WILD HEARTS™ – Upgrading Tsukumo

WILD HEARTS™ – Upgrading Tsukumo 2 - steamlists.com
WILD HEARTS™ – Upgrading Tsukumo 2 - steamlists.com

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Tsukumo, Your Friendly Assistant Ball

Tsukumo is odd spherical contraptions found throughout the hunting zones. There are 200 in total in the base game to find. The first one picked up will join you on your hunts. Any picked up after that will give you Old Cogs, which are used to upgrade your main Tsukumo. Any Tsukumo you find with new appearances will unlock that appearance for your main Tsukumo.

Primarily, your main Tsukumo will help you out when playing solo, assisting by attacking kemono, attracting kemono’s attention away from you, deploying healing mist, and renewing your Celestial Thread from to time. It won’t help when you’re playing multiplayer, but it’s still a good idea to upgrade it, as the more upgrades you put in, the more Celestial Thread you can hold.

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To upgrade your Tsukumo, sit down at a campfire, either at your home in Minato or one placed via Dragon Karakuri. Choose the Tsukumo option and you’ll see something similar to the above.

Upgrading Attack Form increases how much damage it deals when attacking Kemono. Some upgrade levels will add new attacks to its arsenal.

Upgrading Defense Form increases its defense and HP, allowing it to tank more hits before it’s knocked out of combat. If it takes too much, you’ll get a notification saying that your Tsukumo “has experienced an error” and it will take time to recharge itself.

Upgrading Assist Form allows it to heal you, with each subsequent upgrade increasing the healing it provides. Some levels will let it heal more often or make the healing mist last longer.

Upgrading Threader Form increases “Thread Recharge Speed”, which will renew your Celestial Thread more often.

Despite the “form” naming convention, you don’t choose a particular form for it to stay in. It will perform all unlocked actions in combat.

Note – there is not enough Old Cogs in the game to fully upgrade your Tsukumo to level 10 in all categories, even after finding all 200 Tsukumo. You’ll have to choose what abilities you want to prioritize.

The maximum amount of Celestial Thread you can hold from upgrading your Tsukumo is 24.

You have some minor customization options at the bottom of the upgrade screen, allowing you to rename your Tsukumo and change its appearance to match any you’ve found so far.

Seize718 – [reddit.com]  provided a list of upgrades, their Old Cog cost, and their build recommendations here – [reddit.com] . I recommend checking it out.

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