Winter Voices – Companion + Skills Guide

Winter Voices – Companion + Skills Guide 1 -
Winter Voices – Companion + Skills Guide 1 -

An explanation about the companion skills, their friendship stats, and the choices to make for the skills you want.


Throughout Winter Voices you may meet three companion characters:
The Crow: Met at the end of the Prologue.
Ven: Met at the end of Episode 2, but can be missed.
Chichi: Met towards the end of Episode 5.
These characters may accompany you for the remainder of the journey. They may be conversed with, defining your relationship with them which provides skills for use during the game’s encounters.
Some of these skills are variable, where you can only get one of three skills depending on the choices you make during conversations.
Others have high relationship requirements and may be difficult to acquire if you do not understand how each choice affects the relationship. This is particularly true for the final companion Chichi, who has very few relationship-affecting conversations.
Please note
This guide was substantially written in mid-late 2018 but left in an almost-complete state for over 3 years before being completed for publication to help a friend in early 2022. The details of the sections completed last may not be entirely correct, in particular the stats explanation.

Stats explanation

After joining you, each companion’s portrait in the upper right corner of the screen can be clicked to display a screen that shows their flavour details, any unlocked skills, a Talk option, and a Relation section with two stats: Approbation and Romance.
The stats
Approbation is not a singular stat, but a representation of three hidden stats. For the purpose of this guide, those stats are called A, B and C. The Approbation shown is the average of the three stats; if A is 30, B is 0 and C is 0, Approbation will show as 10%.
Romance is a singular stat. The stat displayed on the screen is what it is.
Raising stats
A, B, C and Romance are all raised the same way; during gameplay you may converse with companions and often get to select from multiple choices. Some of these choices raise each stat. This is not displayed by the game; the sections below detail which choices raise stats and by how much.
Unlocking skills
All companions have four skills.
The first skill is always the same, and is automatically available when the companion joins.
The second skill is always the same. It is gained when Approbation reaches 20%, which means the total of A, B and C is at least 60.
The third skill can be one of three different skills. It is gained if A, B or C reach 100, and is determined by which of A, B or C reach 100 first. Raising a second of these stats to 100 does not allow its skill to be learned as an addition or replacement.
The fourth skill is unlocked if Romance reaches 100%. Due to Ven and Chichi not having enough dialogue options that raise Romance, it is only legitimately available for the crow.

Crow: Skills

Skill 1:

Familiar SpiritRegenerate 5 EP/round.

Skill 2:

SummoningSummon the Crow. All enemies in the area of effect lose 2 PP.

Skill 3:

AMemoryMemory +25. “Summoning” costs 0 PP.
BAigle Noir“Summoning” recharge -1. Each time you cast it, you receive Level x 5 damage.
CExclusionEnemies affected by “Summoning” disappear for 1 round. They lose twice the amount of PP.


Inner CrowIncreases mitigation by 5%. Reduce maximal Energy by 10%.


Crow: Prologue

Exiting the village (automatic):
(As you are to leave the village, you suddenly stop. In a flutter of wings, a crow settles on your shoulder. Its strong claws make you cry out of pain. He turns towards you and look at your eyes.)

(chase the crow away.)....
(pet the crow.)+5..+1
(pay no attention to it and go on walking.)....

[Choosing to chase the crow away means it will not join as a companion.]

Crow: Episode 1

At the start of the episode:
(The crow seems to sleep.)

What an annoying animal… (let him sleep).+10..
I wonder what it’s doing here.+10...
Bah… At the very least… If I am hungry… (smile)..+10.
(Leave him asleep)....

After the third encounter (automatic):
(As you arrive near a refuge, the crow wakes up form one of its long daily episode of lethargy. It starts pecking on your ear repeatedly. Until the incessant movement forces you to react.

Go away, you scum!See below
You’re tickling me! (smile and caress the animal)See below
That’s the last straw!See below

Answering “Go away, you…” above:
(The crow flies away for a bit, before returning to your shoulder.)

Will you shut up! (kick it).+25..
Come here, stupid bird. (Ruffle its feathers).+15+5+10
(laugh) Persistent, huh? Do as you please..+10+15+5

Answering “You’re tickling me…” above:
(The corbeau slightly shakes its head, flap its wings, then goes back to sleep.

Good little bird…+15..+15
It’s so cute!+15..+25
You’re right, sleep, your meat will get more tender… I like this little bird, but what a moron…+10+5+10+20

Answering “That’s the last…” above:
(The crow stops for a moment, turns its head to look at you, then proceed to peck on your ear again.)

This bird is truly dumb..+5+15.
So cute…+10.+10+5
(Throw the crow on the ground.).+15+10.

Immediately after the previous conversation:
(The crow totally ignores you.) Caââââw…

(Annoyed) Can you not go and caw somewhere else? Go hunt something, go away, go….+10..
(laugh) Looks like you don’t really like me…+10.+5.
Woaw. You have almost as much conversation as Kaleki. A bit the same attitude too...+10.
(leave it be)....

Talking with Allti Ruuma:
(The crow looks suddenly agitated.)

He, shut up, nasty animal!.+10..
Yes, yes, it’s ok, it’s ok.+10...
Don’t pay attention. My food supply...+10.

After talking with Allti Ruuma:
(The crow seem to be cleaning its wing with its beak. It doesn’t seem to pay the slightest attention to you.)

Hey you, the bird, would you mind paying attention when i talk to you?.+5..
I feel very lonely at the moment… But you, at least, seem to be quite understanding.+5..+5
(dreaming) It’s been a while I haven’t had a bath. I should take one, one of these days...+5+15
(Not speaking to it.)....

After the ninth encounter (automatic):

Shut up, scumbag! This bird has been following me for days. What a pain!.+10..
It’s my companion… It’s rather discreet. You got a problem with that?+10...
Oh, that? That’s just in case I run out of food, you see… It’s cute, isn’t it?..+10+5


Crow: Episode 2

After the first route choice:
(The crow seems restless.)

Calm down, you filthy wretch… Bah..+10..
Come now, old thing. Is something wrong? (Stroke the animal.)+10..+5
Don’t worry, I have enough to eat… For now...+10.
(Ignore it.)....

After the first night (automatic):
(As you progress among the ruins the crow, who has seemed restless for a few days now, suddenly flies off. Before you can do anything about it, he disappears.)

(You ignore it.)....
(You call after it for ten minutes, in vain.)...+15
(You tell yourself he’ll surely come back and to get back on the road. With a little luck, he’ll bring back something to eat.)+5+5+5.

Immediately after the previous conversation:
(You search for the crow. You think you can see him circling high above you, but you are not sure. Your view is obscured by the blizzard.)

Come back you dirty beast, I’m HUNGRY! That’s what I kept you for!.+10+5.
Come back! You’ll catch cold!+10..+5
(You figure that you have more pressing problems and you let the matter drop.).+5+10.
(You ignore it.)....

After the sixth encounter (automatic):
(As you prepare to get back to your travels, you see the crow descending, circling. As if nothing had happened he lands on your shoulder and falls asleep almost immediately.)

Is this a joke?….+5..
You’re back! (burst into tears) I missed you, I was so sad… (hug it tightly)+15..+15
Get the hell out of here! For good! I never want to see you again!....
(laughing) You low-down dirty selfish manipulative beast…..+5.

Answering “Get the hell…” above:
(The crow opens its eyes and looks at you.) Caaaw?

You heard me? Get the hell outta here! (chase the crow from your shoulder)Crow leaves
Ok, ok… Let it drop.None

Immediately after the previous conversation:
(The crow keeps sleeping.)

When does this stupid thing eat? Doesn’t he ever get cold? Does he just sleep all the time or what?.+10+5.
He’s so cute when he’s asleep… (stroke him)+10..+5
If only he could keep me warm..+5+5.
(Let him sleep.)....

If Ven is encountered (automatic):
Ven: What a strange crow. He must have smelled the leftover meal in my beard…

I doubt it. That animal never eats..+5+5.
I’m jealous. He’s never done that to me.+5.+5+5
Strange? An imbecile, rather. That animal has no idea what it’s doing..+5..
(laughing) You eat with your beard? How elegant! My crow must be jealous.
[Humor > 50]

If Ven is missed (automatic):
(The crow flies off, circles the abandoned camp fire for a bit and then comes back to rest on your shoulder. In his beak he is holding a large piece of bloody meat.)

Give me that! (Tear the meat out of his beak and swallow it).+5..
Let’s share, ok? (stroke the animal)+5...
You see what you can do when you want to? (smile)..+5.


Crow: Episode 3

At the start of the episode:
(The crow almost seems interested by what is going on around him.)

We didn’t come as tourists, you know…..+10.
(affectionate) Do you want to visit?+10..+5
Don’t you want to fly away for a bit to see? Far, that way..+10..
(Leave him alone.)....

After the ceremony:
(The crow seems nervous, almost alarmed.)

Look, the little bird is chickening out… Always around when he’s not wanted, but the first to flee when things get a bit rough, eh?.+10..
(alarmed) Easy does it, old man! Calm down! Here, have a piece of our rations…+10...
(amused) Don’t you like being high up in the mountains?..+10.
(Ignore him.)....

After the sixth encounter (automatic):
(As you leave the shelter, the crow lets out an ear-splitting cry. It’s as if he fears what is coming. Or that he’s impatiently waiting.)

What do you want? You’ve already eaten.+10...
Well… That makes me want to go...+10.
Be quiet, you dirty beast! If you’re afraid, you can stay here. I can do without you..+10..
(Ignore him.)....

After entering the mountain pass:
(The crow shivers. It seems as if the altitude has had the better of him. He holds on to your shoulder with difficulty and, even though he has puffed his feathers and is squinting his eyes, it’s not enough to shield him from the snow.)

Here, make yourself useful. Come under my clothes, instead of becoming food reserves you’ll become a little heater...+10.
Poor thing! Come under my clothes, I’ll warm you up.+10...
(Let him shiver.)....

During the eleventh encounter (automatic):
(As you cross the bridge the crow suddenly flies away, rises into the blizzard with ease and starts letting out piercing caws.)

What’s that idiot doing? Everything is going to collapse!.+10..
(Cry out too and charge straight ahead.)+10...
Well, when it comes to messing about…..+10.


Crow: Episode 4

At the start of the episode:
(The crow seems happy.) Caawwwwww……

Doing alright are we? Little turd….+10..
(gaga) Are you happy? Are you happy? What a sweet little crow you are…+10...
(laugh) There’s one who’s not making to much of an effort getting down, eh?..+10.
(Let him take advantage.)....

After getting on the barge:
(The crow played all day with the birds on the river. He seems to have terrified them somewhat.)

You can eat one if you want, you know...+10.
You’re friends again?+10...
Seems like we found a use for you….+10..
(You make no comment.)....

Day 5 on the barge:
(The crow is even more lugubrious than usual. From time to time he lets out a piercing cry that terrifies the passengers. Then he returns to his dark and focussed silence.)

You’re just what I need to cheer me up…..+10.
If you’re not happy then beat it, loser!.+10..
(sigh) I couldn’t agree more.+10...
(Say nothing.)....


Crow: Episode 5

The whole episode:
(Since you left the boat, the crow is in a strange mood. It stays still, silent. It doesn’t answer to anything.)
[No relationship-building available for the crow this episode.]

Crow: Episode 6

At the start of the episode:
(The crow seems to have woken a little since you arrived at the base of the falls. His head stirs lightly.)

You really are an unkillable piece of [censored], aren’t you?.+10..
Do you want something to eat?+10...
(Ignore him.)..+10.
(Say nothing.)....


Ven: Skills

Skill 1:

MysteryPerspicacity +30

Skill 2:

PyreIncreases your Intuition by 50 for next round and reduce damages received from close enemies (2 tiles) by 5% for the whole fight (can be stacked.)

Skill 3:

AWho by Fire“Pyre” has a 100 Intuition Bonus.
BGrey FireThe radius of “Pyre” is increased by 2 tiles.
CGuilty’s too GrandDodge +5%. You can cast “Pyre” for 0 PP.


To the End of LoveMemory +30

(It is impossible to get this skill; optimal dialogue choices still do not raise romance to 100.)

Ven: Episode 2

Encountering Ven (automatic):
(As you approach, the man seems to notice your presence. He turns around. He looks at you. You do not recoil. His hair and beard are black. His eyes, a deep endless black, do not want to tell you anything. He does not smile. He does not seem surprised to see you either.)
[This conversation is lengthy. All routes lead to the below option.]
During the above conversation:
It is a difficult journey through the tundra. Where are you going like that?

I am going to take my father’s ashes to the Bay of Sapphire...5.
I am going there where I am a stranger..5.5
I don’t care. Anywhere rather than where I was.5...

Immediately after the above:
In any case, we must go to the village at the foot of the mountain. You have to go that way to get to the river. We could make our way together. What do you think?

[Any other option.]None
Achievement: Hunter’s Lullaby
No thank you. I prefer to travel alone.Ven does not join

[The rest of the dialogue in this chapter does not affect relationship.]

Ven: Episode 3 (Part 1)

This chapter has a unique mechanic with an additional stat raised by selecting flirtatious choices. This stat is included in this chapter only as E; it does not directly affect Ven’s stats but changes the outcome of a dialogue option later in the chapter to give more stats.
Here we are. Let’s start by finding the communal house. I think that a little rest won’t hurt us.

That’s true. Let’s go......
I would like to look around a bit beforehand......
(maliciously) I hope we won’t have to sleep in the same bed.....+1

(Ven watches you dozing, with amusement.) I’m not sure this is the best place to sleep… Let’s head towards the communal house.
[This conversation doesn’t give any relationship increases.]
While talking to Old Pakkasta:
(he smiles slightly) Enthusiastic? She might be chattier than a lumberjack… That’s not necessarily to reassure me.
[This conversation doesn’t give any relationship increases.]
(he whispers as he smiles slightly.) “Far above everyone”… What an interesting expression… That volva is certainly arousing my curiosity.
[This conversation doesn’t give any relationship increases.]
While talking to Elif:
(he whispers) Demanding? Ha ha! On more than one level you could say…
[This conversation doesn’t give any relationship increases.]
(he smiles) Well then, it seems as if she managed to annoy you.
[This conversation doesn’t give any relationship increases.]
Well, she’s a person with… character. I actually found you quite reserved. I would have thought that you’d get annoyed more quickly.
[This conversation doesn’t give any relationship increases.]
What is wrong (Name)?

Hmm. You seem very cultured for a simple itinerant hunter. It makes me curious.See below
If it’s not indiscreet, how did you happen to get on the road?See below
Sorry, I was talking to myself.None

Answering “Hmm. You seem very cultured…” above:
Very cultured? Ah… Yes, it’s true, I have a weakness for myths and legends. I learned how to read and write when I was very young. My village is to the north, but not far from the river trade route. We often had books from the Sapphire Bay.
I write a little from time to time to pass the time. Tales of old ladies, so I can remember. When I travel, I like to remember these kinds of stories. They’re similar from one place to another, but always slightly different, as if they were marked by the people who read them or heard them.

They’re just stories for kids. You’re trying to escape reality, in my opinion.+10....
Oh, that’s an interesting way to see things. I’d like to be capable of having such a clear view of the world...+10..
So, you probably modified them a little yourself… It’s a little as if you created yourself, differently in each place..+10...

[The rest of the conversation doesn’t give any relationship increases.]
Answering “If it’s not indiscreet…” above:
What? Well, I didn’t really have any attachments nor reasons to stay. And also, I’m attracted by travel. I would like to see other lands, further away, more varied, one day. I was a competent hunter, not very strong but with a lot of endurance… There weren’t enough resources to feed everyone, anyway.

Aren’t your parents sad?..+5..None
Yeah, a pretty banal story after all. I’m disappointed.+10....See below
Attracted by travel? Or by solitude, perhaps?.+5...None

Answering “Yeah, a pretty banal story…” above:
(he laughs) Sorry to have disappointed you, little girl. I’m much less extraordinary than you. But you need ordinary people like me to serve such extraordinary people as you.

(furious) Little girl? Hang on!.....
All the better. I’ve always dreamed of having handsome men to serve me!...+10.

[The rest of the conversation doesn’t give any relationship increases.]
While talking to Fredrik:
Fredrik: That’s quite an ordeal. I hope you’ll make it out alive. (He rummages through the bags scattered around the room) Here! This is something my wife used to wear. Put this on your back and you’ll last longer. If she lasted ten years with it, you’ll survive two days!
[This conversation doesn’t give any relationship increases.]

Ven: Episode 3 (Part 2)

What an exhausting climb… I haven’t sweated that much for two or three years. What’s wrong (Name)?

I feel like we’ll never reach the top at this rate…See below
Nothing… I’m exhausted, I don’t know what I’m saying anymore.None

Answering “I feel like …” above:
I have to admit that it’s harder than I thought… These conditions are really impossible. But we have to hurry, otherwise it’ll only get worse. Crossing this mountain pass at the beginning of the year is not really a good idea… One wrong step and you’ll end up in a ravine.

Bah. For what good it does.+10....None
Yes. We wouldn’t have avoided the snow in the middle of the year, but at least three quarters of the climb would have been much easier...+5..None
It may not help us survive, but it makes us tougher. It’s not so bad. For me, anyway..+10...See below

Answering “It may not help us survive, but…” above:
The warrior has spoken. (He laughs) No, I don’t hate that side of your personality. It’s brave. It’s not entirely expected.

I don’t know how I should take that…...+10.
Don’t worry, I’ll protect you. I’ll carry you on my back if you can’t make it. I never leave a young man in distress....+10.

(Name)? Are you awake? (Name)?

(Any option)See below

Answering any option above:
Ha. There you are. (he smiles) Do you always talk so much in your sleep? It’s a little unsettling… Actually quite worrying, in fact. What were you dreaming about?

Unpleasant things. It’s because you didn’t hold me before I went to sleep! (beguiling smile)....+1
(a little embarrassed) It’s not important....+5.
Ah, hmm… I… I always have a little trouble sleeping, since… Anyway....+5.

(Name)? (Name)? Wake up. (Name)!

(Any option)See below

Answering any option above:
That makes no sense… What are you saying? Are you awake? It’s getting worse and worse…

(Any option)See below

Answering any option above:
[Dialogue changes depending on the answer to the previous choice, but all options below are the same.]

It’s because you’re not sleeping with me, my sweet! (smile)
If E is above 1
It’s because you’re not sleeping with me, my sweet! (smile)
If E is not above 1
(embarrassed) There are shadows, often. Either people that I knew, or who I can’t recognise. They file past me, they talk to me. I don’t always understand what they’re saying. It started after the death of my father......
They are people, or shadows. There is not much to say. It’s been several months. Since the day my father died......

[All options above have extended dialogue; the above is the ultimate outcome of each choice made at this point.]
[This is the last involvement of E.]

Ven: Episode 3 (Part 3)

Here we are. At last a place where we can sleep comfortably! (He sighs) Well… I intended to come here, but I didn’t plan anything after that. I tend to do whatever comes to mind. (He smiles)
Tell me, (Name), I thought a little about the question of the route, and… Excuse me for bringing this up point blank but… Would it bother you if I accompanied you to the Sapphire Bay ? I’ve been meaning to go for a long time. It’s rare to find pleasant travel companions and it’s a long voyage. We could do it together, if you want.

Really? Yes, of course! I also enjoy your company. It’s nice not to travel alone..+10+10.None
Is it true, am I pleasant? (laugh) Well then, with pleasure! I was sad at the thought of parting..+10+10.None
Oh? Uh, do as you wish. It doesn’t bother me, especially.+5...None
Ah… Well… No, sorry. I like your company but I want to take this road alone. I’m sorry.....Ven leaves

After Shadows’ Pact:
Are you awake, (Name)? (Name)?

(Any option)See below

Answering any option above:
[Dialogue changes depending on the answer to the previous choice, but all options below are the same.]
[There is only one option available depending on your choice in the ceremony.]

It wasn’t really any worse than normal. I dreamt that I was an adventurer. Classy, isn’t it?
I’m a stranger in my dreams too. You have to think that some things never change.
Apparently I’m a runaway. In any case, at least I don’t hang around a funeral pyre saying weird things.

[The rest of the conversation doesn’t give any relationship increases.]
Entering the old volva’s house:
(Ven stops for an instant to inspect the room.) What an unusual place. From the look of it no one has been here for years… Lucky that the back door wasn’t barricaded.
[This conversation doesn’t give any relationship increases.]
After taking a book from the old volva’s house:
I didn’t know your thieving side! You’re stealing books now?

(Any option)See below

Answering any option above:
(he smiles) I was kidding. I think it’ll be better off in your hands than rotting here until a fire destroys it. But I didn’t know you liked reading. It’s true that more and more people know how to read, even in the most out of the way villages.

(Any option)See below

Answering any option above:
[Ven’s reply depends on the answer to the previous choice, but then continues the same.]
For my part, I like books very much. I write a lot, almost as much as I read. This place is really interesting. Let’s see what is on the other shelves.

End of dialog.+10..

After Kaari’s Diary:
(Ven, who was reading at the same time as you, turns his eyes away from the journal and looks at you.)… (Name)? Why are you crying?
[This conversation doesn’t give any relationship increases.]
Accepting Otso’s quest:
I will help too. If you don’t see a problem with it. I know a few little things that might be of help.
[This conversation doesn’t give any relationship increases.]
After talking to Elif after Kaari’s Diary:
[Regardless of telling Elif the truth or lying, the subsequent conversation with Ven doesn’t give any relationship increases.]
(Ven also noticed) Show me your fingers…Hmmm… (He seems very preoccupied)
It’s… quite serious. You are frozen… You’re paying dearly for your lack of equipment. Lie down quickly, I’m going to build a fire in one corner of the room, not too close. Take off your clothes, you need dry clothing.

Yes… Thank you… I don’t quite know where I am anymore…..+10.
Take my clothes off? Are you kidding?+10...
Alright. Sorry for causing you worry..+10..

[The rest of the conversation doesn’t give any relationship increases.]
Hello, (Name). Your hands are a little better. Unfortunately we can’t stay here… We have to leave as soon as possible. Try to protect your fingers as well as you can and keep close behind me during the climb.
[This conversation doesn’t give any relationship increases.]

Ven: Episode 4

During the episode introduction (automatic):
I’ve never been so close to the river. Not as far south, in any case. The air smells good…And the heat…It’s really very different from anything I’ve known before.

Yes yes. I’m HUNGRY, so let’s go.....
It’s true that it smells good. I haven’t been this hot in a long time. Let’s take the opportunity to visit.....
Thank goodness. I thought I was going to freeze.....

(He looks at your hands with weariness.) Well, we can’t do much about that. We’ll have to wait a few days before we know the best course of action. We won’t do anything for a few months anyway, in my opinion.

If I’d taken the old guy’s skin it wouldn’t have changed much. He didn’t have any gloves, anyway.None
I’m used to it. My knees and feet are already partially without feeling. It’s been a long time.See below
(alarmed) Will we have to amputate?None

Answering “I’m used to it…” above:
Oh? Really? You’re a repeat offender? (He smiles sadly) I don’t think you’ll get away with simply a lack of feeling this time. How did it happen the first time?

I stayed kneeling in the snow for too long and…I…I don’t remember. It’s a blur. Let’s move on. We have things to do.....
(keep silent) I stayed too long in…the snow. I think. Maybe I couldn’t move? I don’t know. I don’t remember.....
(declare point blank) No idea. I don’t remember at all.....

After talking to Otto:
What is it, (Name)?

Do you think that captain Livari’s barge will arrive soon?See below
No, nothing.None

Answering “Do you think…” above:
No idea…We could ask Otto. I know the interior of the country, but here…It’s quite a new world for me. I suppose that if we wait here a few days it’ll do.

That suits me. I need rest and it’ll do me a great deal of good...+10.
Several days? What a pain…I want to go right now.+10...
It’s not so bad. This place is good for relaxing and reflection. A bit of calm in the avalanche…(smile).+10..

Day 4 on the barge:
Ah! You’ve come at the right time, I wanted to talk to you…It’s not for me to say but…Watch out for Peter. He’s very interested in you and you know how men are when they’re on the road, right?

I can do what I want, can’t I? Let go of me.+10..+10
Yes, you’re right…He won’t leave me alone and makes me feel uneasy…..+10+10
(Sigh) I’m worried that I won’t be able to do much….+10.+10

Day 6 on the barge:
(He watches you approach with sadness.) Hello, (Name)…Kukka told me. I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything. I fell asleep on the bridge, I heard nothing.

It’s no big deal. It’s just as well that we’re not always stuffed together.See below
You can’t always be with me.See below
It was to be expected.See below

Answering any option above:
Are you ok, despite everything? I know it’s a sensitive subject…I don’t think I’m the best person to talk to about it. Anyway, I’m here if you need me.

Bah. Don’t feel like talking about it.+10..+10
Thank you Ven. Yes, I’d prefer that we didn’t talk about it. We’ll have the chance to talk about it later..+10.+10
Thank you Ven! (sniffle) Thank you!..+10+10

Ah! (Name)! All these people…I’m starting to not feel very well…I’m not very social by nature.

It seems like we’re going to arrive soon…Two or three days. Have to hold on a little bit more! (smile)..+10.
Try not to change your nature, that would really bother me..+10..
Deal with it.+10...

The first thing to do would be to clear out part of the hold…(He catches sight of you) There’s a light stream of water at the back of the hold. What is it (Name)?

I…I want to talk about…No, nothing. Well, good luck...+10.
It’s not important..+10..
A leak? And what are you waiting for to fix it?+10...


Ven: Episode 5

During the episode introduction (automatic):
(He waits a while.) It seems as if you’re always searching to punish yourself for something. As if you had to suffer physically in order to get anywhere. You haven’t stopped walking since you left the barge, right? You haven’t slept either.
[This conversation is a lengthy maze. No part of it gives any relationship increases.]
After the first encounter:
What’s wrong?

I…No, it’s nothing. It’s just that…Sorry to bother you with all this.See below
Uh, nothing.None

Answering “I…No, it’s…” above:
(He smiles.) Don’t worry. It doesn’t bother me. Just take care of yourself.

No matter.+15...
I’ll try...+15.
(Amused.) I don’t know if that’s really in my nature..+15..

Before the third encounter (automatic):
You want to talk? (Ven notices that you can’t sleep.)
[The conversation always progresses the same way and no part of it gives any relationship increases.]
After the third encounter (automatic):
Hi! (He smiles.) Do you want to eat or drink something before we get back on the road?
[No choices give any relationship increases.]
After the third encounter:
(Ven looks at you sadly.)

I…I have the impression that people are…Scary.See below
(Say nothing.)None

Answering “I…I have…” above:
(Silence.) I see. Take it easy. If necessary, don’t talk to anyone.

(Cry quietly.)+15...
It’s sad to not talk to anyone….+10+10.
I suppose you’re right...+15.

Before the fifth encounter (automatic):
(Ven helps you to sit when you enter the shelter. He takes out food and water.) Listen. You must eat and you must drink. You’ll be dead by tomorrow evening if you don’t drink. It’s been almost two days since you last drank something. I don’t even know how you’re still walking.

We’ll see tomorrow. I can’t swallow a thing. Sorry…None
(Nod your head.) I’m happy to try.None
Achievement: Hangover

[Besides the achievement, the conversation always progresses the same way and no part of it gives any relationship increases.]
After Winter Voices II (automatic):
(Ven is on his knees next to you. He regularly dabs a piece of wet cloth on your face and your lips.) Not dead yet, young lady?
[No choices give any relationship increases.]
All conversations between meeting and recruiting Chichi:
[No choices give any relationship increases.]
What’s wrong?

Do you think we’re almost there?See below
Umm, nothing.None

Answering “Do you think…” above:
(He smiles.) Are you impatient?

(Frowning.) Yes, I’ve had enough of walking.+15...
(Smile.) No really, but I like having your opinion on all manner of things...+15.
(Laugh.) No, above all I’m tired. Sorry..+15..


Ven: Episode 6

At the start of the episode:
What is wrong?

Are you in a hurry to get to the Bay of Sapphire?See below
No, nothing.None

Answering “Are you in…” above:
Well, I don’t know. It’s an interesting adventure, that’s for sure. And less dangerous than those that I’ve undertaken so far. Having said that, I don’t know if I’m suited to civilization. I would take pleasure in the education of big cities, that’s certain, but I don’t know if I would feel at home.

(Annoyed.) You are never happy!+20...
It’s true, I didn’t see things from that angle...+20.
The sky is the same everywhere, I suppose. (Smile.).+20..

After the first encounter “Mysteries, I” (automatic):
What a bewildering town…I have never been so far south. If we want to find a boat leaving for the Bay of Sapphire, I think that we should find the main quay. From the cliff path it seemed as if it were to the south of the town. Let’s try to look over there. There are warehouses all around.

If you say so. I wasn’t paying much attention.+10...
Just as well. A little walking along the bank will do us some good...+10.
(Mocking) I knew you knew everything about everything..+10..


Chichi: Skills

Skill 1:

EntertainmentHumor +30

Skill 2:

By the RiverRecover Level x 2 EP per round for 3 rounds.

Skill 3:

AGarbage and Flowers“By the River” recharge -1
BSprings“By the River” mitigation +10%
CFloods“By the River” costs 0 PP. Charisma +20


Love, love, loveReduces Maximum Energy by 10%. Increases Energy Regeneration by 10%.

(It is impossible to get this skill; there are no dialogues that raise romance for Chichi.)

Chichi: Episode 5

After leaving Chichi’s house (mandatory):
(The young woman is fishing. When she sees you arrive, she gets up and joins you. You are surprised to see that, in addition to being normal, she is rather pretty). Well, hello Miss! How are you?
[This lengthy conversation has two versions depending on if Ven is in the party. No part of either version gives any relationship increases.]
After leaving Chichi’s house again (mandatory):
Well, Miss (Name)! Sleep well?
[The conversation has two versions depending on if Ven is in the party. No part of either version gives any relationship increases.]
Yes? What is it, (Name)?

Uh, is everything alright? You have taken everything you need?See below
Ah! No, nothingNone

Answering “Uh, is everything…” above:
(She laughs). Yes, yes. To eat, to drink, and the … important things. It’s kind of you to take care of me!

I do not …. Oh; forget it..+15..
He he, I will have to look after you as well as you look after me!..+15.


Chichi: Episode 6

At the start of the episode:
Yes? What is it, (Name)?

Have you never lived in the city?See below
Umm, nothing.None

Answering “Have you never…” above:
Never. (She smiles.) When I was little I lived in a village. My father died when I was ten. My mother died when I was fourteen. I lived alone for a while, then I ran away with that man I told you about.

You must be as surprised as I am!..+40.
Your village must have been huge though, no?+40...
At the end of the day, you’re more of a hick than I am..+40..

After the first encounter “Mysteries, I” (automatic):
Ah, here’s the Port Administration building. We should be able to find the information we need here. It’s the biggest building in town; there are all sorts of people inside. Those that we’re looking for are the employees of the Ministry of Inner Seas. They coordinate the river transport from the waterfalls up to the Bay of Sapphire.

You know the area well!..+45.
Yes, yes. I already know all that..+45..
After you.+45...


Written by Miraglyth

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Winter Voices – Companion + Skills Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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