Wild Hearts – Cobalt Lavaback Boss Fight Guide

Wild Hearts – Cobalt Lavaback Boss Fight Guide 1 - steamlists.com
Wild Hearts – Cobalt Lavaback Boss Fight Guide 1 - steamlists.com

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Wild Hearts contains a variety species of Lavaback Kemonos. One is the Cobalt Lavaback. The Cobalt Lavaback uses its ability to reach deep into the ground and strike with great force. In return for its red flames it now has bluelava as its primary means of attack.

The Cobalt Lavaback uses attacks similar to its parent species. However there are key differences that make this battle more difficult. In the following, we will discuss some of the Cobalt Lavaback’s strengths and weaknesses, as well how to use the most effective weapons and tactics to combat it.


What are the strengths and weaknesses of Cobalt Lavaback?

  • Soft Parts – Head
  • Attribute Resistances – Fire, Wood, Wind, Earth
  • Attribute Weaknesses – Water
  • Ailment Weaknesses – Poison, Fatigue
  • Physical Effectiveness – Lunge
  • Attribute – Fire
  • Ailment Resistances – Ablaze, Frozen


The Cobalt lavaback’s head, a Kemono equipped with the Fire attribute, has the highest vulnerability to attack. This Kemono is more likely to sustain damage to its entire body than a typical Lavaback. Additionally, the parts of this Kemono are typically softer than other Lavabacks, which makes it easier to cut off pieces and causes disorientation.


Although it only holds three stars, Cobalt Lavaback is the most susceptible to the Water attribute. Other aspects of the Cobalt Lavaback’s are met with great opposition or are completely dismissed. The Cobalt Lavaback is resistant to Poison (and Fatigue), but the Cobalt Lavaback resists Frozen (and almost none of the other conditions).


What is the best Weaponry and Armor to use wile fighting Cabal Lavaback?

Cobalt Lavaback can deal damage by using both physical attacks and attacks with the Fire attribute. Armor that combines both the Fire and physical attributes effectively is the best defense against this Kemono. This is the Myotara Armor Set, which is made using materials from Mighty Gritdog. It can also provide a few other useful abilities, especially if you upgrade it into the Human-path or Kemonoo-path.


TIP – Azuki Beans are excellent items to bring into battle as they can improve your health and resistance against fire.


The Cobalt lavaback has a lower than normal resistance to the Water attribute. It can be damaged most effectively with a strong physical weapon. Make sure to bring the Glider Karakuri, which can be used to create Healing Mists. These mists may help to restore your health, even if it’s on fire.


Chain Trap Fusion Karakuri might also be helpful in pinning down Cobalt Lavaback to prevent it from dive-kicking around the battlefield. You will have the opportunity activate this Fusion Karakuri by fighting against the Deathstalker.


Fight Analysis and Moves During The Cobalt Lavaback Match

The Cobalt Lavaback uses moves that, for the most parts, are comparable to its regular species. Ablaze will be applied to most of its attacks. This condition will cause damage to your body over time. Ablaze, however can be manually treated with a few rolls.


The Cobalt lavaback’s primary method of attacking is with its arms. It will either slam three times to its front or spin around in its whirlwind depending on how fast it moves. These attacks will cause you significant damage. However, you will still have the chance to damage Kemono while it heals.

The Cobaltlavaback may also dive kick towards the Cobalt, causing the Cobalt to slide down the ground while inflicting some damage. The Cobalt Lavaback can disappear for a moment by jumping into a lava pool and becoming engulfed. It will then create another lake of lava near you, then jump through it to inflict damage to any area it lands in. You will have an opportunity to do some damage, regardless of whether or not the Cobalt Lavaback jumps though a lava pool.

The Cobalt’s Lavaback unleashes a fireball, one of its most dangerous attacks. The Kemono can reach into the ground and pull out a huge fireball. It will then throw it down to the ground, significantly damaging surrounding areas. Although this attack poses a major threat, it can be avoided. The Kemono will reach into the ground and pull out a large fireball. If you time your dodge right, it will launch a counterattack.

When the Cobalt Lavaback has suffered some damage, it will become enraged. The volcano that sits on its stomach will then begin to swell and emit a bright blue glow. The Cobalt Lavaback, while enraged, will be able to acquire new attacks and have some of its already powerful attacks become more effective. When the Cobalt Lavaback gets angry, it will surround itself with bluelava, then explode, causing severe damage to the surrounding area.


The Cobalt Lavaback, after taking additional hits while angry, can dive into volcanic lava puddles. Additionally, it can dive multiple times in a row, while simultaneously kicking through air in between. To find where the Cobalt Lavaback will return, pay attention to the surroundings and be ready to step out of the way. While you should always aim to score hits, it is important to be prepared to avoid being hit if the Cobalt-Lavaback attacks.


The Drops, Materials, and Cobalt Lavaback

Cobalt Lavaback will drop these materials. Combining the components of Icetusk can create the Bandit Armor Set.

  • Small Brumal Wind Crystal
  • Giant Kemono Slack
  • Cobalt Lavaback Hide
  • Cobalt Lavaback Molten Rock
  • Cobalt Lavaback Fang
  • Cobalt Lavaback Tail
  • Rare Cobalt Lavaback Tufa
  • Bandit Teardrops
  • Bandit Kemono Blood


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