WorldBox – God Simulator – How To Find Traits & Biome

WorldBox – God Simulator – How To Find Traits & Biome 1 -
WorldBox – God Simulator – How To Find Traits & Biome 1 -

Worldbox is a great game. It's loaded with little critters and niche items that make the pixel world seem alive. This guide will help explain some of the more complex interactions and teach you a few things you may not have known.


Worldbox offers many hidden and unique features that few people know about. This guide will help to understand some of the details and teach you something.

Variations in Biome

Each biome is unique in its flora, fauna and habitat. The Grasslands biome is the first accessible and contains most mobs from the spawning menu. The Grasslands biome can be used to spawn chickens, cows, dogs, and even dogs. They can also grow regular or berry bushes, and they also have generic herbs as a food source.
The Savannah does produce a variety of food, but not a unique one. Instead, it produces wild wheat. The Savannah will produce Rhinos and Buffalo as well as regular Herbs and Trees.
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The Candy Biome will produce hostile, flesh-eating Gummy Bears or Gingerbread Men that can't be spawned manually. The biome is a unique food-source that can be used to harvest candy. It also gives Tiny, Giant and Bloodlust traits.
The Hell Biome will produce flaming skulls that are friendly to demons. This biome can be harvested for peppers that either set the consumer ablaze or give them the Fireproof trait.
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The Corrupted Biome will also produce skull minions. Although they lack in flame, they can turn enemies caught in the corrupted Biome into Ghosts.
Ghosts are unique to Corrupted biome and are Immortal. They are Weightless, Ice-proof and Fire-proof.
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Crystal Swords, Crystal Golems, and Crystal Swords will spawn in the Crystal Biome with Shiny and Tough traits. They are friendly to Dwarfs but not much else. Crystal salts can be harvested to produce the Caffeinated status effect or Madness / Strong-Minded trait.
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Desert felines are spawned by the Arcane Desert, which gives Desert Berries that give Poison / Poison Immunity or Slow traits.
The older Biomes also contain unique foodstuffs
The Jungle is where bananas are spawned, and can sometimes exhibit the 'Unlucky’ trait.
Coconuts can spawn on the Beach and will give you the 'Shielded" status.
Mushrooms spawn in a variety of biomes, but obviously the Mushroom Biome, and can give a wide variety of traits (Strong-Minded/Madness, Paranoid / Content) and provide the consumer with the "Power-Up" status effect.
Corrupted biomes are a food source that is contaminated with evil traits or Pyromaniacs. Evil-Beets can spawn in these biomes.

Food and Civilizations

Each Race will produce its own food, which is basically a refined food made for specific races. These can be seen in a Kingdom's inventory.
Humans can produce pie, which can give Fat trait or Slowness status.
Elves can produce Sushi and Cider which can be used to give the Fast trait.
Dwarves can produce Ale, which can give Slowness trait.
Orcs can produce burgers and tea, which can give them Fat / Slowness or Caffeinated status.
Any Civilization can make Jam and Bread with the right technology and enough Berry Bushes.
If a civilization has access, fish and meat can be harvested from most mobs such as Cows and the Ocean.
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Unique Mobs

Worldbox has a few mobs you can't spawn naturally. These mobs can be either variations of existing mobs or spawn only under certain conditions.
The Toxic Biome is the only biome that does not give resources.
The Toxic Biome, a biome that does not spawn naturally, is similar to the Tundra biome.
The Tundra can be spawned if the temperature in any biome is lowered. This will kill plant life and cover it in snow. Here, you can see White Rabbits and Polar Bears.
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You can create the Toxic Biome by using the "Acid” tool, Acid Rain, or placing an Acid Geyser. Acid can kill plant life and create a radioactive landscape with unique trees and shrubs. This biome is not suitable for harvesting other than a few Rats. The "Slimes" mob can only spawn in the Toxic biome. They possess an Acidic Touch and fat characteristics.
They are adorable and can be a nuisance.
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"Aliens" is a unique mob that spawns from downed UFOs. UFO's are found under the "Animals, Creatures, and Monsters” tab. They can be taken down by taking enough damage conventionally or using a Lightning Strike. All Aliens possess the following traits: Immortality, Regeneration, Acid blood, Acid-proof and Fat.
Alien-Blaster is a deadly plasma-based weapon that devastates all 'uncivilized' races.
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Depending on the biome, most passive mobs can have different versions. They will appear sand-cat if they are spawned out in the desert. If they are spawned out in the swamp, they will appear black.
Dogs/Wolves/Bears/Rabbits will do the same thing with the most biomes, turning an Arctic White when spawned in a Tundra.
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A funny little easter egg, Sheep spawning in the Mushroom biome will have a pink/yellow gradient colour.

How to Find Your Traits

If you are still having trouble finding Traits (Not placed by hand), each Trait has an % chance of spawning on a newly spawned baby.
Elves are naturally agile and quick, so newly spawned children will have a higher % of spawning with fast, agile, weak, short-sighted, deceitful traits.
Orcs will always be spawned with Regeneration and the "Savage" trait. This unique trait boosts attack speed and attack speed and allows for the collection of Bone and leather, an important resource for Orcs. Only Orcs can create "Bone" accessories.
Dwarves will always spawn with 'Miner' traits, which boosts base health and allows for gems to spawn when the entity is mining. These gems can be traded to a certain extent and provide an economic boost to the civilization.
Humans cannot conceive with any trait. They have relative base stats and are vulnerable to the environment. Their Children have a flat percentage for almost all generic traits. This means that Human children will ALWAYS have a variety, with a few exceptions.
Humans cannot inherit unique traits. Although immortality can be acquired naturally, the chance of a child conceiving with immortality is very low at 0.5% for all races.


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