Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut – 3 Man Party Guide (Wasteland 2 DC)

Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut – 3 Man Party Guide (Wasteland 2 DC) 1 - steamlists.com
Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut – 3 Man Party Guide (Wasteland 2 DC) 1 - steamlists.com
3-Man party on Supreme Jerk difficulty, with useful non-combat skills learnt as many as possible.



This is my personal experience about small team strategy based particularly on Wasteland 2 DC. The reason for which I enjoy a 3-man party is that there are basically only three directions in terms of engagement: left, right and front, and that I found it’s much easier and inspiring to deploy three of them one by one before each combat. Break in, pull out, out flank, decoy, everything is possible. It’s really tedious to do so with a team of 6, not to mention a handful of followers. Beside, there are not enough good spots to place all of them, seriously speaking. The reason for not choosing solo or duo is that I am afraid of missing too much content. 
In addition to exploring the synergy from team work and from weapon combo, the story content relied on non-combat skills is what I’d like to be able to enjoy as far as possible. There are already plenty of very useful guides, so please bear with me for putting focus on certain builds and for avoiding repetitive introductory information. 

Basic Formation

My preferred trio is composed of (1) Sharpshooter (2) Melee Leader and (3) Assault Specialist. 
Combat Initiative is basically the first priority for my sharpshooter and a*sault specialist. I would make it as high as possible as long as the Action Points are sufficient for my plan. This is to ensure they attack and react more frequently than most enemies. 
If you don’t want to miss most of the story content and if this is your first time playing Wasteland 2 DC, adding a (4) Smart Head, either PC or NPC, might give you a better gaming experience. The fourth member doesn’t need to contribute to damage dealing. 

1. Sharpshooter


Basic Skill Point requirement: 76 (Complete at level 20)

Initial CLASSIC stats: 4 1 6+ 4 8 4 1 
Sniper Rifles deal the highest damage reliably in my team (1.5 times my Assault Rifles): 
(1) Two shots per turn with 12 AP and deadeye. Assault Rifles would need 14 AP 
To be able to shoot twice the sniper rifles with 7AP cost, it’s necessary to have a minimum action point of 12 plus the perk Deadeye that reduces 1AP per shot. The priority for this build is to focus on Sniper skill and get Deadeye as soon as possible. 
(2) Ultra high accuracy over a wide shooting range. AR suffers penalties from Burst Shot and shooting range. 
With the bonus from leadership, cover, crouch and weapon modifiers, its damage output is very reliable. The accuracy could stay at 100% even for precision shot or against enemies behind cover. This ensures the effectiveness of all type of damage bonuses, Headshot (35%), Backfire (25%), Tormentor (10%) and Roboticist (20%). 
(3) High penetration and high critical chance. 

Perks in the order of priority

Basic (7) : Tinkerer – Tormentor – Deadeye – Positioning – Roboticist – Turtle – Bloodthirsty 
Other (3) : Intimidating – Hardened – Healthy 

Settings for 12 Action Points

Initial CLASSIC attributes (4 1 6+ 4 8 4 1) 
Quirk: Brittle Bones (+2AP, -50% Combat Speed) 
Perk Tinkerer (+1 AP) at level 4. 
AP 12 CI15 Combat Speed 1.3 
Final CI is 19 by increasing Awareness to 10 at level 40. 


Ideally the SSI (Strength-Speed-Intelligence) attribute trio could be optimised at 2–10-4. This offers one more point in CI, plus a bit more evasion & mobility. However, in late game, the weapons are becoming heavier and heavier while attached with more high-end modifiers. It becomes very tedious if the two damage dealers couldn’t even carry more than their weapons and armour. SSI 4-8-4 saves me from the torture. 
I would place the sharpshooter individually in the cover with best vision range, far reach, or not easily approachable, before initiating the combat. Most of the time, if things go as planned, he doesn’t need to move. In times he needs to push forward, retreat, or heal himself, and I’d see if there is any way not to sacrifice one precious shot for these actions. This is where the Bloodthirsty perk (-1AP per kill from Hard Head 7) come into play. With two kills in the same turn, he will gain 2 AP in the end. Sometimes I would use the weapon with 6AP cost for flexible AP management, so that there would be AP left for healing or movement. For story sake, you could also take Intimidating perk (+2 Hard Head) and get Hard Head to level 10 with a trinket (6 +S1 + P2 + T1). The cost is only 18 points. 

Minimum Skill Point Requirement

8. points, reachable at around early 20s. 
4 – Weapon smith 2 (Tinkerer) 
4. – Sniper 10 (Deadeye) 
6 – Perception 3 (Tactical Positioning) 
1. – Computer 5 (Roboticist) 
1. – Hard Head 7 (Bloodthirsty, 6 + S1) 
With INT 4, he would have a total of around 150 skill points at level 41. The rest could be later invested in: 
Afterwards, consider taking: 
* Perception (LV7 + S1 + T2) – for traps, treasure and Combat Shooting. Requires + 18 points. 
* Medical / Surgeon skills – mostly for healing or suturing himself. Minimum + 12 points. 
By giving up one shot, you would have 6 spare AP, meaning healing 3 times, and therefore lower level heals could also do the trick. But if you prefer to try making use of Bloodthirsty to squeeze out one heal without giving up any shot, a higher level heal is necessary. 
The above adds up to 116 points. 
* plus one more non-combat skill choice. There is room for non-combat perk as well. 
* Weapon Smithing 7~9 (LV4~6 + S1 + T2) for attaching weapon mods. Minimum +6 ~ +14 points. If you prefer not to recruit an NPC regularly or use him temporarily for modding the weapon. Either sharpshooter or a*sault specialist can learn Weapon smithing. The toolkit is heavy though. 


Evasion from Awareness, Speed, Leadership Infuriate 7%, and cover. The first priority is not to get shot at all. 
« Hardened » is not a bad choice even with (the best) light amour as it could reduce 20% damage from low penetration weapons. 
« Healthy » plus the additional 2 points in STR means a total of + 3 CONS per level. In many cases, this (+120 hp) buys a good chance for the sharpshooter to heal himself. 

2. Melee Leader



To make the sharpshooter to his job nicely and safely, we need a leader that offers the 20% accuracy boost and 9% enemy’s accuracy debuff. It’d be supper useful to have a tank that attracts most of the gunfire without getting killed or without getting hurt at all. The 2AC from the Thick-Skinned quirk come into effect from the beginning, plus Hardened and Self Defence attainable in early game, the 4 additional AC makes the leader quite tanky. 
Additionally, if possible, some extra damage isn’t bad. However, the leader doesn’t enjoy the above accuracy buff, and he would have no skill points for high coordination. He is particularly poor at ranged weapons. Although this issue applies to melee weapons as well, plus there aren’t as many accuracy modifiers as range weapons, there is an accuracy bonus for melee attacks against enemy shooters behind cover or in a crouch that almost ensures 100% hit. This is useful to drive the enemies out of their cover into our gun fire. 
Blunt Weapon is a bit more aggressive (Charge, Slayer: 10% Free attack) while Bladed Weapon is a bit more defensive (Defence + 1 Armour, Samurai +1 Penetration). For pure Melee specialist, I’d choose blunt weapon with Reinforced Plating. For a leader whose attributes couldn’t be optimised for offensive skills, I’d choose bladed build for the leader. Besides, Weapon Smithing level 8 is a bit too costly. 
Blades are quite weak in the first part of the game. The blade skill could be delayed and he could use some explosives, which are very powerful in early game. At first sight, it seems ideal for him to learn Demolition and explosive perks. However, hacking (Computer Science) is might be more useful and particularly suitable for this build as he is quite tanky and usually the closest to the enemies anyway. 

Perks in the order of priority

Basic (6): Hardened – Self Defence – Taunt – Enrage – Infuriate – Samurai 
Utility (2): Affable or Know-It-All, Hoarder (+20% Carry weight, saves a lot of trouble playing a 3-man party) 
Plus more defence (2): Adrenaline Rush (+2 AP when low hp, AP bonus to kill, run or heal) – Healthy 
or more offence (3): Tactical – Roboticist – Overclock 

Settings for 14 AC

Initial CLASSIC 2 1 3 6 6 4 6+ 
Quirk: Thick-Skinned +2 AC -30% Combat Speed 
AP 8 CI 11 Speed 1.7 (2.4×0.7=1.7) 
AC: 10 + 2 TS + 1 Hard + 1 Defence 
Final CLASSIC 2 1 4 6 6 4 9 
CI 12, Trinket for Charisma 10 if needed. 
Charisma 10 means a radius of 20 meters, or a diameter of 40 meters. The coverage in terms of area is 4 times compared to a Charisma value of 5. The growth of Charisma from 6-9 also means 2 levels in advance at level 30, or 6 skill points more than the others all the time. 

Strength vs Speed

STR 6 is required for ultimate bladed weapon, and acceptable when using the ultimate heavy armour (STR 7) with an additional penalty of -0.2 combat speed. The final combat speed would be (2.4-0.8)*0.7 = 1.1 
Using SSI 8-4-4 would result in the same combat speed (2.2-0.6)*0.7 = 1.1. STR 8 offers a great deal of more health, SPD 6 offers higher evasion plus higher combat initiative. I prefer not to get hit and react not too slow. 

Minimum Skill Point Requirement

12. points, Achievable at early 30s. 
3. Leader 10: 8 + S1 +T1 (Taunt, Enrage, Infuriate) 
4. Bladed 10 (Defence 3, Samurai 6) 
1. Alarm 7: 6 + S1 (Ghost 3, Reflex 6) 
3. Computer 10: 8 + S1 +T1 (Hacking robots and turrets, suitable for melee build) 
Better Trinket choice: for Leadership, Charisma, Evasion, or Computer. 
Probably would need to get either Leadership or Computer Science to level 10 without using a Trinket. 
Weapon smithing 7 + S1 for the Reinforced Plating would add the AC up to 15 but it’s too costly for the marginal gain. 
1. points for a Minimum Medical 4 and Surgeon 1. This is mostly for self healing too like the sharpshooter. The thing is the leader doesn’t give up much of damage dealing for healing. 
Demolition only requires investment of 18 skill points (LV6 + S1 + T3) since there is a trinket offering a bonus of 3 levels. However, it’s late game already. Computer Science seems more important to me. In many cases, failed demolition tries only result in damage, but the obstacles would be gone with the explosion. You could either throw a cheap bomb to clear the traps or heal after you got hurt. It can be solved with $$. 
* plus one more non-combat skill choice. There is room for non-combat perk as well. 
For example, Kiss Head or Smart Head only costs 18 skill points each (LV6 +S1 + P2 + T1). With a late game trinket, it takes only 14 points to bring Smart Head up to level 10 (LV5 + S1 + P2 + T2). Each team member can take one Head skill. 

Attack of Opportunity

Glancing to Strategic Strikes work when the enemies on the tile that your melee weapon can hit moves away or attacks another target at a distance. It could be great if you move the melee ally next to the enemies behind cover. They (the range attackers) tend to move away, which trigger the attack of opportunity, or stay and attack others at a distance, which trigger the AoO as well. However, the mechanism seems broken as the attack of opportunity won’t trigger with two-handed blunt weapons, and those high end blunt weapons that can attack diagonally fall in this category. It works with bladed weapon but most of them can’t attack diagonally. The few that do attack diagonally are weak. Moreover, our melee leader build has no accuracy boost, low AP and low combat speed. It’s not worthwhile at all. 

3. Assault Specialist



Now the Assault Specialist has to do all the rest. He opts for highest Combat Initiative and a*sault needs mobility. While the Melee Leader or his explosives could be used to distract the enemies, the a*sault specialist moves from cover to cover, finding the position for backfire or away from threats. He could move to rescue allies with his additional AP to save the other’s action points. His precision shots in burst mode, though not always 100% reliable, mean twice the chances. The ability to shoot single shots twice (4 or 5 AP) is good for finishing off the enemies with low hp. The most flexible among the three. 

Perks in the order of priority

Basic (6) : Tinker – Full Metal Jacket – Positioning – Tormentor – Limber (Crouch -1 AP, when there is no cover) – Gunner (Burst) 
Defensive (3) : Turtle – Hardened – Healthy 
Utility (2) : Know-It-All or Affable, Hoarder 

Settings for optimal initiative & speed

Initial CLASSIC 2+ 1 8+ 4 8 4 1 
AP 8 CI 18 Speed 2.6 No Quirk 
AP 9 at level 4 with Tinkerer 
Final CLASSIC 4 1 10 4 8 4 1 
AP 10 CI 19 Speed 2.6 
The same final CLASSIC as the sharpshooter but with different priority, first on awareness, second on coordination. 
SSI 4-8-4 for the same carry weight issue as the sharpshooter. 

Minimum Skill Point Requirement

11. points, achievable before LV30. 
4. Assault 10 
2. Lock 7-S1-T2 
2. Safe 7-S1-12 
1. Demo 6-S1-T3 
4 Weapon 2 (Tinkerer) 
6 Perception 3 (Tactical Positioning) 
* plus one more non-combat skill choice. There is room for non-combat perk as well. 
Lastly, 12 points for Minimum Medical 4 and Surgeon 1. 
He could learn about four other non-combat skills. My first two choices are Lockpicking and Safecracking. 
“Brute Force” is actually nice in DC in that you can save scum for a better loot after success, and sometimes there is no alternative in DC. However, there is no trinket as far as I know of and the skill book comes very late in game. It would cost 36 points instead of 24. 
“Demolition” if you like to get free explosives. They could be used to open saves (no safe scumming), explode traps (though self contradictory, but sometimes you may find it annoying to demolish so many mines, no multiple safe scumming), in addition to the use in combat in first half of the game. 
Now what might still be missing in a 3-man party are : Mechanical Repair, Toaster Repair, Outdoorsman, Animal Whisper. I might leave them behind as far as a 3-man party goes. The 3 Head Skills could be raised to LV 10 at a much lower cost. 
The above roadmap for skill development is very tight and you couldn’t miss any skill book. It might require a certain degree of save scumming or that you come back later at a higher level. If you really don’t like it, use an NPC with 10 INT. 

Optional 4. Smart Head

INT 10 : 230 skill points to spend at LV 41 
STR 4, 6 or 8 : Carry weight and survivability 

Utility Skills:

1. Smart Head LV6 + P2 + S1 + T2 (in case you couldn’t wait) 
1. Kiss Head LV6 + P2 + S1 + T1 
1. Hard Head LV6 + P2 + S1 + T1 
1. Weapon Smithing LV6 + S1 + T2 
3. Brute Force LV8 + S1 
1. Mechanical Repair LV6 
1. Outdoorsman LV6 
138 points in total 
Keep him (or her) away from combat. 

Defence Skills:

Something to keep Smart Head alive in combat. 
+6 Bladed (3) for Self Defence. 
+12 Weapon smithing (8) for Reinforce Plating 
+18 Alarm 6 for Ghost & Reflex, if he is responsible for healing in the combat. 
Or you can allow him to only protect the suicidal followers. 
Now it’s 174 points in total. 
The rest for Medical / Surgeon. 
This should ease up the tension for the rest so that they could focus more on combat skills. 
The idea is to only let the original 3 members fight. If you prefer to build a 4-man party, I recommend turning this one into Utility Smart Leader, and transforming the first build into a melee specialist using Blunt weapon, so that he could enjoy the accuracy boost. 


Head (3) : Know – Affable – Intimidating 
Defence (5) : Hardened – Self Defence – Reinforced Plating – Turtle – Healthy 
More Defence (3) : Ghost – Reflex – Armour Maintenance 

Written by joy.kafka

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut – 3 Man Party Guide (Wasteland 2 DC), if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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