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This is a guide dedicated to providing lists of yields for different hex upgrades in different conditions. Math stuff may be included later, we’ll see. Work in progress, current to game version



Who doesn’t love delicious, delicious economic exploitation of undeveloped lands and native cultures?

In Wizards & Warlords the economy is one of the primary focuses of the gameplay, and the economy depends largely on the construction and defense of Resource Sites which exploit a tile for a particular resource yield depending on the tile terrain and features. Many of the specifics change regularly due to the incredible work ethic and vision of the developer, Valravn Games, so Boilerplate Disclaimer: This guide may or may not be updated at any given time. Life is hard and there’s a lot going on that may draw me away from upkeeping this reference. The following sections will be structured by potential site and will contain a brief overview of costs, skill relevance, and the yields of that site on all available hex types. For quick reference, simply go to the section of the desired hex upgrade, and you can find the best possible sites for it. I will also include sections on the different resource deposits and what to expect from them at the end of the guide.

What this guide is

This guide is a reference list of economic outputs intended to simplify the search for the ‘best’ spot to put Resource Sites in your sprawling and complex empire.

What this guide is not

This guide is not a walkthrough or strategic guide, though I may include small tips in the specific sections if they are relevant.

Resource Sites: Universal

All sites have a base construction time of 12 turns divided by the number of workers assigned. The maximum workers working on a site construction is 4, so the fastest you can build any site is 3 turns.

Upgrading a site requires workers with specific skills, which will be mentioned in the site specific sections of the guide, and goes faster or slower based on the total relevant skill level of assigned workers at the site. Upgrades always add +1 worker slot and +5% yield to the site.

Completed Sites yield resources whether you staff them or not, but will yield at minimum +10% more per worker assigned, and will yield far more if the worker is well suited to the Site. Staffing bonuses stack additively, not multiplicatively.

Damaged Sites (usually the result of Beasts spending multiple turns in their hex) yield a progressively lower % of their base yield, but repair automatically when the offending Beasts are removed.

All sites except Shrines benefit from the Seafaring skill at a rate of 5% per level when they are adjacent to oceans.

Resource Sites: Farms



The good old trusty farm is the building block of civilization, going back to circa 4000 BCE. In W&W they are a consistent source of food and minor gold income once you hit food cap.


Farms cost 550 Gold and 50 Lumber. If you build them in Magma Plains, the gold price is doubled to 1100 and an extra 40 iron is required, for a total of 1100 Gold, 50 Lumber, and 40 Iron.

Construction and Upgrades

Farms do not require specific skills to construct or staff, but can only be upgraded by workers with Agriculture skill >= the current level of the Farm.

Skills and Traits

Farms benefit from the Agriculture skill at +25% per level, the Domestic skill at +5% per level, the Herbalism skill at +1 herb per level, and from Cultural Traits such as Master Farmer (+25%), Pact with Nature(+5%), and Industrious(+5%). As usual, Agriculture and Domestic do not stack.

Terrain Type Improvement Yield
Plains 40 Food
Arid Plains 25 Food
Desert Unavailable
Frozen Plains Unavailable
Magma Plains 10 Food
Grassland 62.5 Food
Tundra 17.5 Food
Shrubland 50 Food
Marsh Unavailable
Swamp Unavailable
Forest Unavailable
Taiga Unavailable
Jungle Unavailable
Hills 50 Food
Arid Hills 12.5 Food
Desert Hills Unavailable
Frozen Hills Unavailable
Forested Hills Unavailable
Rocky Badlands 10 Food
Mountains 32.5 Food
Arid Mountains 10 Food
Desert Mountains Unavailable
Frozen Mountains Unavailable
Forested Mountains Unavailable
River Adjacency Bonus +12.5 Food


Resource Sites: Hunters’ Lodge



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