Woods of Death 2 – Characters and strategies Gameplay Basics

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Woods of Death 2 – Characters and strategies Gameplay Basics 1 - steamlists.com

Basic information of the game, characters and strategies.


Woods Of Death 2
The object of the game is to fight off 60 enemies and then 3 bosses.
This is done by entering the ‘Woods of Death’ and later the ‘Bosses’.
You’ll see a red HP bar up top that represents the enemies health.
You also have one for your character near the bottom.
There is an XP bar (experience bar) at the bottom that will increase in green every time you defeat an enemy. Once the XP reaches the end of the bar, you will gain a level and move on to the next enemy. The higher the level the enemy is, the more XP that you will earn.

You will also see how many points you have spent on each ability, what your attack is, and how much defense you have. You can run out of the woods and return to town at anytime.

After Level 10, if you don’t run to town for safety and die in the woods, you will lose a percentage of your needed XP.

The Inn

The Inn is where you go to replenish your HP (health points) and MP (mana points).
MP (mana points) are used for character classes that use magic.
You can take naps for free. It may take a few mouse clicks though.
You can pay to have a full nights sleep and you’ll replenish all HP and MP in one click.

Training Center

In the Training Center, you are able to upgrade 5 different abilities with your ability points in anyway that you like.
The 5 abilities are:
Stamina increases HP (health points). You get different rewards depending on what Character Class you are. See in game for the exact amounts. Melee characters gain more health per each level of Stamina then do Magic classes.
Wisdom increases the amount of XP (experience) that enemies give. The information screen in game will show the current amount.

Luck increases the amount of gold picked up from enemies. The information screen in game will show the current amount.

Hit increases the chance of hitting the enemy (not missing) and also the accuracy of weapon damage. More accuracy gives a better chance of using more of your weapons maximum damage.
Accuracy chart:

  • Hit level 0-39 –> 50-100% weapon damage (half damage is the lowest)
  • Hit level 40-44 –> 55-100% weapon damage
  • Hit level 45-49 –> 60-100% weapon damage
  • Hit level 50-54 –> 65-100% weapon damage
  • Hit level 55-59 –> 70-100% weapon damage
  • Hit level 60-64 –> 75-100% weapon damage
  • Hit level 65-69 –> 80-100% weapon damage
  • Hit level 70-74 –> 85-100% weapon damage
  • Hit level 75-79 –> 90-100% weapon damage
  • Hit level 80 —–> 92-100% weapon damage
  • Hit level 80 with Orb Of Accuracy –> 95-100% weapon damage!

Evade increases the chance that the enemy will not hit you. The highest achievable is 50% at the time that this guide was created.



Once you reach Level 5, you will then be able to choose your character class.
There are 6 different classes that you can choose from:
Magic Class: Cleric, Warlock, or Sorceror
Melee Class: Warrior, Paladin, or Rogue
The first three are magic classes. They use MP to cast their spells. They do more damage then the melee classes, but they aren’t quite as tough as they have lower HP.
Magic classes use some mana (MP) with their magic attacks. If they are running low on mana and do a melee hit, it is lower in damage than what a melee class would do.
The next three are melee classes. They may not do as much damage, but they are tough as they have more health (HP).
The Warrior has an extra meter called Adrenaline. When you get hit, you’ll gain a random amount and when you evade, you’ll gain a random amount. See information in game to see how much.

Here is a list of the special abilities of each class:
Bless – increasees Evade, Hit, and Attack for the current turn.
Heal – Heal yourself a certain amount. Be warned, you can still get hit.
Holy Shield – You won’t get hurt on this turn. Also, you are guaranteed to hit the enemy.

Weaken – Once casted, enemy attacks are reduced by a certain percentage until the fight is over.
Curse – Once casted, the enemy will bleed out a certain amount of damage for each turn until the fight is over.
Soul Drain – a certain amount of your attack on enemy is returned as HP. You are also guaranteed to hit the enemy.

Fireball – Magic damage
Ice – Magic damage
Earthquake – Magic damage and you won’t get hit.
Charge – sacrifices a certain amount of your HP to attack for more attack damage.
Bash – use adrenaline points to attack for a certain amount of damage.
Hero Strike – use adrenaline points to attack for a certain amount of damage and you will not get hit.

Might – sacrifices some of your HP to buff you for extra attack damage. This lasts for the remainder of the fight.
Power Shield – sacrifices some of your HP to increase defense by deducting an additional percentage of damage.
Avenge – After getting hit a certain number of times during battle, you can unleash extra damage.

Steal – Steals a certain percentage of the current enemies gold drop value. You will not attack and you may get hit.
Distract – Throw coins to distract enemy. You throw a certain percentage of enemy gold drop value. Hit and Evade guaranteed! You’ll strike with extra damage!
Shadow – Cast Shadow and you will not be hit for 2 turns. The cast includes a normal attack. You will sacrifice some health for this attack.

Weapon Shop

You start out with no weapon. You will only throw rocks at everything.
There are 11 different weapons to choose from, each being more expensive then the previous. Melee and Magic classes both use the same weapons, but Magic classes will do more damage with the same weapon while using mana.
After you choose your class, the adjusted damages will display for you.

Armor Shop

There are four types of Armor: Chest / Helmets / Gloves / Boots
There are four tiers to each type: Tier 1 / Tier 2 / Tier 3 / Tier 4
The first tier is priced low, but it increases fast.
Once you max out all armor to tier 4, you can go to the Blacksmith and increase it to Tier 5 and Tier 6!

General Store

The general store has some very nice items.
You can buy potions or Orbs. Potions are temporary. Orbs are permanent.

  • Health Potion – replenishes HP by a %
  • Mana Potion – replenishes MP by a %
  • Defense Potion – increases defense by a % until the remainder of the fight
  • Attack Potion – increases Attack by a % until the remainder of the fight


  • Orb of Vitality – permanently increases HP
  • Orb of Luck – permanently increases Luck
  • Orb of Accuracy – permanently increases Hit chance
  • Orb of Wisdom – permanently increases Wisdom
  • Orb of Regeneration – regenerate HP each turn
  • Orb of Attack – permanently increases Attack


Card Shop

After reaching the required level , you will be able to start collecting cards. They are randomly dropped from defeating enemies. The lower level cards are easier to find. When you fight enemies that are between level 55 and 59, you have slightly better odds at finding a card. At level 60 and up, you will have a much better chance at finding cards between 30 and 60. You will also be able to enter the Card Shop.
In the Card Shop, you can see what cards you have collected. You can click on each one to see all of the data on each enemy. It will show you:

  • Enemy name
  • Minimum and maximum attack
  • HP
  • Gold dropped
  • XP given
  • Critical chance
  • Critical hit multiplier
  • Attack type

When you collect all 60 cards, you will be awarded an additional 1000 Ability points and 100 million gold!


After reaching level 60, you will be able to fight the bosses.
They are much more difficult to beat, but they will reward you well in order to help you with the next boss. Once you beat the last boss, you will have beaten the game!


Ability Points:
Starting out can be a challenge. It may be helpful to invest your Ability Points into Stamina at first, then into Hit so that you will be able to take the enemies out.
Ability Points Rare Bonus:
Defeating an enemy between levels 7 to 60 has a 3% chance of obtaining an ability points bonus. The higher level enemies will give bigger rewards. Wisdom will also help increase the size of the bonus.
When you gain enough experience (XP) to reach the next level, sometimes the new enemy is too hard to take on. To help with this, go to Town and you can click the -> choose enemy <- drop down and select a previous enemy that is easier to beat. Do this until you make enough gold for upgrades or reach the next level.

Upgrading weapons is probably one of the biggest items to help during early game.

Potions & Orbs:
As you get higher up in level, you’ll start to receive more gold. At this stage, you may find it helpful to purchase some potions and Orbs to make your character that much stronger.
Reaching Tier 4 in all Armor items will reduce damage. Tier 5 is stronger, and finally Tier 6 giving the highest damage reduction.
At Level 50, collect enough rivets, metal strips, and leather to have the Blacksmith build Tier 5 and then Tier 6 armor.
Note: More information on the actual percentages and numbers will be shown in the information section in game.

Written by RadDad

This is all about Woods of Death 2 – Characters and strategies Gameplay Basics; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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