World War 3 – The Gargoyle HP Protection

World War 3 – The Gargoyle HP Protection 1 -
World War 3 – The Gargoyle HP Protection 1 -

Hey there, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you all about World War 3 – The Gargoyle HP Protection. Following this guide each steps.

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Cost: 3500 Pts Modules of Optics

The HP: The tankiest Helicopter

Speed: With the new Flightmodel, they’re all pretty much the same.

Maneuverability – the new flightmodels are all similar.

HP – Protection

What does Gargoyle’s 100 HP mean?

Anti Air rocket is 47 damage. In theory, that means you will survive three of them. In practice, you will only stay two. The rest of the damages you receive are from gunfire or minor damage mechanisms.

When an Anti Air missile hits you, you may want to return home because the second rocket is already on its journey. Anti Air Rockets might not be as deadly as you think. First, players rarely use them, so you won’t see them often. They are also quite buggy. You will have trouble locking onto the helicopter if you don’t understand the system. As a bonus, you can dodge them (though they are more common than in previous games).

RPG is a rocket that does approximately 64 damage. (The exact amount of damage may have changed, I will update the information once I get a good hit.) You should never be below 70 HP, but rockets can be a real threat with the new flying model unless you’re very static or the enemy is very skilled/lucky. So don’t be worried if you are below 70 HP.

I usually stay out of harm’s way as long as I still have 40 or more HP. If my Ammo runs low or there is high rocket threat, I will leave earlier.

German RPG– I do not have any exact numbers. It would still be a major threat if it weren’t for the fact the rockets are slower and harder-to-hit. I’ll expand more on this threat when I have a better understanding.

Tanks– are by FAR the biggest threat. Especially on open maps. By FAR. The reason is easy. They hit you one-on-one. Circle above the tank. This is your number one defense against a vehicle. You can also use the buildings on maps, such as Berlin. By avoiding them, you can focus on other areas of the map.

You’ll run into trouble when your opponent has 2 tanks far apart. Their gun elevation will be the able to target you. On some maps, in such a case, you are forced to wait for another opportunity.

BTRs- Do insane damage over a long period, but unlike tank, you have enough time to fly above or away from them. Plus, you can shoot down the enemy very quickly.

Infantry gunfire / RWCS on tanks and BTRs is a weak DoT, like in RPGs. It’s not fun to be exposed to them, but you will have to sooner or later.

Jammer– This was the death sentence for you in Season 1. The new flight model makes jammers less aggressive. What is a Jammer’s job? Previously, the jammer took 90% of your movements and left you a sitting Duck on the map. Now, you can move with ease. (It only takes away 10% from your movement now).

Season 0&1 – You lost your ability to move, but could still kill enemies with the mouse.

Season 2 Now – You are no longer able to aim. The random jitters make it impossible to kill enemies. But you can move to cover and back to the base.

(My opinion!) This system is much better now because it ensures you won’t misplace your helicopter. Even if you feel jittery, you can still aim for the target with lots of practice.

Artillery not a danger. You shouldn’t be standing directly in the flight path of an artillery piece, but even direct hits from most of them won’t kill. It’s rare to get hit by one.

What do I mean when I say You YOURSELF Well? As soon as your in game character dies – so does your helicopter. You should almost always call your helicopter once your character has reached your spawn point. Even if you’re hiding well, it only takes a random full-map radar for an enemy to find and kill you.

The helicopters do indeed have optics. It would be a huge OP to destroy them. But almost no one shoots them. In my flight time I only saw them being shot AT ONCE (and even then, they were not destroyed).

It would be great to shoot down the opticals on a chopper, but I’m not sure if it is difficult or if no one does it. I believe it’s the first. Further testing in this area might be necessary.

Remember that you can leave the helicopter at anytime by pressing the “F” key. And “8” will allow you to get back in. This is especially important while rearming/repairing, because you can utilize your collected Strike Points for Jammer/Radar/Artillery.

We’ve enjoyed assisting you with the World War 3 – The Gargoyle HP Protection and hope you found it useful. If you see any mistakes or have suggestions for how we can improve this post, do let us know in the comments. Best wishes for a lovely day, and thanks for your time and effort! Creator and writer Zmeja was the inspiration for this article. Don’t forget to add us to your bookmarks if you like the post; we update regularly with fresh stuff.

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