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We;come to Wobbledogs – List of New Items Guide.

A Wobbledog overview of the new products! This manual is not complete. Future updates will be made.


A complete list of items

* Wrapped gift

* Candy Cane

* Cheese Ball

* Fruitcake

• Winter Decorations


Wrapped Gifts allow you to obtain the food items. The food items in the wrapped gift can be random, and more than one can spawn at any given time.

Wrapped Gift

Wrapped Gift:

Wobbledogs - List of New Items - Wrapped Gift - 4D92819

The wrapped gift:

You can find the Wrapped Gift Toy by digging on Snowy Carpet. It functions similarly to the Capsule. It can be stored and will go into your toy box.


When left-clicked, and unwrapped, the Wrapped Gift drops items. It also drops 3 new food items.

It drops:

* Candy Cane

* Cheese Ball

* Fruit Cake

Candy Cane

“Not a good substitute for an actual cane.”

Candy cane is common. It takes 2 bites (to finish, just like the tooth).

Wobbledogs - List of New Items - Candy Cane - D5D1798

Flora and Effects:


A brand new flora is described as “A two-toned floral that seems inviting”.


  • White Body
  • White Legs
  • Red Pattern
  • Intense Pattern
  • Red Nose/Ears


This flora is a healthy addition to any canine’s gut.


  • Long Legs
  • Long Body


Cheese Ball

“Festive Ball of Cheese”

It takes four bites to finish this festive cheese ball. It looks like it is.

Several types of seeds are used to cover the area.

 Wobbledogs - List of New Items - Candy Cane - D5D1798

Flora and Effects :

Nasus Enterica

“Many different shapes are happening here.”

  • Big Nose

Clisotrium Latriphilius

A beneficial flora is often used to help dogs adapt to cold climates.

  • Thick Body
  • Short Legs


Written by Luminfinite

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Wobbledogs – List of New Items, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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