WILD HEARTS™ – Troubleshooting Problems

WILD HEARTS™ – Troubleshooting Problems 1 - steamlists.com
WILD HEARTS™ – Troubleshooting Problems 1 - steamlists.com

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Troubleshooting Problems

Unfortunately, Wild Hearts has seen some issues post-launch, most notably performance issues even on higher-end PCs. Here are some solutions to try that have worked for some people:

  • Go to audio settings and change from Stero audio to 7.1/5.1
  • Set PC maximum FPS to your desired amount both in-game options and out-of-game, through your graphics card control panel
  • Play in borderless windowed mode
  • If you have multiple monitors, clicking out of game then back in-game
  • For lack of anything else, lower graphical settings and hope for the best

If you get a “Your game save is missing and can’t be retrieved from the cloud, either start over with new data or wait five minutes and try again” error, or something else that implies that your game save could be lost, your Steam and EA clients have de-synched.

Hit NO on that window. Close both EA and Steam clients, and make sure they’re not showing up in the system tray or in the task manager. Open Steam, then EA, and try playing the game again.

If you’re opening up your game lobby but your friends can’t find you, or vice versa, ensure you’re both logged in to the EA client and shared the right lobby info. If you’re friends on EA and Steam, the lobby should automatically show up at the top of the list. If not, close the game, EA, and Steam clients, then open them up again. Start up the game from the EA client instead of Steam. It’ll still launch with Steam, so you’ll still get achievements and such. This should fix the issue.

All of my flying vines keep resetting even though I know they haven’t been broken!

This seems to be tied to calling for multiplayer help while still in the map mission select menu. Call for help while already on the mission to avoid this issue.

When assisting others, I get kicked immediately from the hunt when the finishing blow is dealt. I missed out on some kemono pieces still on the ground!

You joined the hunt through a Hunter’s Gate, which kicks you immediately on finishing blow. If you instead assist through the map mission select menu, you get the full 30 seconds after the finishing blow before you go your separate ways.

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