Wicce – Full Gameplay Walkthrough and Achievements

Wicce – Full Gameplay Walkthrough and Achievements 1 - steamlists.com
Wicce – Full Gameplay Walkthrough and Achievements 1 - steamlists.com

General overview of Wicce and achievements.


I’m mediocre skill (at best) at these sorts of games, but I don’t see any pro guides, so keep that in mind. OTOH, this is a pretty simple game. Also, I haven’t played the game to exhaustion, so I’m not sure about everything here. (E.g. catching all the stars.)
Game Versions
As of 6/3/2021 there are two versions of the game: Classic and Switch. The Switch version is now the default version, but you can play the old classic version if you like:

  • Run Steam
  • Library → Wicce → Right-Mouse Click → Select “Properties”
  • Beta → Select “legacy – Old Version”
  • Check that Wicce [legacy] has been set → Run the classic version
  • Note: Classic and Switch versions of the save file are not compatible. Be careful to select the save file that is compatible with the version you are playing.

This guide is for the Switch version of the game!!

Overview/New Game+

Length: Three Chapters plus an Epilog
Completing the game once unlocks New Game+ which has

  • A shop at the beginning of the game to buy mascots (dolls) and furnishings in the starting room.
  • Additional ghost (“Illusion”) story, and extra villager to save.
  • Choosing to save this new extra villager results in a different end-game boss (skull head instead of plague doctor).
  • Good ending? (New Game+ might be necessary to get good ending.)


  • Or alternately, can be bought from the shop.


General Play


  • Enemy attacks may also hit other enemies & obstacles
  • Some enemies can be dealt with by kiting them into friendly fire (e.g. arrows).


  • Some rooms have multiple exits.
  • There is a path through the rooms that will allow you to save all villagers and get the seal.


  • Each chapter has a room with a tombstone that will unlock a seal when activated.
  • Tombstones are shielded by nearby strong mobs. Kill those mobs to remove the shield.
  • I presume that the seal is needed to seal the boss for the chapter.
  • IDK what happens if you don’t have the seal. Presumably something bad.
  • The Tombstone room will lock after you get the seal. I.e. you can’t enter it again even after resetting to start of chapter.

Special Treasures

  • These are special treasure chests (generally in out of the way corners).
  • Once unlocked will never appear again.
  • They unlock furnishings in the starting room (seen on New Game+ only).

Saving villagers

  • Some villagers (total 8??) are dying of plague and can be saved by the witch if she cures them (use up arrow) before the blue timer bar runs out.
  • Saving a villager uses up a health herb (i.e. you’ll need at least one herb to save the villager).
  • Alternately, you can hit/kill villagers. (Which presumably has an effect on end game/boss & epilogue.)

Save Games

  • Saved at start of each room.
  • Dying once resets to start of room.
  • Dying three times resets to beginning of chapter. (But flower stock and any villagers saved/killed is preserved.)


End Game

Final Boss

  • Location: [user]\AppData\Local
  • Now that I’ve learned what to do, it’s not much of a problem. But before that… What a PITA.


  • Arrive back at cottage. Fighting is done!
  • Note: Game is saved at this point, and can be reloaded at will for achievements, etc!
  • Don’t hide in closet? Burned at stake. Game Over.
  • Hide in closet? House burns down, Game Over!
  • Unless… parameter are met (saved all villagers and final villager??)… You somehow survive the house burning down. (Might need to reload saved game to get this.)
  • And your daugher is saved (There might be some case where you survive, but daughter does not??)
  • Credits! (Do not skip or else you’ll miss the following & related achievements.)
  • Falling Stars! (Catch all the falling stars for achievement! I guess?? I didn’t get it done.)
  • Finally, Pope shows up… At which point, you can: save him, hit (kill) him, swoop smack him, or do nothing and watch him die. Four separate achievements.


Written by Wreave

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Wicce – Full Gameplay Walkthrough and Achievements; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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