione.

I’d recommend at least having access to the pink 20sec invuln blarb before attempting.
Just use a dummy boss rush run to get access to all the [pre-made] blarb so you don’t have to spend more to make them manually.

[Group 1]: Can start with Frederick Fish or Snail interchangeably. King Blione is always third.

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]

Frederick Fish


Whenever this fish dives underwater, it’ll reappear on the other side. You can preemptively aim toward the side its going to.

Its two attacks are either shooting water blobs or jumping in the air to the opposite side. Every now and then it’ll land upside-down (and not attack) for free up-time.

I’d recommend staying on the island.
If it shoots water blobs you can just go toward the far end of the island and shoot towards them. Do a short hop if needed to dodge a far-reaching blob.

When it dives underwater just avoid jumping so you don’t get hit by its air jump.
Sometimes if it appears on the far end of the water (rather than middle), it’ll reappear on the close end of the water on the other side when it dives.

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]



…Shoot the blocks as you go through them. It’s just a race to inside its house.

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]

King Blione


Summons Blione adds over time that will swing at you if they get close. They don’t share HP with King Blione. They have a natural regen.
However, if you get them low HP, King Blione will pause and distribute some of its health to heal them.

King Blione will also chase you and swing if close. Every few seconds he will jump in the air and throw 5 clubs that curve at you (like a crescent shape).

I like to kite them and shoot as I run. When you appear, you can shoot downwards and start at the left side.
Just run from the left to the right side of the arena and shoot behind you.
Importantly, when King Blione jumps to throw clubs, the further you are toward 1 side when it starts, the better. Even ~25% is fine if you just keep heading toward the side you were going to. If you’re in the middle when he starts, it’ll be harder to dodge the clubs. Sometimes it’s better to stagger or run and jump back over towards the side you’re coming from if you’ll end up in the middle when the club throwing starts.

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]

Shop :

[+4 coins] I’d recommend saving for Rapid Fireas the first purchase.

Group 2: Blendbjick then Blafknoft

[Group 2]: Always Blendbjick then Blafknoft

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]



Whenever this boss is greenish with sparks coming off of it, you can’t touch it nor damage it.

Everytime it finishes an attack, it recenters and turns green before starting the next attack. I like to start at the left side each time a new attack is about to begin.

One of its attacks (as well as its first), it will land on the ground into a walk toward the opposite side’s wall.
When it lands, you have to jump to avoid a shockwave.
For the walking attack, when it gets to the wall it will fall backward and stand up, creating a shockwave as it hits the ground.
You can attack for the duration of the walk, then when it gets close to the wall, run away and jump as it lands.

It sometimes also spams jump as it goes from wall to wall. It doesn’t create a shockwave but you can get crushed.
I like to hang right against the left wall when its heading left. 9/10 times, it won’t crush you if you’re by a wall. When it hits the wall and starts bouncing toward the other side, you can chase it for extra damage.

Sometimes it will float high above you to prepare a crushing attack. Run to the middle to bait it away, then back towards the side. When it lands, you have to jump to avoid a shockwave. It’s hittable as it falls.

It can also split itself into 9 pieces that will consecutively try to crush you (no shockwaves).
Starting left, when the first starts moving I run all the way to the right wall. 3 of them should have landed behind you. Wait for the 4th to get just above you, then run to the left side (about midway between the left wall and the middle, just as #8 hits the ground). Lastly, as the 9th one approaches, run right. Be careful not to jump or touch it as it pieces itself back together.
The pieces are damagable as they land, so shoot behind you when you run and bait.

As it gets to about half of its last life circle, it will glow blue and the sparks around it can damage you if you stay close to it for too long.
It spams the crushing attack. I like to hang towards a wall to bait, then run under it. As it lands, jump (still going away) and shoot at it. Repeat.

When it dies, you will get a small heal.

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]



Only the rock on its back is damagable.

In the beginning, smack it until it gets up. When it does, it will roar. Everytime it roars, rocks will come out of its mouth and the roar will push you away.

As it walks, it can crush you and your Blione allies. The leg it’s lifting lights up as it walks.
King Blione will heal the two regular Bliones if they are low. The two regular Bliones will try to keep up with you and hoist you up into the air to help you hit the boss if you jump on them. Most of the time you’ll probably be using the mushrooms to gain height because they die if they get stepped on once.

When it growls, it’ll spit ~3 big rocks at you. They don’t go very far.

In the beginning, if it makes it to the wall it’ll start to walk up the wall and onto the ceiling. When on the ceiling, it’s basically unreachable and it will spit the big rocks as well as make smaller ones fall where it walks. It’ll make a full circle toward the other wall. If you damage it enough at the start before its unreachable, however, you’ll “push” its “phase” and it will heal you and come back down.

There’s a couple of points in its HP where it will heal you once you push past it (although I don’t remember them past the first).

At around ~2 life circles left, it’ll dig itself (other than the rock) underground for easy damage (the Bliones will also hit it). After a few seconds it will try to bite you from underneath. Stand by a mushroom to help you bounce out of the attack. There’s a lot of leeway with the hitbox of the attack; you just have to be far enough away from the center of its bite.

Once you avoid it, stand about in the center of the rock. When it gets up, go behind it. It should be almost dead at this point.
When it gets up it’ll walk faster but nothing new happens.

When it dies, you’ll pretty much be fully healed.

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]


[+6 coins, 10 total] I’d buy the Rapid Fire (7 cost). Next purchase I’d recommend Coffee hat (4 cost, +6 coins next time), so you could spend out the leftover 3 if you want.

Group 3: [King Cone, Dustboss, Stoplight]

[Group 3]: Random order for all 3 – King Cone, Dustboss, Stoplight

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]

King Cone


Starts off spitting 3~4 arching pink blobs at you. Generally, you can stand just past the left grey~black machinery in the background, then swivel back and forth to dodge away or in between the projectiles.

Don’t stand too close to it, it may whip you with its tongue.

If you don’t burn its HP down fast enough, it’ll reposition to the left side as it spits.
At around ~2 life circles left, it’ll rapidly shoot green blobs that deplete its own HP. You can still hit it, but it’ll die quickly on its own so the safe bet is to hang by the opposite wall. Its green attacks won’t reach you.

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]



One of its attacks (and its first), it will squint and jump at you, creating a shockwave. Just jump as it’s about to land.

If it chews, it will spit dustclouds at you that arch in a “U” shape. It’s safe to stand right by the opposite wall 99% of the time. You can shoot at the dustclouds to get rid of them, too.

If it closes its eyes (“><” face), it will shortly disperse many big dustballs around it. If you shoot the dustballs, they split into tinier ones. Shooting the tinier ones gets rid of them. Any size dustball that hits the ground goes away.

As you deplete its HP, it gets smaller and slightly faster.

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]



This boss has very specific windows where you can hit it. It’ll just swipe your attacks away otherwise.

It’s literally a game of “red-light-green-light”: when red, you cannot move. If you fail, it will hit you and push you further from it.
When green, you can move towards it. When you get close enough, it will trot to the center and fall down. Then you can hit it.
If yellow, you can move, but it usually flashes yellow for like a split second. It’s safest to just move when green. It dies fast anyways.

When it falls down, position yourself in the center of it (and the arena) to get yourself as close to it as possible when it gets back up.

When it is trotting to the center to fall, or when it gets back up to reposition at the side, you can shoot at it. However, if you move it will hit you. Only move once it has fallen, or of course when the light is green (or yellow if you like it risky).

With rapid fire it should die with 2 falls.

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]


[+6 coins, 16 total] I recommend the Coffee Hat (4 coins; 11 total with Rapid Fire). Other than that, at LEAST one Protective Blarb (pink) for later. Personally I just bought extra Protective and HP Blarbs.

Group 4: [Kneft Infestation, Murk] then Breevis

[Group 4]: Interchangeably Kneft Infestation or Murk first. Then Breevis last.

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]

Kneft Infestation

Since I don’t see some sort of compendium of kneft types, I’ll name them. All have contact damage.

  • Hoppy kneft or Hoppies: The most prominent kneft type. They just hop in one direction and change course when they hit the wall, or randomly.
  • Wall kneft: Slithers across the wall and randomly splits green arching blobs at you. Can be aimed slightly in front/behind/at you at launch. Second most common.
  • Bug kneft or buggers:Fast moving bugs that dart towards you on the floor with a lag (due to momentum I guess) when changing direction.
  • Regular kneft:A few of these will be mixed in with Hoppies sometimes. These are the ones that travel on the ground and spit arching green blobs at you, like the ones in the city.
  • Explody kneft:A few of these appear at certain waves. If you hit them they explode and eradicate the knefts around them.
  • Mega kneft:Just the kneft at the end. Big, travels slow. Will explode upon death.

MOST USEFUL TIP IMO: if you preserve 1 kneft (or other enemy) at the end of any wave (other than the last ofc), you can stall and use the Coffee hat to heal up. If you leave a hoppy out, just hop over it as it approaches. If you leave a wall kneft out, just go all the way inside the previously caged area. It won’t hit you there.

Wave 1:

You can break the cage earlier, if you want.

Starts with 1 bugger, a handful of hoppy knefts, and a few wall knefts. Kill the bugger and focus the wall knefts over the regulars.

After a handful of seconds another handful of regular knefts will spawn plus a handful of wall knefts. Again focus wall knefts you can hit over hoppies.

Wave 2:

1 bugger (or regular kneft?) spawns first. Kill it and aim at the cage.

3 more buggers, a bunch of hoppies, ~2 regular kneft, and some wall spawn shortly after.

A bunch of kneft-looking projectiles will fall from the ceiling as they spawn.

Then, every maybe 5~10 seconds, another a handful hoppies will spawn 3 more times.

Ideally, youll kill the buggers then aim upwards to destroy any falling projectiles. Sometimes you may not kill all buggers before having to aim up, so you can hop over the ones you don’t kill as you protect yourself from the rain of projectiles.

After, kill remaining buggers, then wall kneft you can hit. Shots that miss the wall kneft typically arch and kill some hoppies in the process.

If you can’t hit the wall kneft (or if the hoppy mob is getting too close), then you can focus on the hoppies and regular kneft. The regular knefts are squeezed in a pack of hoppies so just kill whatever is closest.

If you’re scared a green blob projectile will hit you, you’re able to destroy them by shooting at them.

Wave 3:

3 random (other than mega and wall) kneft appear first.

Afterwards, ~5 buggers, ~4 regular, a handful of hoppies, and 2 explodies (at the back of the wave, as they are slower) will spawn. Kill the buggers first; you may need to back away as you shoot as you won’t instantly kill them close to the cage.

Then, I try to hit the explodies before they are too far. Do so by jumping towards the wave as you shoot, but falling away. Usually they will wipe out most of the hoppies and ideally the regulars.

If you can’t hit the explodies, hit the regulars if possible. Otherwise just the hoppies or whatever is closest.

Wave 4:

Mega kneft spawns, then after a second a handful of hoppies, wall knefts, and a couple of regular knefts spawn.

As they spawn hit the wall knefts you can reach. Then prioritize hoppies/regulars that are too close > wall knefts = regulars > mega. Rapid fire does a ton of damage so this wave is pretty easy, just the ma*s of walls and regulars can be annoying so get them out of the picture fast.

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]



Coffee boss.
There’s a 100% safe spot on the second floor, the wall farthest from the boss. Use your coffee hat to heal there if needed.

Behind Murk is unsafe 100% of the time, you’ll just take damage.

At the start and inbetween attacks, Murk will poke itself in and out of the pot twice. This will create smoke clouds float about randomly and do a DoT if you are close to them. They don’t raise hit count.

After coming out the second time, it’ll do one of two attacks.

  • One attack spits single coffee sludges randomly around the area.
  • The other alternates a “lines” of ~5 coffee sludges that arch high, low, high, low.

…if you want to play it safe, you can sit at the safe spot on the second floor (and heal) during its attacks. Then, when it’s poking its head in and out, you can stand at the top (technically second from the top) of the stairs and shoot at it until it starts its next attack.

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]



This fight automatically gives you the swimming suit (which you can use later for Bankrrent phase 2).

It’ll always spawn at the lower left, so start by shooting in that direction.
To damage Breevis, you need to destroy its teeth.

If you’re in its path, it will open its mouth to swallow you. You take contact damage in general.

It wide-archs weirdly to chase you, so you can bait it along the same areas by not moving too far out from it when it has to turn.

When you damage its teeth enough, it’ll spit out gunk. Shoot it to deplete its HP. Rinse, repeat.
It’ll get shorter the more you deplete its HP. At half of the last HP circle left, it may chase you a bit but then the fight will end.

Bubbles that form in the area will trap you. Shoot them (trapped or not) to get rid of them, if you want. If you get trapped the bubbles may float in an unfavorable direction.

Every now and then a few lightbulb-looking jellyfish will spawn in each corner of the area. If you touch them, they heal you. If you shoot them, or they touch Breevis, they get destroyed.

Thus, if you need HP for the fight, you can kite/stall and heal up before pushing Breevis to spit out more gunk.

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]


[+10 coins, 26 total]At this point I’d definitely at least buy 1 Protective Blarb, costing 1 coin. Together with Rapid Fire and Coffee Hat, that’s 7+4+1=12.

Group 5: Church Fnakkers then [Bib Fnakkers, Fnakker Friends, Bram] then Chef Fnaquere

[Group 5]: Church Fnakkers first. Then random order for Bib Fnakkers, Fnakker friends, and Bram. Lastly, Chef Fnaquere.

With all fnakker group bosses (church, bib, friends), they share an HP bar, but have their own respective “HP” where you can essentially pick them off one by one. Think of the HP bar at the top as the sum of their respective HP.

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]

Church Fnakkers


3 little fnakkers that randomly throw arching projectiles at you.
As much as possible, try to have them grouped up and shoot on top of them.
You can break their projectiles.

I like to keep my aim on top of as many of them as possible, and then back away if one doesn’t break. Typically if you don’t take your fire off them, they back away from you.

It gets a little harder if one of them decides to do the “charge” move. There’s no contact damage but it makes it harder to dodge their throws because you can’t aim in two directions if they are apart.

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]

Bib Fnakkers


Two big fnakkers. One that randomly chucks a rock at you (green one with blue bib). The other throws a rock up which splits into 3 that fall and roll on the ground (pink one with green bib).

Start by heading to the left wall. If you’re lucky and they do a charge at you, one (or both?!) will charge off the screen and kill itself. If one dies, a small fnakker will show up and throw little rocks at you in its place.

Other than that, I aim at the rocks to break them if they come at me. It shoots them in the process, too.

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]

Fnakker Friends


Here, I highly recommend popping a Protective Blarb as you spawn because once again you’re in the middle of a bunch of fnakkers all randomly throwing rocks at you (except the green hat one).

The big one spits big rocks, the two pot (regular and pink) helmet ones spit smaller rocks. The green hat one throws healing items (they look like… cash?) at the big one. You can intercept them but with the Protective Blarb, it’s a waste of time. Without Protective Blarb… well, it’s hard catching the healing items without getting hit anyways.

Pop it and sit on the big one. For each of them, if you constantly hit them, they’re almost locked down. Focus the big one and sit just on it so that each shot hits it as it leaves your gumgum gun. Then focus one of the two regular/pink pot helmet ones. Then the pot helmet one you didn’t kill yet, third.

When the 3 of them are dead, the green hat one will just trot around. It doesn’t do damage (no contact damage on any of them). You have time to heal up with Coffee hat, or if you have excess heals you can pop one and wait the timer out, too.

Since Zwepel at the end of boss rush requires you to beat the others in <25min total, if Fnakker Friends is the last before Chef, you can probably get away with healing to 50~70 since the Chef will throw easy heals at you in the beginning anyways.

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]



Rapid Fire really makes this easier.

In general, shoot at his projectiles. If he charges a cannon, it’ll go up and explode into a rain of projectiles.

Personally I keep the gumgum gun aimed at a slight upward angle in his direction. I slightly tilt it towards the cannon shots and back toward the original direction when he fires a cannon.
I also do a motion where I double jump toward him, then fall back away. He generally moves towards the shots fire when jumping toward him.. while the back away motion attempts to dodge his.

He’ll take a second to fire a cannon (where there’s no projectiles going out) or to heal when he’s low. You can get a little closer to him at that point but I do so only for a second then go back to around ~33-50% of the room’s distance away.

He doesn’t hit hard and I usually don’t get hit much if at all by him, so it’s also not a bad place to heal with an item and stall for the timer.

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]

Chef Fnaquere


Essentially rotates between 2 phases while you are in the pot.

Phase 1:

Sits at the leftmost corner and throws 5~6 food (onions?) in the pot. Catch the food for ez heals. If it falls in the pot you have a split second or so before its gone.
You could reach him a bit with Rapid Fire but I’d recommend just focusing on getting the heals.
If you hit the food enough I think it can be destroyed, too.

After a bit he’ll stop throwing, step down over the pot (you can shoot him easier during this) and say “Stop eating the other ingredients!!!!”.

When you push a life circle, he’ll say “Aaah! Stop it!” and a bunch of hearts will rush from him to heal your HP. Then Phase 2.

If you don’t push a life circle, he’ll just repeat Phase 1.

Phase 2:

He’ll chuck some rocks at you. But all you have to do is dive into the soup. Stay there and they won’t hit you.
If you were at 100 hp when this phase starts, about when you get under 60 is when he’ll say “Too many rocks in the soup now…”, heal you, and then crank a lever to raise the soup level. Then he’ll walk back over to the left side again to do Phase 1 (hit him while he’s heading over).

IMPORTANT: When you first spawn into the boss room, you can double jump out of the pot since you spawn just below the top. You can also double jump out after the third life circle (the pot will be around halfway full). If you jump out, you’re out permanently and he’ll chuck rocks at you randomly like other fnakkers. Unlike other fnakkers, though, if you touch him, he’ll throw you above him and may hit you with a rock.

Personally I think jumping out of the pot makes him harder to kill. However, if you have a free Protective Blarb to use it may be faster if you jump to the top at the beginning, pop it, and keep the gun on it. Careful of touching him though, you may lose uptime.

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]


[+17, 43 total] 12 for the Rapid Fire, Coffee Hat, and 1 Protective Blarb. 31 left over. IMO either do 1 Tein’s edible mask (pop it at the swimming portion of Bankkrent phase 2) and blarb (HP.. or Protective I guess). OR 1 breft2000, 8 Fatness Blarb, and 3 more HP/Protective Blarb.

Group 6: Bankkrent phase 1 then Bankkrent phase 2 then Zwepel***

[Group 6]: Bankkrent phase 1 then Bankkrent phase 2 then Zwepel, but Zwepel only appears if you clear Bankkrent phase 2 <25min. The Bankkrent P2 fight seems to take ~5min 13sec, so you want to clear P1 earlier than 19min 47sec.

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]

Bankkrent Phase 1:


Has like 3 moves. He’ll usually take a second between moves, or if you push him past certain HP thresholds, you’ll heal, stop the current attack, then he’ll decide on the next attack.

  • If he puckers up, he’ll shoot some mud balls at you. if you’re on top of the platforms towards the edge of either wall, you won’t get hit.
  • If he squints, he’ll summon bricks in your area that will fade in. If you are touching them as they fade in, you’ll get damaged. After they’re completely faded in, you can touch and use them as platforms.
  • I like to start at one side and slowly run-ish to the other side while throwing some double jumps in to slow me down. If I make it to the other side, I see about jumping onto an already faded-in brick.
  • If he starts to suck you in, just run the opposite direction. If you get caught in his mouth, he’ll spit you out for damage. You can also let yourself get sucked in a little to put you in shooting range.

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]

Bannkrent Phase 2:


Has multiple attacks.

  • Starts off with: He laughs. This means he’ll appear left then right (and repeat), shooting small mud balls as he appears. For this, I start at the “tip” of the left side area (in between the floating rock and mushroom). When he starts shooting, I run left and jump over the gap. I go midway in the middle area then run back when he appears right. Rinse repeat.
  • Summons heads around him. Makes a sound effect each time he shoots 2 heads at a time at you. I would bait them around the floating rock platform at the left side of the room. Either I start at the mushroom, bounce up on it after 2 sound effects/shots, then bait around it (fall down, jump back up, etc.) Or, if I’m closer to the right side of the room, I stagger my way to the left; waiting for the sound effect then inching forward each time.
  • Floats to above you, closes his eyes, then slams down at an angle toward you. Wait for him to slightly pause over you (he’ll shut his eyes too), then run and jump away. Will do it 2-3 times. Seems to do 2 times in the beginning of the fight, then late in the fight he will do 3. I like to bait the first slam at the left (or right) side, then the middle, then the far side.
  • Gathers mud in his mouth. Will go the far side from you then shoot it at you (putting you in slow motion). I use the mushroom to bounce away from it. May require a double jump if you’re midway going up. If falling, I think simply letting you fall is safe.
  • Turns red and chases you. Does contact damage while red. Don’t touch him. If you get cornered when he stops glowing red, run through him because he may repeat the attack before moving on.
  • Squints and shakes. He’ll slam against the ceiling, making rocks fall. Fairly easy to dodge, 100% easy if you go all the way to the left side of the room (they won’t fall there).

Underwater Phase:

After 2 life circles are almost depleted, the room will turn blue and he’ll fill it with water. I recommend using your swim suit for this (obtained from doing Breevis).

May start spitting big mud balls (doesn’t seem to be a sign for it beforehand). I’d do a back and forth motion under him for each set.

While under water, can also do the head summons and laugh attack with the smaller mud balls.

Final Stretch:

When the last life circle is about half, it’ll suck the water away.

Basically can do any of the previous attacks above. Some seem to be a little more dangerous, but still dodged the same way (ie. more head summons, faster, etc.)

When its health is gone some of its attacks will start to fail or partially fail and you’ll get some heals before its over. There will be some flashy animations that zap its attacks away.

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]



Again, you must defeat all other bosses within a cumulative time limit of 25min in order to battle Zwepel at the end of Boss Rush.

For this boss, you float freely around the screen.

  • Zwepel will zip around the perimeter of the arena and do damage if touched.This boss is a 1 hit KO boss, with an exception. (see below)
  • Shoots missile-like projectiles at you that circle around you. For this, you can just keep them circling around you by rotating in a small circle constantly until they disappear. If the missiles touch Zwepel as it dashes around the perimeter, they also disappear. Sometimes if you shoot them, they will simply disappear. But at other times they explode into small projectiles. I’d recommend not shooting them.
  • Zwepel also does an attack that makes lines of projectiles (with space inbetween) sweep across one side to another, overlapping each other (ie. one from right to left, another from up to down, etc).
    One projectile will always have an ice cream cone shape. If you touch it, you get a free “hit”. This effect stacks.
  • Zwepel has one more attack. It will summon pumpkins on each corner of the arena. They will each burst in a star-like pattern (much like the missiles). You can make them explode earlier by hitting them (the more you hit one, the earlier that one will explode).

How to practice Zwepel only in Boss Rush Mode:

Technically I’m not 100% if this is how it’s supposed] to work, but I was able to get him sometimes by holding “Down” on the D-pad then spamming A to start a Boss. Sometimes I’ll get Zwepel; it seems to be random. Thanks to AAGaming#9395 on Discord for the information! They say they get theirs by pressing Down and Enter at the same time, particularly on the Right column.

Shops, Coins, & Heal/Stallable Spots


Coin Gain Per Group



GroupCoin GainCoin Total In RunRecommended Purchase AfterwardsCoins After All Previous Recommended Purchases
1: Frederick Fish/Snail + King Blione+44N/A4
2: Blendbjick + Blafknoft+610Gumcore N1C3 (7)3
3: Stoplight/Dustboss/King Cone+616Coffee Hat (4)5
4: Kneft Infestation/Murk + Breevis+1026Protective Blarb (1) x114
5: Church Fnakkers + Bib Fnakkers/Fnakker Friends/Bram + Chef Fnaquere+1743breft2000 (4),
Fatness Blarb (3) x8,
Protective/HP Blarb (1) x3
6: Bankkrent P1 + Bankkrent P2 + Zwepel if <25minN/AN/AN/AN/A


Heal & Stallable Spots


Fights that heal you at the end: Blendbjick, Blafknoft

Fights that provide infinite heals midfight: Breevis, Chef Fnaquere, Fnakker Friends (technically but harder)

Fights you can stall for food/coffee hat with relatively no worry: Kneft Infestation, Murk, Fnakker Friends (technically Stoplight too but you’ll probably not do that for Stoplight?)

Fights that are a little harder to stall for food/coffee hat but still relatively easy: Bram, Bankkrent P1

Shop Items


*To buy blarbs from Raab (left Fnakker), you must first make them once using ingredients from Tein (right Fnakker) and combine them using the blender next to Raab.

Blarb Recipes:
Protection: Snakmoffel + Cherry/Fnakker Cracker/Kneft
HP: Blonut + Cherry/Fnakker Cracker/Kneft
Damage: Large Purple Fruit + Cherry/Fnakker Cracker/Kneft
Fatness: Pure Blak + Cherry/Fnakker Cracker/Kneft – RAISES MAX HP BY 10, to get rid of the fatness, you must use breft2000. Using it to get rid of fat also heals you.

Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]
Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]
Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]
Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]
Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]
Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]
Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]
Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]
Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]
Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]
Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]
Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]
Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]
Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]
Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]
Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]
Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]
Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]
Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]
Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]
Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]Wuppo - Definitive Edition - Boss Rush Guide [Insane]



Thanks for reading my guide, hopefully it was able to help a little!
Ofc these strategies aren’t the only way to go about the bosses, it’s just what I used to get me through.

Feel free to let me know if there’s anything I can improve in the guide as well!

Written by Anne Sibyl

This is all about Wuppo – Definitive Edition – Boss Rush Guide [Insane]; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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