World War 3 – Weaponry & Observation Views

World War 3 – Weaponry & Observation Views 1 -
World War 3 – Weaponry & Observation Views 1 -

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200 7.62mm (plus 100 HP or AP rounds) – One mag has 100 bullets You shouldn’t undervalue it, even though it is a basic weapon. You can’t kill cars, but you can kill infantry quite well! Particularly with HP (Hollow Point) ammunition. This requires you to be able to pre-aim.

500 12.7mm (plus 400 HP or AP rounds) – Each mag has 40 bullets

I think the MG is the better of the two. Why? Why? Try to use up 900 bullets of 12.7mm – they will quickly disappear. A slower shooting gun. It is almost impossible.

It is better to snipe – and theoretically, it does more damage against land drones. But don’t use it to kill those, it is not worth it.

FZ223 Rocket Pod – Small Rockets – 32 HE (+16 A) – (One mag has 12 rockets).

Enjoy this game – and especially the tears. They don’t just one-hit and they don’t hit as hard. Keep them away.

LWL Hydra Rocket Pod (Big Rockets – 16 HE + 10 AP) (One mag has 8 rockets).

Now the real fun starts!

HE > AP Rockets Against Infantry

AP > HE Rockets Against Vehicles

HE has a larger splash radius so it is easier to kill infantry. However, AP can also be used, especially if your inventory is empty. It’s almost as good.

AP do INSANE damage to vehicles. One or two of these and the tank will pop. HE is less damaging, but can be used in a pinch.

Hydra Rockets, in my opinion, are the best weapons for Gargoyles. You will be a powerhouse on the map as long as you are alive. You can kill tons of infantry and be a constant danger to any new vehicle the enemies bring out.

You don’t need to worry about trading with a tank. You are only worth 3500 points, but a tank is worth 6500!

Observation Views

Infra B&W Inverted

The only two advantages are that it does not require a mod slot and is better than the Infra B&W.

BUT! It doesn’t matter if it says, “Useful for winter conditions.” You won’t find that in Moscow—black people on black backgrounds.

Infra B&W

Inverted is a good example.

Infra Goblin

This is way better than the previous 2 views. Take this view as long as you do not have a Thermal View.

Thermal View

Absolute busted. This thing allows you to see tiny specks of enemies on the opposite side of the map. This is similar to the thermal vision on vehicles or scopes on your weapon. You can see your enemies from above.

The theoretical disadvantage is that you can’t see obstacles very far away. However, you can easily leverage this disadvantage by switching back and forth from your sight.

It is important to not always stay in the thermal view when using the thermal sight. Keep situational awareness. This will save you more than once.

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