World of Warships – Ship classes compared as soldiers.

World of Warships – Ship classes compared as soldiers. 1 -
World of Warships – Ship classes compared as soldiers. 1 -
The point of this guide is to make a general understanding of each class in the game from destroyers to aircraft carriers and there purpose as well as there roles, which will be explained by comparing them as if they were ground units, soldiers to be exact, to better explain these classes.Hopefully this can be a mind opener for those who really don’t understand the classes or need a better explanation.



Destroyers are basically the extremely lightly armed units as well as being extremely vulnerable.However despite a lightly protected and lightly armed unit they have a couple of roles. 
Destroyers are usually good sources of intelligence as they are the first ones to get to an area as well as pass down information of what the enemy is doing at early stages of the match however doing so makes them extremely exposed to large amounts of enemy fire making a high chance of them being knocked out right away at the start of any match up.However destroyers can protect themselves and hide away in smoke clouds not only providing cover for themselves but for teammates as well.On top of that they are fast like hell giving them a small advantage to avoid long distance shells from the enemy. 
Destroyers are lightly armed yet as there main batteries are weak and can barely cause any serious damage.However that is not there only option of fighting, they got a powerful secondary weapon that can change tides and ruin lives quickly.Despite being lightly armed there secondary armaments torpedo’s make them deadly to slow moving targets and can cause a heap of damage if aimed properly.Torpedo’s have the ability of causing deadly strikes and blowing up ship magazines as easy as possible.Basically we can compare there torpedo’s to be some what of a bazooka in some sort of way. 
Destroyers are not mainly relied on by the team most of the time as there seen being mainly scouts giving the team vital information of the enemies whereabouts.They are essentially early game punches for both the enemy and allied teams to throw against one another before the real game begins.However, destroyers can change tides with there torpedo’s making them experts at demolition and easily knocking out ships. 


Cruisers are basically well rounded units often having decent of just about everything they are the main meat and source of what a light infantry man would be and still be effective in the battle field.Usually being the first on the front lines and fighting the bloody war in the first place.Now onto there roles: 
Light Infantry 
Cruisers are basically the first soldiers to get onto the battlefield sporting good weapons and good protection giving them a pretty fair chance in the heat of battle.There protected but lightly as well as there weapons having a good amount of punch but light as well.They are slightly slower than destroyers but not as heavy and slow like battleships, more into that later, this makes them important. 
Anti Aircraft Support 
If there is one good thing that cruisers can do its shooting down aircraft, there anti-aircraft guns can shoot entire squadrons in a matter of seconds making there guns painful to most aircraft carriers squadrons in the game. 
Jack of most trades 
Cruisers are able to perform a variety of most tasks, like being a destroyer having torpedo’s on there side or being a heavily armored battleship causing heaps of damage.They can perform most class tasks apart from one task.Which is sending in aircraft as they don’t have flight decks for gods sake still this attribute makes them useful in most scenarios. 
Cruisers are a little more relied on for there anti aircraft with games that have tough aircraft carriers.They can also be relied on to perform a series of tasks at times if it’d be blowing ships up with torps or getting objectives.They are good assets and need to be kept alive if you want a fair chance. 


Battleships are the tough units, they are heavily protected and heavily armed with powerful main batteries that have the potential of ending a ship immediately.However there bulk styles becomes a weakness to them as sometimes there a bit overpowered.Now roles: 
Main infantry 
There is a variety to say about why there the main infantry, for one there class is played the most in world of warships and they are used in most if not every single damn battle.On top of that they are used to being focused on as the main threat and get into close fights with the enemy often making them important. 
There main batteries have a long distance range, if put with the right upgrades, they can fire from large distances making them unique on there own.They can merely fire across well 85% of the map making them deadly from a distance if the shells hit like there supposed to. 
Armored units 
There armor is the thickest in the game and it protects them well it makes them very slow yet it awards them with the protection they need from multiple ships attacking them, unless those units attacking said battleships are also battleships, and it makes battleships hard to sink. 
To be real with you battleships play a major role of being the main meat in most battles as well as being expected to be the main forces fighting the enemy at times.They are slower and have a hard time reloading at times but damn they cause a lot of damage and can take a lot of hits themselves. 

Aircraft carriers

Last but not least aircraft carriers.This class is often considered a important class for multiple reasons and is the most valuable unit in the game yielding the most points if destroyed.Therefore making them high targets.They are even more exposed and barely have any armor on them apart of basic 6mm armor.Yet they can be often deadly or at least they have a choice of being deadly.Roles: 
Air Force 
Basically this class flies the aircraft in the game being a air force that needs to keep air superiority while helping team mates win the battle at the same time so basically there also fighting a suppressing air force at the same time. 
Support class 
Aircraft carriers are not the main killers in most matches, sometimes they are but thats not often, a main role with an aircraft carrier is to provide support to allies when they need it.Being attacked by enemy aircraft send fighters, being attacked by a higher health enemy ship send bombers,rockets,or torpedo bombers to suppress that damn ship and provide cover.Aircraft carriers need to be a support to help there team win most of the time. 
I cant stress enough times how often the aircraft carrier is blamed, most players point fingers at the aircraft carrier at most time even if there team is winning.They are extremely valuable and are small in numbers making them relied on by the team to protect them from enemy aircraft while supporting them at the same damn time.Aircraft carriers have to be careful of what they do in matches or it may cause some certain issues. 


I hope this guide has helped you better understand world of warships’s in-game classes and make it so that you know how to play a certain class when you reach it or are in it.So good luck fighting those damn ships with this new knowledge in mind.Also thank you for reading the guide its appreciated. 


I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about World of Warships – Ship classes compared as soldiers.; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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