World War 3 – Tips and Tricks + Equipments

World War 3 – Tips and Tricks + Equipments 1 -
World War 3 – Tips and Tricks + Equipments 1 -

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Hello and welcome, In this guide, we will tell you everything about World War 3 – Tips and Tricks + Equipments Follow this guide step by step.


Medkit, Ammo, Equipment package – has a ton of potential. However, infantry will spam this anyway. So it’s pretty useless.

Bomb OFAB 120 (3 Bombs)

I haven’t used the small bombs very much. Yes, you now have three instead of two, but I still don’t believe it’s worth buying.

Bomb OFAB 250 (2 Bombs)

Oh yes. This is a beast. Two missiles on a vehicle will blow it up even if they are hit fairly close.

Bombs will explode IMMEDIATELY AFTER impact. DO NOT use timers. For your own survival, you must be aware of this.

Also, IMPORTANT! No matter how quickly you fly, the bombs will drop directly to the ground.

The closer you are, the faster it will explode – so be careful to not damage your helicopter.

Tips and Tricks

APS of the tank blocks rockets. If they have 3 APS in five seconds, shoot him, wait five seconds, and then spam his entire body with them.

Collisions do cause not much damage. 10-20, depending on speed. (Can even be more at very high speeds). In rare instances, you can even use collisions to change your flight path immediately.

The Spawn vehicles will need exactly one 250 bombs and one random missile, as the bomb causes approximately 95% of damage. Also, since they do not move, it’s easy to hit them.

Helicopters defend open points EXTREMELY effectively. A point being captured? Fly past and kill all. Your team is still on point. (You’re not able to see your defensive score on the scoreboard. But if you do this, you’ll become the MVP of the game.

– Mark. Mark. Mark. Mark. You will earn points. Your teammates will help to destroy enemy tanks before you finish them. Overall, it is an advantage for you.

– You unfortunately have the exact same “Out of Maps”, as Infantry. Out of Map death is less of a concern now that you don’t have to worry about the Jammer robbing movement. But don’t worry about them either! Sometimes these zones can give you good protection for less than ten seconds.

High IQ Rocket tip. Rockets in windows are not as dangerous as you think. It’s easy to remember a rule of thumb. As long you didn’t reload the original rocket set, if there are an equal number of them, the rockets will come out the RIGHT. So, your crosshair needs to be on left of the glass. If you have an unbalanced amount of Rockets, the rockets will come out the LEFT. Position crosshairs to the right. Reloading doesn’t reset this configuration. Therefore, reloading if you have an unequal amount of rockets left can change this rule.

Helicopters, Smoke Artillery and other weapons are mighty. You can call in a smoke artillery or helicopter yourself, or through a Squadmate. Once you’ve bombarded an area with smoke and haze, your infantry or vehicles will feel secure. However, the thermal will see straight through them.

– Maps. Which maps are helicopter-friendly? On which less so? Moscow is the hardest map. It is easy to get shot at on this map, especially by tanks. Smolensk’s trees can make it difficult to use your helicopter due to the possibility of a rocket being blocked by leaves. Berlin and Warsaw provide a great advantage for the helicopter. There is plenty of cover. Open points where you can easily wipe. Hard to get killed. When playing Warsaw, it’s best to avoid the team that has the repair station located inside the building. It’s possible to fly inside with some training but it’s a hassle and wastes a lot time. Polyarny consists of a mixture. It’s definitely a riskier map. DMZ is surprisingly open and playable. My favorite. You will often get shot down by enemy tank spawns. Tokyo is very, very small, and this will be hard for a new pilot. It offers plenty of cover. The lack of open areas is the biggest drawback. You will have to focus your fire on the street and center. You will need a lot of experience to do well in this game.


Berlin = Warsaw > Smolensk > DMZ > Tokyo > Polyarny > Moscow

– How can you counter a Helicopter? It WAS pretty straightforward. Previously there was Jammer & RPG. You can choose between both or one. The new flight model has changed the game. Tanks can one-shot enemies, which makes them very powerful. Anti Air Rockets work wonders when they do. Don’t hesitate to use gunfire. A few blasts from a handful of people can make the enemy retreat. RPGs will still work wonders if the pilot has no experience. The german RPG in particular is horrifying once it hits.

In theory, it’s OP (out of proportion) to shoot down an Optics helicopter. But I’ve never seen it. Try it! Post your results:

Infantry can not repair your helicopter by using a repair device. I tried.

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