Wartales – Arthes storyline factions & quest

Wartales – Arthes storyline factions & quest 3 - steamlists.com
Wartales – Arthes storyline factions & quest 3 - steamlists.com

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A guide to the factions in the County of Arthes tale and how to join the Legion.

The factions

A brief PSA. I looked for information on this task and a guide but needed help locating something. The creators did not invest in solid mythos or even a storyline. I’ve seen many threads asking for clarity but never received a specific response.

I was concerned about the storyline in County of Arthes because of the storyline in
Teltris in which a brilliant writer thought it would be fun to choose between eating excrement or feces (I don’t judge your choice, you decide), but before I could decide who to choose, I needed a better understanding of what was going on in Arthes.
In short, there are two a-hole lords tearing the kingdom apart, one of whom is all about birthright-birthright and the other about some skydaddy. Is this just another rehash of the original plot? There is a third faction known as the Legion.

They’re not quite as a-holeish. However, you only find them after assisting one noble. The following section will go through how to join the Legion.
Their camp is located northwest of the map; follow the road north from Cortia as it curves to the west. The only thing you need to do is embark on a Legion quest, then accept noble tasks, but kill everyone involved to screw them over. If you don’t want to read any spoilers, you should exit this page.

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The quest steps (spliers)


I visited the Legion camp to search for deserters.


I visited Lord Vernalis castle and was able to prevent their well’s poisoning. Didn’t tip it. Some older posts mention that this step is required for unlocking the vendor and getting her Porridge recipe, but I bought my own from a seller in Arthes before I realized it could be an issue.


I went to the castle of Lord Leahart and took on the caravan demolish mission. I did it, but was required to kill Hostes as a final act so that he would not receive any money from his master. This wasn’t the first quest I did however, from what happened in the next one, avoiding Hostes would have implied taking sides with his master.


Did the Abbott quest from the Saint Eleor Abbey, working for Vernalis. Except at the end I had to kill the Abbott himself in order to avoid being summoned by the master of the house, but that was not my intention (uber writing again, congrats to the devs).


Now you’ve got your a-hattery in order, you are summoned by the Legion.

The storyline window will show the final result.

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