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Wartales – Skill Mastery Books Information Guide 1 - steamlists.com
Wartales – Skill Mastery Books Information Guide 1 - steamlists.com

Skill Mastery books are unlocked after winning in the arena and enhance some of your class-abilities. I simply list the changes i know of.
If you know about skills i marked with questionmarks please comment and i’ll add them to the list.


Recoil Shot: Does a bit more dmg and knockback 3m instead of 2m. Also applies Slow for 2 instead of 1 Round.
ATTACK!: Animals gain Fury (+50% dmg on next attack) before they attack.
Barrage: Now shoots 4 instead of 3 times.
Reinforced Arrow:???
Precision: In addition to applying Vulnerability (100% crit against the target) your Archer now also gains Fury (+50% dmg on next attack).
Beast Mastery: ???


Vanguard: You gain Fury (+50% dmg on next attack) if you end your turn next to an enemy.
Poisened Impact: If you kill with this ability you will now spawn poisen pools.
Weakening Blow: If the target is already affected by weakening it will become vulnerable (100% crit on next attack against it).
Armour Breaker: Breaking the enemy armor grants you Brutality (30% more dmg) and Inspiration (Movement doubled).
Opportunism: If 4 enemies are in range, you get Brutality (30% more dmg). (by The Wailing Ninny)
Cruelty: Affected enemies now also deal 20% less dmg against you.


Frenzy: If you kill with this ability you can use it a second time this turn.
Smoke Screen: Now knockbacks all enemies that are not engaged 2m.
Poisen Vial: Applies Vulnerability (100% crit on next attack against this target) if the target was already poisend.
Right between the eyes: Crits with this ability now deal 30% additional dmg.
Poisened Weapon:???
Knife Throw: Resets your movement when you throw a dagger.
Deadly Contract: ???
Ordeal: ???


Spear Throw: Now every hit target bleeds.
Battle Cry: Range increases from 4m to 6m.
Spear Wall: Now stops the first 2 targets.
Team Spirit: Now gives both units brutality (+30% damage). (by Gaurwaith)
Fervent Support: Dmg increases by half.
Sweet Spot: Now your ranged attacks also gain 40% crit.


Encouragement: ???
Destabilising Strike: Now always crits against targets without guard.
Laceration: Now only requires 1 Attack instead of 2 to become usable.
Bulwark: ???
Counter-attack: Disengaging now grants you Inspiration (Movement gets doubled) for one turn.
Daring: ???


Rampage: Now ignores enemy guard.
Cutting Maelstrom: On kill you swing an additional attack.
Ovation: All not engaged allies gain Inspiration (Movement doubled) for one turn.
Madness: You now deal bonusdmg below 50% instead of 30%.
Recklessness: 200% instead of 150% bonusdmg.
Fanaticism: You don’t lose health anymore. (by The Wailing Ninny)

Written by Kalaran

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Wartales – Skill Mastery Books Information Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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