Warlord: Britannia – Gameplay Tips for New Players and Walkthrough

Warlord: Britannia – Gameplay Tips for New Players and Walkthrough 2 - steamlists.com
Warlord: Britannia – Gameplay Tips for New Players and Walkthrough 2 - steamlists.com

This guide will give you everything you need to get started on a game of Warlord: Britannia.


Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide for the fantastic game Warlord: Britannia. I saw there were not any guides so decided to create one. This guide should contain everything you need to get started in the game.


Your overall goal in Warlord: Britannia is to conquer the entire map.
Read the tooltips that can be accessed by pushing “I”, and you can scroll through it with “U” and “O”. They help explain a lot of the game.
In order to save a game your army must be disbanded.
If your army is not responding, double check their assignments. For them to follow you, you must assign them as soldiers and and make sure you’ve assembled them. Same thing for buildings not being constructed, check to make sure you have workers assigned.


Your inventory consists of the following items:
1. Your trusty gladius. Swing with LMB, hold your shield up with RMB, hold up shield and attack to perform a stab. This weapon obviously works best from behind. Aim for the head if you’re feeling lucky. Less effective against armored opponents or shielded opponents head on.
2. Your bow with 6 arrows. Make them count. RMB to aim, then hold down LMB until fully drawn and then let go. Seems to be a one hit kill, no matter where you hit. SAVE THESE FOR ARMORED OPPONENTS! You will not get any more arrows until you return to camp and disband your army.
3. Building tool. Use this to build everything you need. You need contubernium tents in order to recruit more soldiers. I believe 48-49 tents will be enough for an entire legion (recommend 6×8, 7×7, or I’ve heard building 1×48 along the beach can make an excellent setup). I have not checked if officer tents are even required, and if they are you don’t need too many of them. Chests hold wood so make sure you have a few of those. Pots I believe are an alternative form of storage and decoration. You will occasionally be attacked, however I have found these attacks to be pretty easy to beat.
4. Your vine staff. The mark of your office as a Legate (commander of a Legion). Use this to target trees you want to cut down. This is also used to upgrade soldiers and their armor. RMB on a soldier to upgrade armor, LMB to talk with them (where you can upgrade armor and promote soldiers).
5. Your javelins. You get two. I’m not sure if there is much difference between the two. They both seem to kill with a hit anywhere. Basically a similar tool to arrows, and you replenish them in the same way.
C. Your torch. Douse it at night if you want to sneak up on a settlement.


The best tip about this game I can offer is to focus on filling up your legions with recruits. You will occasionally have to promote soldiers in each legion in order to allow more to be recruited. At the time this was written, this game seems to favor numbers over armor upgrades. Armor upgrades ARE good, however I generally only prioritize armor for those in the front ranks (since they will usually take most of the hits). However make sure you do upgrade armor once your ranks are filled out.
Generally speaking, combat will happen in one of three ways.
1. You attack a settlement. The defending soldiers will rush out of the town to confront your soldiers. I’ve personally found that the best thing to do is to hold your soldiers up in battle ranks just outside of town. They will automatically throw javelins at anyone attacking if you order them to hold in battle line (haven’t tested in marching line). Use your soldiers as bait for the enemy, and circle around behind them to shoot arrows, throw javs, and backstab enemies (kill armor users first!). When the mass of the enemy has made contact with my frontline, I order a charge to finish them off.
2. You run into enemies while traveling (or they wander upon you). Generally the size of these units depends on what it is. Generally use similar tactics to taking towns. Make sure to hunt down survivors to get a reward (if you don’t kill them all outright you will have to chase them down; luckily they can be found on the map).
3. If you are hanging out in your settlement, there is a chance that an attack will be launched at you. I haven’t found these attacks to be troublesome enough to build defenses, however I am not sure if they scale up as you go to more dangerous biomes.
It is important to refresh your troops in between battles. If you don’t, even the best soldiers will die from accumulated wounds. Keeping your soldiers alive has become more important in the latest update.

Capturing Settlements

As of the writing of this guide, it appears that the best choices for capturing a town are to loot it but not raze, take slaves only if you still have the quest to take slaves (afterwards you can stop), and finally you should tax the settlemenhttps://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/editguidesubsection/?id=2813893046&sectionid=5418929#t – []  100%.


I hope this guide gives you a leg up on this game and makes it as enjoyable for you as it is for me. I will do my best to keep this guide updated, and will also add tips as I find them.

~~~~~EASTER EGG~~~~~

Memorial to the Shield Jump Bug.
Check out different soldier’s names. Some are quite humorous.

Written by L.U.C.I.

This is all about Warlord: Britannia – Gameplay Tips for New Players and Walkthrough; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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