Wobbledogs – Useful Codes

Wobbledogs – Useful Codes 6 - steamlists.com
Wobbledogs – Useful Codes 6 - steamlists.com

Welcome to Wobbledogs – Useful Codes Guide.

These are some of my Wobble dogs, which may help you achieve goals or amuse you. These are my wobble dogs’ codes.

The achievement can be obtained by copying and pasting the code. All these dogs are adults, so you can start breeding them immediately. They could perish if left outside for too long, so I advise keeping them in a secure location and making a copy for play.




Blueberry’s code: dF04AE891CE3^E888E380ca4F42^F592a1B0CFA7005E9CC^B3m1T3D781ebu6:aA25B808<B3b0a:c8148aE0C9590b41193EF31180;966<lac^<c=<:102=3:FA2eA0h72:8b4c9419=2<bF::;6Cb:05a051FCF=F^B3;FaF:6hBb0:2a4:F3CCFF39aF31CB026F03BFF6406e4:DrycA18U5C8^31896b83C2^.6240^e2c031911100b1r00A;D3d:;F35fcj824C7;AE6:8bA^LC10E6e^9E7bB9FF^CA408.1AB7EB

Wobbledogs - Useful Codes - Blueberry - AB1784C

Has: Bat wings, blueish-grey color, kinda small but not sufficient for the achievement i believe, Curly flufftail, quite flat, but not enough to achieve, Shocked/scared eye, mouth and pink ears


Vamara’s Code: 0870F^A;FD<c98q1C2860312F452C:AC5A^16410931^4:D:B9c101BF2006c3<9^8aF19A1C2BBb1q09E80c:0B0c1CFa682ADB:=c8a;<Ca3;c5bC=031;a;d=Ea893:ccA01C1FaBFhFDa70C7F:30<:c3b=9A435^cF<L8324500aFcCC2FFF4^;6EE3FF2B30A0U^C2aFc:6Fd.5CE46<c3^0^e5a6c.0V:-B:1m1a1^02C1rB5121Ag8989ACF34^2BF2FaBa82414TcBDbA9bEsbE2D:14F4BB;b6b82F8a

Wobbledogs - Useful Codes - Vamara - 47124DC

6 eggs () leggy achievement, Bat wings (), Kinda small, but not enough for achievement, Flowy tail(that tail achievement). Scared eyes, Dark red body, Blueish-white head/legs


PeaBrain’s Code: 4Da51i=A80=F63T48607008^A58031b8^^C1AA809A33ACAa729F1b3E9F1Ad4C56ar6cF0:90504=CC402101BDa1e30cA6F0c10A;8^a0c2^1:87=2F6a0Ea==88;1:cc=h6a2F;:8a1FF:A12g:8C14:A:0F3bb3DBF::;44312E.F2F0<f226.C^F728F0gCFFC<FF030EFP63;DFF45i<80b0U8aL1^^b018148EB7;c23anj0d0dC0320aF0FAF384e<E^640B13bAEAA0c0F0^00:8bEAcC25F18;0D80b^c24001

Wobbledogs - Useful Codes - PeaBrain - 0BD38CE

Has A tail with fluff at the bottom (the tail achievement). VERY small heads (() that is the 2 head achievement). Big body, Cyan, Yellow legs/heads, Long eyes, Dark blue ears, Down curved snout (why couldn’t i name it).


Mocha’s Code: 0a48FFED0aFF3:;0881^06430-3223252c^4F=^80C0a;^0aD82001g4DF890188C28c9311139g8277b=0^18b6011A82Bhd<0eb=9=C904D3828c92bA4:3:cc05:72c1;4d7=093<a<F=3<F:44:8CADc0F;;C8;0bCB30<1FF2^C<aCD141^10CF02CB33B0BA004E8F13FAh^34ccFcFaL0:1U36T384^a02566dMo2^10E188A90258ea280C28aaj09072bc:8Da9FF8221.177D2;172.07:cC88A15^FA1ab0:0

Wobbledogs - Useful Codes - Mocha - 4095ACE

Has: Very tiny heads (PeaBrain achievement,) spindly legs achievement, I think). Tail with fluff going inside (.). 2 heads (. 2 head achievement). Pink body, Square eyes


Bigerfly’s Code: FF0:B48aF8h84U;:03E0:8888g<A9228aC82C4A^A:5625Cda21cFDeAf0C05D89303b3FA000ac9<3B1F2F;00112ai1;Fbc00E01641<288c66C60a:b:A;a::5:7:^;a=8=5cc0C0FFF<^:cbdb=24BC:00C1<3F<b480^D7L1F=5-c2807aDFB0B.0F7F00FjCE3EFc0<3ErD030cD^^36g8F.181C22<10FB8gEFc1a^l^0D000d02y8fCEc48d^0F1f08Fa^14F860c0F2^Fjh6aA1E1AE383dFE2c9216E820TF

Wobbledogs - Useful Codes - Bigerfly - B38280E

It has a very large head (. I believe it qualifies as a Bighead achievement). They also have very short legs (. Another reason they can’t walk well) is because of their thin bodies. (.). (. Curly fluff tail.). Pink ears. Scared eyes. Orange body, very light blue head/legs


Written by Aurra Minx

This is about Wobbledogs – Useful Codes; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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