WILD HEARTS™ – General Tips and Tricks

WILD HEARTS™ – General Tips and Tricks 3 - steamlists.com
WILD HEARTS™ – General Tips and Tricks 3 - steamlists.com

Hi, welcome to this post, This WILD HEARTS™ – General Tips and Tricks Guide was written to be helpful to you, and we genuinely hope that you do.

General Tips and Tricks

A section of miscellaneous aid that doesn’t really fit elsewhere or are otherwise so vital that they bear repeating.

Here is a Large Kemono weakness reference provided to the community by AngrySalesman – [reddit.com] :

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  • For sale in the store
  • As a Guild of Fisherman job reward
  • As a sidequest reward


  • Use the in-game Cyclopedia! It contains a lot of information about large kemono, including its elemental type, its elemental and ailment weaknesses, and weak points on the body. It also includes a list of item drops.

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  • Looking at the above example in the Cyclopedia, on the right you’ll see a list of materials. The first four are numbered, meaning you can obtain them by destroying the corresponding body part on the kemono. Number 4 is red, indicating that you can only break that part and obtain that material while the kemono is enraged. All the other materials in the list are generic drops you can obtain from completing the hunt. At the bottom, you can see button prompts to see other forms of the kemono. These different versions often have different material drops. Hitting left or right will change the display to show the locales where it’s found and a list of its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Small kemono give you different items depending on whether you kill or pet them. In order to pet them, sneak up behind them without them being aware.
  • Some small kemono poison you while you try to pet them. If you become poisoned, the pet attempt fails and the creature becomes aggressive. Mitigate this by having some poison resist before petting. You can also just forget about petting and instead kill these poisonous kemono, as their kill loot also includes the item you’d get for petting them.
  • Small Creatures can be put into a wildlife cage and Large Creatures can be put into wildlife pens. Both will give you an item exclusive to that creature after waiting a while.
  • Hunter’s Arm is an underutilized technique, likely because the game never really explains it. Doing so gives you double your maximum Celestial Thread. To perform Hunter’s Arm:


  1. Damage a large kemono’s body part until a persistent green oval appears on the body.
  2. Sheathe your weapon!
  3. Hold sprint and jump towards the green glow as best you can. Use fusion karakuri to restrain it if necessary.
  4. You likely grabbed a body part close, but not quite on the green part. Move over to it as best you can, given the wildly flailing camera.
  5. Once you get the Hunter’s Arm prompt, hit it!
  6. While the animation plays, hope the kemono doesn’t move your body into some world geometry, which will likely knock you off with no Hunter’s Arm.
  7. If Hunter’s Arm is successful, the green part disappears and you have tons of Celestial Thread!


  • While holding onto a kemono, you’re somewhat immune to its attacks. I’ve seen people avoid large attacks while holding on, but it’s inconsistent.
  • If you run out of stamina while holding onto to a kemono, you’ll be thrown off and take damage.
  • Once you have upgraded Hunting Towers and pick up all Tsukumo, Talismans, and Scrolls hidden around each map, keep in mind that new hidden items can come up in volatile or invasion versions of each map.


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