Who Needs a Hero? – Encounter Guide

Who Needs a Hero? – Encounter Guide 1 - steamlists.com
Who Needs a Hero? – Encounter Guide 1 - steamlists.com
A WIP encounter guide.



Just finished my first play-through and thought I’d write out this work in progress account of consequences for myself and perhaps future adventurers to help them along their journey. 

Card Choices

Putting this first because it’s both easiest to note and perhaps most important to note. 
When given a choice of four cards, it is always random which card will give you a Huge Failure, Failure, Success or Huge Success. What you pick one time will not necessarily work the next time, so just click one and hope for the best. 


Baby Orc Listen to Mom or Dad: 
Mom: +1 ? 
Dad: ? 
Merchant Mushroom Thieves: 
Mushrooms?: Trip out on mushrooms 
I don’t Care: 
Bard Dwarf Orgies: 
Listen: -20 Coins, +1 Follower 
Don’t Listen: Nothing 
Give Money To Old Lady: 
Yes: -20 Coins, +1 Fame 
No: Nothing 
Merchant Escort: 
Yes: +100 Coins 
No: ? 
Dark Mage Spine Staff: 
Yes: -1 Fame 
No: +1 Fame 
3-Eyed Monster: 
Yes: Death? or 150 coins, +1 Fame, +1 Health, ? 
No: +1 Follower 
Dark Mage See Future: 
Yes: Cursed Debuff (-20 Followers per day) 
No: -1 Follower 
Centaur Mom/Dad Human: 
Yes: +50 Coins 
No: +50 Coins 
See Inside Mimic: 
Yes: -5 Health or 150 Coins 
No: Nothing 
Prisoner Help Escape: 
Yes: +500 Coins, -10 Fame 
No: ? 
Mage Teleport: 
Yes: +50 Coins or -50 Coins 
No: Nothing 
Bard People Talking About You: 
Yes: -20 Coins, +5 Fame? 
No: +1 Fame 
Mage Fire Magic: 
Yes: +2 Followers 
No: -2 Followers 
PhereTheQueen Give Diamonds: 
Yes: -50 Coins, +1 Follower 
No: -70 Coins 
Feast Boar Escaping: 
Help: +2 Fame, +2 Followers 
Capture: -2 Fame? 
Dark Mage Summon Demon: 
Yes: -10 Fame?, Summons Demon King 
No: ? 
Demon King Encounters: 
Yes: -100 Followers, After Third Time, Become Demon (+3 Damage, Immortal?) 
No: ? 
Priest Life After Death: 
Yes: +1 Follower 
No: -1 Follower? 
Mage Heal Wounds: 
Yes: -20 Coins, +30 Health 
No: +15 Health 
Mimic Eat Followers: 
Yes: -10 Followers, +100 Coins 
No: Nothing 
Skeleton Milk: 
Yes: -20 Coins, +2 Followers? 
Helga Beautiful: 
Only Me: +2 Fame 
I Don’t Know: Nothing 
Centaur Ride: 
Yes: -50 Coins, +1 Follower, +Riding Ability 
No: Nothing 
Merchant Help Setup Store: 
Yes: -250 coins, but +100 repeat coin encounters later on. 
No: ? 
Feel Sorry For Skeleton: 
Sorry: +5 Followers 
I Don’t Care: +2 Fame 
Helga Sword In Pocket 
Yes: Nothing 
No: +50 Coins, +1 Fame 

Written by BrendanatorX

This is all about Who Needs a Hero? – Encounter Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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