WorldBox – God Simulator – How to Get New Traits

WorldBox – God Simulator – How to Get New Traits – New Update Guide 2 -
WorldBox – God Simulator – How to Get New Traits – New Update Guide 2 -

How To Get Some Of The New Traits In The Trait Selector

i might be wrong on some things, if i am, sorry.
This Guide Will Help You To Get Some Of The Traits So You Can Give Units Traits Using The New Feature.
Keep in mind, not all traits are here, i just posted this.
Certain Animals Usually have a specific trait they spawn with, here i listed some of the traits and a creature it can be found from. If its not there i did a mistake or you gotta spawn a bunch of them and see if any of them have it.
I didnt write all the creatures that have a certain trait, but one should be enough, right?
For you to get the traits you have to inspect the creature (click it with no other thing selected) then i guess that does it, i thinhk thats how it works.

Poisonous = Frog
Poison Immunity = Snake
Venomous = Snake
Infected = Put zombies and let them infect a human.
Evil = Demon
Cold aura = Snowman
Freeze Proof = Snowman
Fire Proof = Dragon
Miner = Dwarf
Weightless = Elf
Regeneration = Orc
Savage = Orc
Fat = Snowman
Madness = Put madness on a unit and inspect (madness is in other various powers section).
King Slayer = make a unit kill a king, (would recommend giving the unit shield bubble and stuff and then just put him close to a king without armies close. (a little bit unsure about this one if you can get it or not but its here i guess)
Wizard Slayer = spawn a wizard and make a unit kill him.
Dragon slayer = Make a unit kill a dragon.
Mush Spores = Is in other various powers give it someone then inspect.
Blessed = Other various powers tab just put it on unit and inspect.
Fast = Rabbit
Genius = Monkey
Agile = Monkey
Fire Blood = Demon
Cursed = Other various powers tab just give and inspect.
Energized = Give a unit shield bubble and put lightning a bit like 5 times or something.
Bomberman = Bandit
Slow = Turtle
Peaceful = Cow/Chicken
Strong = Bear
Tough = Crocodile
If i see more traits i will write them here!
Achievments: Because why not?’
Touch Grass = Go to “Create and shape your world” select the finger and literally, TOUCH GRASS


Written by MIWANO57

Hope you enjoy the Guide about WorldBox – God Simulator – How to Get New Traits – New Update Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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